Canada: Human rights complaint launched against N.W.T. minister

This is such bullshit. These people have no decency what so ever. Would a person who a racial or ethnic minority be treated this way? What about someone differently abled?

From CBC:

Transgender woman claims minister asked her to leave, re-routed Governor General’s route to avoid her

CBC News
Posted: Dec 19, 2011

The Northwest Territories’ Finance Minister Michael Miltenberger is facing a human rights complaint.

A woman in Fort Smith, N.W.T., says Miltenberger discriminated against her during the Governor General’s visit to the Aurora College campus on Dec. 9 because she is transgender.

The way transgender people self-identify does not necessarily match their biological sex. Landrie was born male but identifies and dresses as a female.

Governor General David Johnston was in the territory December 9th for a tour.

Gabrielle Landrie, who is a math and business student at the college, said Miltenberger asked her to leave when she was standing near a computer lab with a friend.

“Mr. Miltenberger walked up to us, looked at me directly, and said ‘You have to leave’,” said Landrie. “And I said, ‘oh?’, and he said ‘You spooked the governor general so you have to leave’.”

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