The New Full-Frontal: Has Pubic Hair in America Gone Extinct?

I just don’t get this one…  Since when did the porno per-pubescent look take hold?

I guess it is part of the porno dictated designer labia and the hairless chest look on men.

I’m part of the hair generation.  Not just long natural hair on both men and women but body hair being treated as a natural part of having adult hormonal levels.

It seems like we’ve become so fucking repressed and perverted by the obsessions of the religious creepazoids that we make ourselves into idealized plastic fantastic dolls with corporate marketed artificial beauty.

I have the latest version of Photoshop on my computer and yet I refuse to use it to artficialize people’s photos.  Skin has pores, scars are a result of living, people aren’t perfect.

We are human beings not imagined identities.

I’d rather smell someone’s natural body scent than the stench of hundred dollar bottle perfume, half of which don’t smell all that good and half of which close down my breathing with their artificial chemical smells.

I don’t find make-up to be attractive although sometimes exotic make-up is interesting in a creative way.

I can only imagine this ripping out of all one’s pubic hair using burn hot wax in the context of some sort of serious S/M ritual, or the shaving of pubic hair as some sort of B/D thingie…

I’ve been shaved there.  It itches.

I found it uncomfortable to bikini shave back when, so I didn’t.

I’ve never had a lot of body hair in my arm pits or hairy legs so I never figured out just why I was supposed to go through the trouble of shaving those places except to spend money on something the advertisers want to sell me.

From The Atlantic:

Ashley Fetters
Dec 13 2011

Meet Sophia Pinto: the 21st century’s standard-issue, all-American perfect 10.

The 5-foot-5 Minnesota native — a sly, funny, 22-year-old natural blonde who spends every summer bikini-clad on the shores of Lake Minnetonka — works out five days a week. Her slim waist and megawatt smile hearken back to the polyvinyl glamour of the original Barbie doll.

In fact, if Mattel were to redesign Barbie based on the new millennium’s ideal woman, she would likely resemble Pinto. Healthy, athletic, alluring, and smart (Pinto will graduate early this month from Northwestern University), she’s both a role model and a sex symbol.

And if you were to undress Pinto, you’d find she embodies yet another trademark characteristic of the plastic glamour girl-turned-careerwoman: Like Barbie, Pinto has no pubic hair.

Every four to five weeks, the East Asian Studies major undergoes a cosmetic procedure known as a Brazilian wax. An esthetician pours wax heated to 140° F (roughly the temperature of a steak fresh off the grill) onto her labia and spreads it like butter on bread. Half a minute later, she swiftly peels away the hardened wax — and with it, a full crop of pubic hair, freshly ripped from the follicles.

If you’re squeamishly wondering how much the college senior gets paid for submitting to these weird acts of perverse, pornographic violence, brace yourself for the truly agonizing part: It’s actually Pinto who shells out the cash, paying her regular waxer, Anna, more than $65 every time. But it beats the ingrown hairs and razor bumps that come from shaving, she says.

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