If corporations are people, then …

From The Seacoast (New Hampshire):     http://www.seacoastonline.com/articles/20120110-OPINION-201100350

By Don Cavallaro
January 10, 2012

Pondering corporate personhood can make your head swim. Based on the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, corporations now have unlimited free speech rights, the same as human beings do. What has been bothering me is that in certain areas, humans have a few more rules to follow than corporations. If you are a man, you have more rules still. Take the Selective Service, for example. If you are a guy, you have to register by age 18 or you are not eligible to receive government training, a government job or eligibility for a student loan. Perhaps all male corporations should sign up with the Selective Service to be eligible for government contracts, research grants or guaranteed loans.

This brings me to the gender issue.

If corporations are the same gender and they want to merge, would that be prohibited in states that don’t recognize civil unions? Recently, one presidential candidate even seems to be worried about three or more corporations merging. Would mergers between a male and female corporation be considered marriage? If you sue a corporation into bankruptcy, should that now be considered murder? If you sign paperwork to form your corporation and the financing falls through, is that a miscarriage? When humans get sick, they see a doctor or go to the hospital. When corporations get sick, they see a lawyer or go off shore. Whereas cloning humans is illegal, cloning corporations can just be considered franchising. Corporations can also split like amoebas or merge like pieces of clay, which are abilities that humans do not possess.

The tax code gets confusing also. If corporations are “people,” then why don’t they use our human tax tables? Unless they are married (merged) or head of household, I’d think that they should pay at the single rate. There should be no “corporate” tax rate, since they are just like the rest of us. I don’t dare to think of the tax write-offs, but perhaps the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) rule that some have to follow would be appropriate. When corporations can’t exempt themselves from the AMT, they pay at a rate lower than many humans do, and that is after they file for the foreign tax credit, if they can. It does seem a bit unpatriotic to be willing to pay other countries’ taxes and then complain about ones in the country that you call home. We human beings are paying for the roads that the company trucks are driving on, among other perks that some corporations get for free.

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“It’s Viral!” The Movement to Overturn Citizens United Swamps the Internet

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Argentinian bank ad with a transgender woman

I’ve posted this one before and I’m reposting it in view of the Renault ad.

This is the sort of ad one finds in a decent society as opposed to the Libra Tampon ad which played off negative sexist stereotypes.

Renault Twingo ad

Santa Chavez: ‘Evil oil’ warms NYC cash-trapped

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Pope: Gay marriage ‘threatens the future of humanity’

Pope Adolf continues his blood libel of LGBT/T people.

Former Hitler Youth spews more homophobic bullshit.

From Pink News UK:   http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2012/01/10/pope-gay-marriage-threatens-the-future-of-humanity/

January 10, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI said on Monday that allowing gay couples equal marriage rights could threaten the future of humanity.

The comment formed part of an address to a meeting of 180 diplomats at the Vatican.

According to Reuters, the pontiff said “pride of place goes to the family, based on the marriage of a man and a woman” when discussing appropriate “settings” for children.

Of straight marriage, he said: “This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society.

“Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself.”

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Fracking on Shaky Ground: How Our Latest Fossil Fuel Addiction Is Linked to Earthquakes

From Alternet:   http://www.alternet.org/environment/153717/fracking_on_shaky_ground%3A_how_our_latest_fossil_fuel_addiction_is_linked_to_earthquakes/

When the mayor of Youngstown, Ohio decides to buy earthquake insurance, you know we’ve got a big problem.

By Scott Thill
January 9, 2012

To what should be the surprise of no one, earthquakes caused by the junkie gas sector’s hydraulic fracturing process, known as fracking, have been cropping up like Freud’s repressed. The latest ominously arrived in Republican-dominated Ohio on New Year’s Eve, quickly prompting Youngstown’s mayor to buy earthquake insurance and lament, “You lose your whole house, that’s your life savings, and if you have no money or no insurance to replace it, then what do you do?”

That’s easy, Mayor Charles P. Sammarone, and anyone else finally learning these hard lessons: You stop fracking, which is to say you stop messing with the geological integrity of your cities, and their water tables. If you’re Ohio, then you stop giving GOP industry stooges like Speaker of the House John Boehner and Governor John Kasich access to your precious natural resources. If you’re the rest of the world, you accept that you have a serious problem with fossil fuel consumption, detach your complicity and support, and start planning for a future in which deregulated shale gas extraction, and its frackquake-causing disposal wells, are a desperate cry for psychoanalysis rather than an acceptable peak oil market.

Either that, or you sit back and watch as more unassuming fissures threading through your cities swell into destabilized faults in search of frackquakes, or worse.

“There has always been a scientific link between fracking and earthquakes,” U.S. Geological Survey spokesperson Clarice Ransom told AlterNet. “The question of whether a hydrological injection project can interact with a nearby active fault to trigger an earthquake is still unresolved.”

But not for long, as the fracking industry, emboldened by $750 million in political payouts, continues to tap the planet, stash its toxins, and according to Ransom, create more “tiny earthquakes [normally] too small to be of any concern” yet still “useful to the operators because they provide information about the fracking process.”

That self-fulfilling circularity is bound to generate further predictable data with a simple premise: The purpose of hydraulic fracturing is to destabilize the ground beneath our feet to feed our energy addiction, and it has done its job with fearsome precision. At this point, saying we need more science on the cause of frackquakes is as reassuring as saying we need to cause more frackquakes for the purposes of science.

(This sounds suspiciously like the excuse the Japanese whale murderers use to justify murdering whales.)

Continue reading at:   http://www.alternet.org/environment/153717/fracking_on_shaky_ground%3A_how_our_latest_fossil_fuel_addiction_is_linked_to_earthquakes/

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