One Trend From This Year That Makes Me Really Happy: Transkids With Understanding Parents Finally Being Able to have Ordinary Girlhoods and Boyhoods

One of the big advantages those of us who came out young have always had was never having been men.  We may have had abused sissy boyhoods but by coming out before becoming fully adult with adult histories we avoided a lot of the baggage that many who come out later have as part of their lives.

This is why I (and I speak only for myself) have such a hard time relating to the whole transgender culture.  Being a left wing  folkie/hippie bohemian was and still is at the core of what I consider “my identity”, if identity is a group or culture one feels a part of.  Transsexual was something I was born and had an operation for.  Woman isn’t an identity for me, it is just what I am as a result of being adult and female.  Lesbian isn’t an identity for me either,  It is something I am as the result of being an adult woman who loves other women.

I suspect that kids who are able to transition early and  don’t even have teenage experiences in their assigned sex will be even less inclined to embrace Transgender Culture.

Much of transgender ideology and culture is based on the idea that there are highly restrictive gender categories.  It is a product of a highly repressive era and not of the 1960s or 1970s. How can a kid who has never been a different gender and whose parents permitted her or him to naturally develop his or her gender be considered transgender?  Especially since gender isn’t assigned at birth but is taught or develops as a result of the assigning of sex.

So  Here’s to the Girl Scouts of America.  Support them and buy their cookies. 

Boo to the Christo-fascists and their bigotry for pulling several Louisiana Scout Troops out of the GSA.

Girl Scouts troops disband after chapter says it will allow transgendered 7-year-old

From The New York Daily News:

Leaders resign in protest of Girl Scouts of Colorado’s decision to admit boy

BY Rheana Murray

Thursday, December 22 2011

Leaders of three troops of Girl Scouts quit their posts and disbanded the troops after the organization’s Colorado chapter said it would allow a transgendered 7-year-old to join.

The troop leaders, all affiliated with a Christian school in Louisiana, resigned in protest of the Colorado chapter’s decision to allow participation from any child who identifies as a girl, The Christian Post reported.

Controversy erupted when Felisha Archuleta tried to enroll her son, Bobby Montoya, who identifies as a girl, in a Girl Scouts troop in Denver.

When a local troop leader refused, saying Bobby wasn’t allowed to join because he had “boy parts,” Archuleta appealed to the leadership of the Colorado chapter, the mother previously told the Daily News.

The organization reviewed the troop leader’s decision and opted to enforce its policy of inclusion for transgendered children, The Christian Post reported.

Kim Petras – Won’t feel like Christmas

4 Responses to “One Trend From This Year That Makes Me Really Happy: Transkids With Understanding Parents Finally Being Able to have Ordinary Girlhoods and Boyhoods”

  1. Marlene Says:

    Suzan — I’m with you and celebrate these parents who’re fighting for their kids to be what they are inside, and refusing to allow the school to bully them into following their repressive gender binary. These parents whould be praised, supported and rewarded by the TLBGI community!

    As to the bigots from Louisiana, it’s a wonder these fascists didn’t pull out a few years ago when the GSA refused to follow the BSA and allowed atheist girls and leaders in the troops! As far as I’m concerned, good bye, so long and don’t cry “We’re being oppressed!” when the door hits your ass on the way out!

    Kim’s an up and coming singer, and she’s one of the lucky ones to be able to get her therapy and surgery done as such an age that she’ll never have the problems us older transfolk have had to deal with! I’m playing some of her music on TransTalk, and I wish this was available before the holiday.

  2. Andrea B. Says:

    I also am glad to see this.

    It kills so many lies not only amongst psychiatrist, psychologists and sociologists, but also amongst transgender representatives who seem hell bent on stopping young TS people getting appropiate medical treatment.

    It does look like accelerating and I hope it continues until every kid who is transsexual has the chance to transistion early. I have seen the effects of stopping puberty and appropiate hormone treatment as a teenager in transition compared to those of us who had to wait until the end of our teens.

    I wish these kids well and hope they break free of the psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, religious and transgender activists to live a happy and fullfilling life, which is a lot better than what I have had.

    Well done those parents for being brave enough and thank you to the clinicians who are helping them.

    Well done those clincians for going against the neoliberal-reactionary grain. I know I can be quite rough on clincians for good reason, but in this case mean that most sincerly and will try my best to defend those clinicians who have helped those so join and so vulernable to a better live, as well as thanking them from the bottom of my heart.

    Those clinicians and parents are heloing those vulnerable kids to a better and more fullfilled life and I wish them well for that and say well done.

  3. oatc Says:

    It is absolutely clear that no transsexual child has any wish to be transgender. All of them just want to be girls, or boys, then women or men.

    Those who are so aware from the earliest age, and so fear the wrong puberty, have never had a different gender; they have a sexual identity and it is simply their body’s sex is wrong. When that is cured they become, and must be recognised as “cissexual”.

    Those who force transgender upon them, whether just in name, or by delaying or spoiling their transition, especially when involving their parents in that, are guilty, whatever their motives, in gross abuse of a sexual nature.

    The increasing number emerging from having been saved the wrong puberty are the proof the “gender experts” always feared. The proof they tried to prevent being known; that for decades they have done everything to avoid documenting. They show that in such childhood cases there is no mental disorder, and, if it were not for bullying and prejudiced society, no need for anything but well understood medical steps to effect the change of sex.

    Unfortunately many such children are being so abused, and many “experts” are still causing enough delay to badly damage their lives, whilst still claiming, of course, as ever, to be doing their best for them. It is distressingly clear that the “recommended” regimen of agonists at 12 and hormones at 16 causes harm in to some in several ways, including resulting in girls who are too tall to fit in with their female relatives, and still need facial surgery. Some have still lost their female voice. It is designed to give physicians an excuse to delay hormones and surgery, not for the benefit of the patient. The dreadful DSM proposals must be stopped, appropriate documentation has to be available as soon as needed, the Endocrine Society guidance must be rewritten – a puberty at the same time as ones same-gender peers must be possible – and the utterly unjustified ban on SRS until 18 or even 21 in the new SOC has to be removed.

  4. oatc Says:

    Kim Petras’ new song, written herself, and entirely self-produced, has to be her best yet. She seems to maturing, as her voice strengthens and her confidence grows, into a very respectable artiste. May the word be spread.

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