The Billionaires’ Tea Party – Trailer – Available on DVD

2 Responses to “The Billionaires’ Tea Party – Trailer – Available on DVD”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    Loved the bit calling for people to join a militia and suggesting AK47’s-

    AK47’s were the backbone of communist militia’s for decades 🙂

    These Tea Party people and other gun nuts really are really funny. I can’t watch them without laughing my head of.

    • Suzan Says:

      I own a civilian version of the AK47 and I am also what people dismissively describe as a “gun nut”. We are members of a pistol range and go shooting on a regular basis where we viciously kill paper targets.

      Sport shooting is an admittedly a martial art not all that different from Taekwondo or Kungfu, while it can be used in self-defense it rarely is and the most common purpose of regular practice is personal perfecting of a physical skill.

      There is a social aspect among those of us who engage in the shooting sports that often times transcends politics to the point where politics like religion are topics to be avoided.

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