Post-Transsexualism: Smashing the Transgender Paradigm of “Once Transsexual always Transgender”

A transgender Troll who hides behind the alias “indiyesreally” was drawn here by the post I wrote on Saturday.  Like most Trolls this troll was not interested in engaging in any sort of reasonable discourse or acting as though she  was attempting to actually make a point.

Acting like a feces throwing monkey in the zoo gets everything you post moderated and when you throw feces it doesn’t make it to the blog.

Some of this person’s taunts center on  transgender supremacist Laura Blake Masters’ generated term “cis”, an absurdity aimed at creating a false dialectic based on dividing the world between “trans” and “cis”.

I say false dialectic because gender itself is a fiction, a social construct that assigns behaviors and modes of dress based on what one has between their legs.

I’m not totally writing off some innate gender behavior as I grew up around animals ranging from cats and dogs to horses and cows. Most innate gender is centered around reproduction and propagation of the species.  The very thing the Transgender Borg seem to totally want to disconnect from gender.

This means that the whole snips and snails and puppy dog tails vs sugar and spice and everything nice dichotomy is pretty damn much social constructed oppressive bullshit.

I’m an unabashed left wing Second Wave Feminist.  I don’t buy into defining people by what clothes they wear or how closely they adhere to some form of sexist gender stereotype.  Last week some one described me as retro.  Okay… If by retro you mean I’m grounded in an era when the rights of women were expanding and there was an actual fight being waged against women being shoved into second class citizenship based on sexist/gender stereotypes then I am retro and proud.

On the other hand I view the ideology of the Transgender Borg as one of the most sexist, misogynistic piles of crap I’ve ever seen.  Defining someone as a man or a woman based on how they dress and act.  Oh I forgot the nebulous “identify”.  What the fuck is identify?  Without action that gets made real how is this relevant?

I mean really.  I can identify as a World War II Russian sniper named Vasily Zeitsev (a real person who killed hundreds of Nazis) while playing “Call of Duty”, a first person shooter.  But that doesn’t make me a WW II sniper and I may have killed hundreds and hundreds of Nazis playing the various “Call of Duty” games over the years.  In fact one of my favorite forms of gaming involves killing Nazis.  But, that doesn’t translate at all to the real world where I have a hard time keeping a fish I’ve caught and get upset with the trauma I’ve caused the fish by catching it.

There is a difference between the real world and the virtual world.  I know that a lot of the people who are transgender warriors on line aren’t living the life in the real world. They tend to hide behind aliases and troll a lot as their way of proving what real transgender warriors they are.

They claim to really be transsexual women, but, they would run like hell and offer a million reasons why Cybele’s knife shouldn’t come within cutting distance of their genitals.  Even if SRS were free.

The other thing I have noticed is how many of these transgender women scream like an animal being dragged to the slaughter house when the topic of transgender being a way to maintain heterosexual male or male privilege while claiming to be “women”.  Conversely some in the F to M world cling to their membership in the lesbian community while claiming they are really men.  But here’s a major flaw.  Men don’t get pregnant, a pregnant man is an oxymoron.

Back to my being retro.  That pretty much means I define maleness and femaleness by body parts and consider man and woman to be synonyms for adult males and females. Clothes don’t make the man or woman, nor does masculinity or femininity.

You see femininity has always been a social construct that left women with the shitty end of the stick so to speak when it came to being considered fully human.  Basically gender defines women as objects not doers.  Taught to be pretty and man pleasers, gender really defines women as sperm receptacles and baby droppers.  I know that is a brutal truth but it is one the right wing has been hammering home lately by attempting to deny women abortion access even in cases of rape and incest.

I know that brutal truth doesn’t line up with transgender pretty in pink life behind the pink door but that’s life in the reactionary woman hating world that has arisen since 1980.  This reactionary line of thinking and defining of women as object is at the core of the idea of their being a gender binary.  It is no accident that the ideology of the Transgender Borg use this same concept of there being a gender binary on which to base their behavior, identity and dress troika of claims to womanhood.

Since the only “Second Wave” Feminist any of them can cite at length (and who they cite ad nauseum) is Janice Raymond they have missed writers like Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKennon.  Therefore most have missed MacKennon’s pithy comment on gender.  “Men rape women. Subject, verb, object.”

Gender reduces women to objects, defined by appearance and dress, limited to sexist gender defined roles.

This leads me to reject the core ideology of the Transgender Borg.

I can’t be a separatist as I never joined the Transgender Community.

Years ago I had an operation for transsexualism.  That operation cured my transsexualism.  It was a total success.  I’ve never wanted to change my sex since having that operation.

While my having had a sex change operation is a fact of my life the experience of changing sex took place decades ago and pretty much ceased being the center of my life after a few years had passed.

As I have said I am a product of the Sixties and Seventies, a time when both men and women were freer to just be without being as defined by gender roles.

As a woman that meant I was free to try things like buying an electric guitar, a synthesizer.  I took up building kits of sound modifiers for my guitar and synth.  I did Taekwondo, graphic arts, photography.  Joined a coven and danced naked on the beach under the full moon.  I stopped shaving my legs and under arms, wearing make-up.

I learned to define myself through being and doing rather than whether or not I was a pretty object desired by men who wanted to fuck me.

I was part of a generation of Second Wave hippie left wing feminist women, many of whom were lesbian or bisexual.

Gender is just reactionary sexism in a new dress being peddled by people who want women back in the role of object.

The whole idea of their being this inescapable transgender is a fraud.  Gender isn’t rigidly binary or at least isn’t rigidly binary outside of certain cultures.

I’m not a woman because I wear pink dresses and high heels or because a man finds me desirable enough to fuck.  I’m a woman because I have a cunt.  But beyond my having a cunt is leaving behind this world of transgender, this melange of identities and ridiculous claims, this snakepit of of judgmental gate keepers always trolling for any deviation from the ideology of the Transgender Borg.

When I read of a transwoman being murdered, she is just another murdered woman and a reason to fight violence against all women.

When I read about a transsexual or transgender fashion model it doesn’t change my thinking that the whole idea of fashion sucks and is both exploitative and oppressive.

I read the memoirs of some transsexual people and ignore others as a waste of time.

I like certain kinds of music and don’t like others.  I go out of my way to find women who perform in the areas of music that I like.  If they are post-transsexual or transgender there is a good chance I will at least give them a listen.  But their playing music in an area of music that I listen to is more important than their association with a trans-prefixed word.

One of the Transgender Borg taunts is that we will never be “cis”.  This is bullshit based on the idea that there is a set of conditions that define one as “cis” or as “trans” rather than an “identity”.  Never mind that I consider the whole idea of identity to be suspect and Cartesian rather than existential.

For the sake of discussion let’s leave the truck load of baggage and loaded terminology parked at a rest stop and examine a couple of alternatives.

Transgender and transsexual are handy labels for people at various times in their lives.  Transgender people, because they don’t get SRS stay in that place.  I know it’s a free country and you can claim to really be transsexual but that one is kind of bullshit if you don’t at some point and time climb up on a table, put your feet in the stirrups and submit to Cybele’s knife.

What people in the Borg have done is demand that people who don’t share their identity submit to the will of the group and don the label.  Even if the label is of recent invention.

What if all the claims the Transgender Borg make are a bunch of invalid word games.

What if many post-transsexuals just go on to be post-transsexual, part of the same communities as the rest of the world of non-transgender people?  With the same concerns about their health and well being that everyone has.  Are they still transgender or are they “separatists”?

The whole thing is so fucking cultish I walked away from even fighting with people.  But I’m not going to let trolls from this cult tell me to STFU.

You see they do not get to dictate how I live. I’m not a member of their cult.

6 Responses to “Post-Transsexualism: Smashing the Transgender Paradigm of “Once Transsexual always Transgender””

  1. tinagrrl Says:

    These days, they no longer use obsidian and bronze knives — I know, I know, it’s a shock.

    Nor do they require stirrups (I think).

    In fact we didn’t even have to sacrifice ANY small animals (goats, sheep, etc) as an offering.

    Please don’t be too shocked — it’s just that things have changed.

  2. Flow In Says:

    i wonder how many TG activists there actually are, causing all this trouble. the more posts i read like yours, susan, the more i realise that there are hundreds of normal, cured, transsexuals living happily as a normal part of society. it seems like here, in NZ, every small town has at least one TS woman living a pretty normal life.
    we really do need to organise, get over the demands of the TS clinics to “be incognito, be stealth” and sacrifice a bit of our normality in order to counter the damage that the ridiculous, delusional and hegemonic TG activists are causing.

  3. Andrea B. Says:

    @ Flow In,

    There are literally today hundreds of thousands of post operative transsexuals worldwide around the planet, just getting on with there lives. There may even be a couple of million.

    These days most of the clinics demand very little of people. Quite a few of the younger clinicians are more relaxed with quite a few exceptions.

    TG’s are very rare in 3D. I would be suprised if there are more than a few thousand of them and they all appear to be on forums,blogs and mailing lists.

    Apparently having a megaphone is part of being a TG.

  4. ColoMtnWoman Says:


    We are obviously of the same generation, and background, and ideological bent. After 40 years of being post- and putting that whole paradigm behind me in the early 70’s, I find myself reading your posts, and saying, “Yeah!…Wish I’d said that…”

    Keep up the good work. This push from the full-time transvestites to do away with the distinctions between M & F drives me up a wall… And you’re right…I was never part of the “community”, and it rather galls me that the so-called “community” wants to redefine something they do not understand and were never part of. As Andrea said, “Apparently having a megaphone is part of being a TG.”

    • Suzan Says:

      I keep hearing about the clinics demanding that we be stealth after SRS, but that wasn’t my experience. Mostly it was shared wisdom among transsexual people that if you wanted a normal life you didn’t run around in a t-shirt that proclaimed you were transsexual and certainly not one swearing your allegiance to the Transgender Community.

      Shared wisdom is different than a dictat. It grew up from personal experience. All one had to do was look at what people like Christine Jorgensen went through with her life lived out on the front pages of the tabloids to see that as being rather sucky.

      I’ve never been all that stealth. Rather I’ve managed the information flow a bit within the work world and avoiding closeness at work. Yet I don’t run around constantly proclaiming either. Most of my causes are not trans-specific.

      They are Feminism, class war, the environment and women in the arts.

  5. tinagrrl Says:

    I have been allowed to read some of the nasty, attacks sent to this blog by angry TG folks. Actually just two of the MANY.

    One was of the, “fuck you, you fucking fuck” variety — just a mish-mosh of personal attacks. The other was an attack on another commenter. This one was of the “ha-ha, you ARE a part of TG – no matter what YOU say, because WE say it”.

    Before reading them, I tried to convince Suzan to let them through. Then I read them. Neither one was fit to post. Neither one promoted TG, nor did they attack any of the IDEAS — in each case, the attack was against a PERSON, and/or the fact that post-ops actually think they have the “right” to define themselves.

    That right allows those who accept the TG status to do so. It MUST also mean that those who do not accept that status also have the right to that.

    In reality, most WBT’s/post-ops have very little in common with most TG’s. What the TG folks have done is akin to Mormons “baptizing” folks after they die. That may well be the best way to think about it.

    In fact, I ask you to do exactly that — think about it.

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