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Men are Pigs: “The Return of the Pert Knocker” and Other Sketchy Gender Constructions

From the language usage I suspect the author of this article is a Brit.  I have never been terribly impressed by the level of sexual sophistication shown by most British males, who seem firmly lodged in the poke-poke-nudge-nudge Benny Hill level of arrested development.

I wouldn’t have posted this except it is an example of how women get jerked around by the social construction of gender.

Without a ton of money to waste on keeping up with the latest fad that the self-image industrial complex has manufactured and sold as the ideal women will always be out of place.

Women who opt out of purchasing and pursuing the latest social construct of gender are labeled as mannish, dirty or dowdy.  This was the real sin of hippie women and feminists, just as not having the wealth to engage in this futile pursuit of the sin of working women and the poor, especially redneck women who shop in stores like Walmart.

I watched the anorexic appearing women on the Golden Globes the other night and while I am loathe to endorse the fat food industry most of them could use the addition of a couple Big Mac to their weekly diet.  What ever happened to Jane Fonda’s fitness craze and the idea that women should look like they might be able to lift a small child or in a pinch change the tire on their own car?

Now photographs of women are Photoshopped until the subjects appear to be plastic androids with empty heads and pore-less skin as well as inhuman body dimensions.

As a photographer I never gone out of my way to show people, especially women in a harsh light.  I’ve used kind light and even soft focus lenses.  But I do not retouch other than to remove a zit or other temporary skin condition.

I find too much Photoshop to be dishonest.

But there is something else I have noticed.  Whether fashion dictates a highly contrived gendered social construct look that defines women or a “natural look” it is going to cost ya’ big bucks.

I was an unreconstructed hippie.  I only wore a bra when it was part of the employee dress code. I have never worn “foundation” although I will plead guilty to wearing blusher, eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss.  I used to joke that my make-up routine was fooumph, foomph and outta here.  I was always puzzled by women friends who took ten-twenty minutes to do what I did in a minute or two.

Lately I have had a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept of women having molten wax poured on their coochie snorkers followed by the ripping out of their pubic hair. I want to ask, “At what point is this followed up with a beating and water boarding.

The whole thought of having my pubes ripped out is very cringe inducing.

I consider the fashion industry to be a huge rip off.  Honestly I sort of like being able to wear the same clothes year after year.  They are called classics for a reason.  I hate the bizarre twisted sense of humor that makes the dete4rmination of women’s clothing sizes seem to be the result of picking numbers out of a hat.

BTW breast size shouldn’t be a fashion choice.  There is just something truly fucked up about treating it as such.  Small breasts are not a disease no matter what the douche nozzle cosmetic surgery peddlers say.

From Slate:

Could small breasts make a comeback?

Posted Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012

The larger boob became the norm around the turn of the century, and it shows no signs of deflating. Radical rack augmentation is now ubiquitous, and to hell with the consequences. So what if you knock yourself unconscious while running to catch the bus? So what if you can’t fit into any trendy clothes because your waist is a zero but your bazongas are the size and weight of cantaloupes? It’s worth it to be the focus of male attention. Right?

An aggressively burgeoning trend in restaurants—foodie insiders are already calling them breastaurants—is playing directly into this craze for mammoth mammaries. Examples include Seattle-based Chicka Latte, where the waitresses are dressed as firefighters, cheerleaders and racecar drivers, and The Tilted Kilt, which has more than fifty—count ‘em!—locations nationwide plus one in Canada. And then there’s the Pink Taco… But let’s not get distracted by vagaurants. Let’s stick with the topic at hand: With their phalanxes of liberally endowed bikini-clad serving wenches, these breastablishments are poised to make even old-school Hooters appear tentative, restrained, and genteel, to mention nothing of causing my feminist counterculture sister to have a seizure.

Despite the worldwide embrace of enormous knockers, I remain convinced that the pendulous pendulum will, at some point, begin to swing in the other direction. Style is, after all, cyclical in nature. I know what you are thinking: Only a gay man could seriously posit the notion that big boobs might “go out of fashion.” However, being d’un certain age, I am old enough to remember when tiny titties roamed the Earth.

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From The New York Times:

You Can Fall Out of Bed and Look Good

Published: January 18, 2012

GOODBYE, lip liners, brow pencils, spackled-on foundations. The hottest beauty trend of 2012 is imperfection.

The new look for the new year is effortless, minimalist, just-out-of-bed-with-your-lover, according to leading hair and makeup artists. They say that stiff coiffures, overdone eyes, defined lips and matte skin are out. Tousled hair, smudged eyeliner, dewy lips and luminous skin are in.

The look is “coming home from the party,” not “going out to the party,” said Terry Barber, director of makeup artistry for MAC Cosmetics. “Perfection got slightly boring.”

And the must-have tool to achieve perfect imperfection is recession-friendly: your fingertips. Use them to smudge eyeliner, smear bronzer, press bright stains into your cheeks and lips. The application of the makeup is as relaxed as the overall look.

“Pout your lip and just push it into the lip,” advised Matin Maulawizada, the global artistry director for Laura Mercier whose handiwork will be on display at the Pamella Roland runway show next month during New York Fashion Week. “It should look underdone.”

(Notice how this requires “The Fashion Industry” to tell you and sell you the expensive proper way of doing this.)

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The 7 Most Baffling Things About Women’s Clothes


January 17, 2012

There are a lot of annoying things about being a woman, like periods, childbirth and not being able to play basketball in a way that keeps spectators awake. But near the top of the list has got to be buying clothes.

I know one way to fix it is just to be ballsy and wear men’s clothes, and that’s a bold choice. But you take a social hit for wearing “masculine” clothes, and most women don’t want to take that hit. So they go to buy clothes made specifically “for women,” and generally find a set of the most impractical, low-quality, high-maintenance crap that a sweatshop can make.

Here are a few of the many, many awful things about the clothes that manufacturers want women to wear:

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Snowman Jeff Monson supports the Occupy movement

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Keystone XL Pipeline: Obama Administration Announcing It Will Not Go Forward With Controversial Plan

From Huffington Post:

Lucia Graves and   Joshua Hersh

WASHINGTON — The State Department on Wednesday recommended that President Obama deny a permit for the Keystone XL, arguing the pipeline does not serve the national interest.

“The President concurred with the Department’s recommendation, which was predicated on the fact that the Department does not have sufficient time to obtain the information necessary to assess whether the project, in its current state, is in the national interest,” the State Department wrote in a statement to the media on Wednesday afternoon.

The news comes after White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced at a Tuesday afternoon press conference that Obama cannot approve the pipeline by the Feb. 21 deadline imposed by Congress.

It also comes after House and Senate lawmakers signaled they would introduce new legislation pushing the permit forward even if the Obama administration rejected the pipeline proposal. That bill, drafted by Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.), would have shut the White House out of the Keystone decision-making process, leaving Congress with full authority to approve the pipeline, which would stretch an estimated 1,700 miles from tar sands in Canada to oil refineries along the Gulf Coast.

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Agitators in the oilsands debates are working for oil companies

From The Vancouver Sun:

By Bill McKibben, Vancouver Sun
January 16, 2012

I’ve been visiting Canada all my life, but I’m a little worried about my upcoming trip.

In late March I’m supposed to come to Vancouver to give a couple of talks. Youth Action Canada invited me to come, to speak to college students from across the country; I’m also planning to do a benefit for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. But now I read that Joe Oliver, the country’s natural resources minister, is condemning “environmental and other radical groups that would seek to block” the Northern Gateway pipeline from the oilsands of Alberta to the Pacific.

I think he’s talking about people like me. I’ve spent much of the last year helping rally opposition to the Key-stone XL pipeline from the oilsands to the Gulf of Mexico. I was arrested outside the White House in August, and emceed the demonstration that brought thousands of people to circle the White House in November. When I come to British Columbia, I’ll urge everyone I meet to oppose the Gate-way project. In fact, Youth Action is paying me to come. And the money will end up at, the international climate change campaign, helping fight projects like Gateway around the world.

Since a majority of Canadians, according to the polls, also oppose the pipeline, I’ll be in good company. But Oliver, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the organizers of the Ethical Oil campaign don’t want any out-side voices. As the latter explained on its website, “It’s our pipeline. Our country. Our jobs. And our decision.”

Fair enough. But you know some-thing? The atmosphere belongs to all of us. There’s not some wall at the 49th parallel that separates Canada’s air from everyone else’s. Since the oilsands is the second biggest source of carbon on the planet, that makes their development everyone’s business. As NASA’s James Hansen, the planet’s premier climatologist, put it recently, if you heavily develop the oil-sands, it’s “essentially game over for the climate.”

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President Obama Stands Up to Big Oil

From Reader Supported News:

Robert Redford, Reader Supported News
18 January 12

Let’s face it: Big Oil is used to getting its way. But not today… and we have President Obama to thank for standing up to them in spite of the political risk.

President Obama has just rejected a permit for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline – a project that promised riches for the oil giants and an environmental disaster for the rest of us.

His decision represents a victory of historic proportions for people from throughout the pipeline path and all across America who have waged an uphill, years-long fight against one of the most nightmarish fossil fuel projects of our time.

But make no mistake: Big Oil is going to fight back hard and fast.

Why? Because this was a prime-time fight. The oil giants made sure of that.

Big Oil had their Congressional boosters put the president to an election-year test by forcing him to decide the pipeline’s fate within 60 days. Then, the oil lobby itself rolled out its biggest PR guns to get the job done.

The head of the American Petroleum Institute sent the White House a very public and blatant warning: Approve the Keystone XL or face “huge political consequences.”

Because Big Oil lost, this is not the end of the fight. This is the beginning of the real battle for America’s energy future.

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Sh*t Austinites Say

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