Joseph Backholm, Christo-Fascist

From Anti-Gay Bigotry Scares Me:

by Scott Rose
February 5, 2012

Republished with permission

Joseph Backholm is the gay-bashing Christofascist who heads the so-called Family Policy Institute of Washington, an anti-LGBT hate group.

It is very important for us to call to the public’s attention the distinction between a sane, normal Christian American who understands and consistently respects the constitutionally-mandated separation of church and state, and Christofascist theocRATs who want to deny you equal protection under the law because you don’t conform to their dictates of how they think Jesus believes you should live your life.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is an example of a sane, normal Christian American who respects the separation of church and state, and Americans of all religions. (The Christofascist Backholm does not respect people of all religions). Saqib Ali is from a Muslim family, and he too is a sane, normal American who understands the constitutionally-mandated separation of church and state. As the first Muslim Delegate to the Maryland State Assembly, he voted in favor of marriage equality, saying that religious beliefs could not cause him to vote against other people’s civil rights.

Joseph Backholm, by contrast, as a Christofascist thinks that U.S. laws are only valid if they reflect his Christofascist idea of what theocratic lunacy has to be imposed on you in order for his God to be happy with him. When an Episcopalian came out in favor of marriage equality, the Christofascist Joseph Backholm declared that Epsicopalianism is not a real religion.

Backholm does not hide that he is trying to impose theocRAT law on innocent LGBTers.  His site has this gay-bashing letter from Catholic Bishops in Washington State. Backholm the Christofascist gay-basher also has this anti-LGBT hate speech document on his site. In that hate-speech document, we read that “The tendency of male homosexual acts to spread disease may help explain the revulsion many people feel about them.”

A sane, normal Christian American has empathy for the sick.  A Christofascist by contrast is characterized by having contempt for sick people. By all legal means possible, we must keep Joseph Backholm’s and all other Christofascist theocRATs’ filthy mitts off of our Constitution our country’s laws.

Christofascist Joseph Backholm is the Washington State associate for additional hate groups including Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, and the Alliance Defense Fund. As Right Wing Watch has noted, the Alliance Defense Fund monsters “are particularly persistent in attacking attempts by homosexuals to have families, establish domestic partnerships or civil unions, or to be protected from discrimination in employment or housing.” In light of that, pause to consider that the present Commissioner for the Washington State Human Rights Commission, Charlene Strong had a partner of nine years, Kate Fleming, who died in 2006 when a flash flood trapped her inside her Madison Valley, Seattle, basement recording studio during the Hanukkah Even Wind Storm. Arriving at the hospital, Strong was initially prevented from joining Fleming, despite their long partnership, because Washington State did not recognize domestic partners.

Bigots by definition are malicious sadists who take pathological pleasure from the suffering inflicted on their victims. Stand up against Christofascist bigots like Joseph Backholm as if you life depended on it. To remind the Washington State Attorney General that you are against theocRATic fatwas and the Christofascists who would unconstitutionally impose them on people, go here.

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Are we in the “breakdown” faze of nuclear power?

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I Will Not Be Pinkwashed: Komen’s Race Is For Money, Not Cure

From Alternet:,_not_cure__?akid=8217.206798.T-P8sY&rd=1&t=18

Outrageous salaries, drug company ties, and less than a dime of every dollar looks for a cure.

By Emily Michele
February 4, 2012

It’s October. And that means, it’s prime pink season. It’s national Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that magical time of year when shades of pale pink are plastered onto every product, every container, every conceivable gadget or gizmo the Susan G. Komen Foundation can get its hands on. That iconic symbol of overlapped ribbon is supposed to adorn every man, woman and child who ever had a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, niece or aunt who faced the horrifying struggle of breast cancer.

But I am not buying it.

Susan G. Komen: For Cure of Con?

Susan G. Komen for the Cure is a multimillion-dollar company with assets totaling over $390 million. Only 20.9% of these funds were reportedly used in the 2009-2010 fiscal year for research “for the cure.” Where does the rest of the money go? Let’s have a look. Health screening is 13.0%. Treatment is 5.6%. Fundraising is 10.0%. The largest chunk of the pie is going toward “public health education,” 39.1%. More on that later, but for now I’d like to take a look at the millions, or 11.3%, spent on “administrative costs.”

Click on this link from Susan G. Komen’s Form 990 from 2008 showing the salaries of some of its highest-paid employees. All non-profits have to file these with the IRS. “Part VII, Section AAa” show what the numbers in the columns represent, but cut out the board members listed as having no salary — er, “reportable” salary.

What do we see? Note the dates of employment for some of the lesser-paid employees. Gary Dicovitsky, VP Development, for example, was paid $95,291 (plus $2,746) only from 10/08 to 3/09. Gary must have gotten a promotion since then, though. Because while it still lists his position as VP Development from 10/08 – 3/09, his salary from 2009 was $417,109. Oh, plus $18,091 in change.

Continue reading at:,_not_cure__?akid=8217.206798.T-P8sY&rd=1&t=18

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LEGO Friends – LEGO & Gender

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Where Is the Fourth Estate When You Need Them?

From Huffington Post:

Barbra Streisand
Posted: 02/ 3/2012

It seems these days that the Republican debates have become a forum in which candidates can assert just about anything. With the right amount of aggression, they are able to avoid answering tough questions by bullying the moderator into submission (i.e. not asking strong follow up questions in order to correct the record). We know there is a certain level of theatrics in politics. The electorate assumes that candidates will embellish, evade, and even sidestep at times when asked tough questions. But the line should be drawn when candidates rewrite history in order to protect or enhance their own self-image, which isn’t based on the truth.

Americans are busy, working hard to support and provide for their families. They don’t have time to parcel out fact from fiction. They depend on the Fourth Estate to guide them and to hold individuals running for office, especially the highest office in our country, accountable. Journalists like Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow knew it was their duty to know the facts and disseminate them to the public. That responsibility in today’s media world seems to be diminishing.

As I’ve watched the Republican presidential primary unfold, I’ve seen the candidates successfully deflecting answers to tough questions or misleading the public, without forceful and timely push back from the mainstream media. And we all know, the longer a lie or a half truth is allowed to simmer in the public consciousness without being refuted, the harder it is to correct misconceptions down the line.

Newt Gingrich has done this the best. He has claimed in debates and interviews that while serving as Speaker of the House, his leadership helped create 11 million new jobs, which ultimately led to the economic boom of the 1990s. He always leaves out one very important fact, however. The economic boom of the 90s would not have been possible without President Clinton. Clinton pushed for the passage of the 1993 Deficit Reduction Act, which proposed increasing taxes on the wealthiest income earners, cutting programs that weren’t working, taxing corporations at 35%, and extending the earned income tax credit. Gingrich vehemently opposed the bill and he and every one of his Republican colleagues voted against it. The deadlock was broken by then Vice President Al Gore and the bill was signed into law by President Clinton. Three years later, the economy was surging, and by the end of Clinton’s second term, when Gingrich was forced out of office by his own party, the Administration recorded a net budget surplus. It was the first time the US budget had been balanced since 1968. Given these historical facts, how does any pundit or media outlet allow Gingrich to get away with taking credit for something he worked so hard to destroy?

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In Spite of Elections and “Camping Bans,” Revolutionary Wave Grows

From Occupy Wall Street:

Feb. 4, 2012

In a world devastated by poverty, austerity cuts, and bank foreclosures, community action like Occupy Oakland’s recent attempt to turn a derelict building into a vibrant social center for the needs of the 99% should be applauded. Instead, the agents of the 1%, in this case the Oakland police – already under investigation for excessive force – once again attacked. Using flash bang grenades, projectiles, batons, tear-gas, and other weapons, police arrested over 400, bringing total US Occupy-related arrests to over 6,300. As the Occupy Oakland Media Committee said:

“With all the problems in our city, should preventing activists from putting a vacant building to better use be their highest priority? Was it worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars they spent?”

Earlier this month, we celebrated 2011 and declared 2012 would be even bigger. One month in, we’re keeping our word, but the corporate media increasingly dismiss Occupy Wall Street as a dying movement. Covering events in Oakland (“Police use teargas on Occupy Oakland protesters”), the Guardian described OWS as “largely dormant lately.” The Washington Post stated that the Oakland protest had broken the “lull” in OWS.

But we aren’t dormant; we’re escalating. The only lull has been in the media coverage of our continuing struggle to create a more just world for all. While the corporate media have shifted focus to the U.S. Republican primaries and Presidential election, government agents of the 1% continue their assault on Occupy camps – inventing new PR-friendly excuses like the “no camping” rule used to rip apart Occupy DC – to dismantle not only our rights, but our homes.

The corporate-funded political status quo, including corporate-funded news coverage, benefits the 1% at the expense of the 99%. This is exactly why the corporate media would rather run speeches by Presidential candidates (all millionaires) than stories of members of the 99% taking direct action to create economic justice, like our comrades in Oakland and DC who are peacefully fighting for their beliefs only to be attacked by police, or the many OWS supporters in cities across the country who are taking direct action to help keep low-income families in their homes by resisting unfair evictions and foreclosures. Our movement to create real democracy and and economic fairness is far more newsworthy than the tired rhetoric and false hope of the Republicans or Democrats.

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Bill Moyers: Saul Alinsky ‘was a good American’

From Raw Story:

By Andrew Jones
Saturday, February 4, 2012

ill Moyers decided Friday evening to defend community activist figure Saul Alinsky from Newt Gingrich’s constant attacks on him on the campaign trail.

Going a little more in depth than Bill Maher’s colorful portrayal last weekend, Moyers expressed how Republicans such as former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and even Gingrich himself have used some of Alinsky’s ideas.

“Maybe that’s why Newt Gingrich has been slandering Alinsky’s name,” Moyers said. “Maybe he’s afraid. Afraid the very white folks he’s been rousing to a frenzy will discover who Saul Alinsky really was. A patriot, in a long line of patriots, who scorned the malignant narcissism of duplicitous politicians and taught every day Americans to think for themselves and to fight together for a better life. That’s the American way, and any good historian would know it.”

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