Shelley Hilliard Case: Murdered Transgender Teen Was an Informant

Suspect in her murder is in Detroit Police custody

From Huffington Post:

Posted: 12/15/11 

New evidence has surfaced in the case of the October murder of transgender teen Michelle Hilliard, and Detroit police now have the alleged killer, Qasim Raqib, in custody.

The 19-year-old Hilliard, also known as Shelley or Treasure, went missing on Oct. 23, and Detroit police in November identified a mutilated and burned torso found on Detroit’s east side as her body.

Some LGBT activists originally believed Hilliard’s murder to be a hate crime, but new information suggests the killing may have originated with a police sting gone wrong.

Hilliard had worked as informant for the Madison Heights police department in a drug sting, Fox 2 reports. She was facing jail time and agreed to help police with a sting against Raqib.

After being arrested in the operation, Raqib later posted bond. He then allegedly bought a new cell phone and lured Hilliard to a house in Detroit, the last place she was seen alive.

A cab driver dropped Hilliard off at the 900 block of Longfellow at 1:20 in the morning on Oct. 23, according to the Free Press. Hilliard’s mother, Lyniece Nelson, told the paper that Hilliard suspected trouble and kept in phone contact with the driver.

According to Nelson, the driver “started to hear [Hilliard] say, ‘What are you doing,’ then scream out loud ‘No,’ then her phone dropped, a few muffling noises, then the phone went dead. By the time he got back around the corner, there was no one in sight.”

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Right Wing Scumbag Newt Gingrich on gay as a choice

As if this moral monster has any right to comment on the lives of others.

Wrong Newt, unlike being a serial adulterer being LGBT/T isn’t a choice.

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The New Full-Frontal: Has Pubic Hair in America Gone Extinct?

I just don’t get this one…  Since when did the porno per-pubescent look take hold?

I guess it is part of the porno dictated designer labia and the hairless chest look on men.

I’m part of the hair generation.  Not just long natural hair on both men and women but body hair being treated as a natural part of having adult hormonal levels.

It seems like we’ve become so fucking repressed and perverted by the obsessions of the religious creepazoids that we make ourselves into idealized plastic fantastic dolls with corporate marketed artificial beauty.

I have the latest version of Photoshop on my computer and yet I refuse to use it to artficialize people’s photos.  Skin has pores, scars are a result of living, people aren’t perfect.

We are human beings not imagined identities.

I’d rather smell someone’s natural body scent than the stench of hundred dollar bottle perfume, half of which don’t smell all that good and half of which close down my breathing with their artificial chemical smells.

I don’t find make-up to be attractive although sometimes exotic make-up is interesting in a creative way.

I can only imagine this ripping out of all one’s pubic hair using burn hot wax in the context of some sort of serious S/M ritual, or the shaving of pubic hair as some sort of B/D thingie…

I’ve been shaved there.  It itches.

I found it uncomfortable to bikini shave back when, so I didn’t.

I’ve never had a lot of body hair in my arm pits or hairy legs so I never figured out just why I was supposed to go through the trouble of shaving those places except to spend money on something the advertisers want to sell me.

From The Atlantic:

Ashley Fetters
Dec 13 2011

Meet Sophia Pinto: the 21st century’s standard-issue, all-American perfect 10.

The 5-foot-5 Minnesota native — a sly, funny, 22-year-old natural blonde who spends every summer bikini-clad on the shores of Lake Minnetonka — works out five days a week. Her slim waist and megawatt smile hearken back to the polyvinyl glamour of the original Barbie doll.

In fact, if Mattel were to redesign Barbie based on the new millennium’s ideal woman, she would likely resemble Pinto. Healthy, athletic, alluring, and smart (Pinto will graduate early this month from Northwestern University), she’s both a role model and a sex symbol.

And if you were to undress Pinto, you’d find she embodies yet another trademark characteristic of the plastic glamour girl-turned-careerwoman: Like Barbie, Pinto has no pubic hair.

Every four to five weeks, the East Asian Studies major undergoes a cosmetic procedure known as a Brazilian wax. An esthetician pours wax heated to 140° F (roughly the temperature of a steak fresh off the grill) onto her labia and spreads it like butter on bread. Half a minute later, she swiftly peels away the hardened wax — and with it, a full crop of pubic hair, freshly ripped from the follicles.

If you’re squeamishly wondering how much the college senior gets paid for submitting to these weird acts of perverse, pornographic violence, brace yourself for the truly agonizing part: It’s actually Pinto who shells out the cash, paying her regular waxer, Anna, more than $65 every time. But it beats the ingrown hairs and razor bumps that come from shaving, she says.

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Woman files lawsuit because she can’t harass transgender customers

It is a shame that the first thing one thinks when someone proclaims themselves to be a “Christian” is, “There stands a delusional person who is a bigot and a compulsive liar.”

Particularly when they describe themselves as born again, or “religious”.  Get ready for the bigoted lies and bullshit to start flowing.

I’m tired of Christo-Fascist bullying of business that try to be fair and respect the rights and dignity of minorities.

See first the original story:  Woman files lawsuit because she can’t harass transgender customers

From Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters:

Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel doubles down on implausible story against Macy’s

By Alvin McEwen
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reposted with permission

As Mat Staver and the Liberty Counsel continue milk the case of the former Macy’s employee who was fired for harassing a transgender customer, one has to wonder are they reading their own press.

Yesterday, I pointed out how Staver and the employee, Natalie Johnson, conducted several interviews in which they tried to whitewash the fact that Johnson’s actions violated Macy’s policy and that concerns about “religious liberty” and “men in women’s changing rooms” were a pitiful dodges.

I even hinted that the Liberty Counsel was “conjuring up” a story of an “anonymous” Macy’s employee troubled by the policy.

But in an interview with the phony news service One News Now today, Staver seems to be sticking to that story and making up new ones:

Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, now tells OneNewsNow that an employee of another store has told him she has persistent problems keeping men out of the women’s fitting room.

However, that’s not exactly what the Liberty Counsel said yesterday on its blog:

The employee said she constantly has to ask men to leave the women’s fitting rooms.

It may seem like an insignificant jump from “asking men to leave women’s fitting rooms” to “having persistent problems keeping men out of women’s fitting rooms,” but this jump only elucidates the questions I asked yesterday.

Those questions were:

Were these transgender women, rather than men accompanying their loved ones? These are two totally different situations.

And if these were transgender women, what are the odds of this employee having the ability to violate company policy without losing her job? If this woman had been truly asking transgender women to leave the fitting rooms, we would be hearing about this before now.

If this anonymous employee has had  “persistent problems” with transgender customers, then that would mean there was in fact conflict between her and those customers. And if this is the case, I refuse to believe that several transgender women in different cases would allow themselves to be disrespected and not complain, especially when the store policy is in their favor.

How is this woman continuing to keep her job in light of this possibility? Or does this woman even exist?

Then Staver tries to make it seem that there is a groundswell of negative reactions to Macy’s policy:

According to Liberty Counsel, the public is reacting.

“Consistently the people of America are saying that they will not shop at Macy’s,” explains Staver. “They’re tearing up their Macy’s credit cards, they’re sending back their Macy’s gift cards, they say that they will not shop at Macy’s — and this is a consistent response that we’re seeing from the public around the country.”

The Liberty Counsel founder says customers are “literally outraged and shocked” at Macy’s policy.

Staver conveniently doesn’t provide proof of this claim, just like neither he nor the Liberty Counsel has provided proof of the existence of the anonymous Macy’s employee.

To reiterate, I smell a rat.

Email Macy’s and send the company your support for standing up for our rights and dignity. And most of all, tell Macy’s to not back down. 

President Obama Richly Deserves to Be Dumped

From Common Dreams:

by John R. MacArthur
Published on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 by The Providence Journal (Rhode Island)

As evidence of a failed Obama presidency accumulates, criticism of his administration is mounting from liberal Democrats who have too much moral authority to be ignored.

Most prominent among these critics is veteran journalist Bill Moyers, whose October address to a Public Citizen gathering puts the lie to our barely Democratic president’s populist pantomime, acted out last week in a Kansas speech decrying the plight of “innocent, hardworking Americans.” In his talk, Moyers quoted an authentic Kansas populist, Mary Eizabeth Lease, who in 1890 declared, “Wall Street owns the country.. . .Money rules.. . .The [political] parties lie to us and the political speakers mislead us.”

A former aide to Lyndon Johnson who knows politics from the inside, Moyers then delivered the coup de grace: “[Lease] should see us now. John Boehner calls on the bankers, holds out his cup, and offers them total obeisance from the House majority if only they fill it. Barack Obama criticizes bankers as fat cats, then invites them to dine at a pricey New York restaurant where the tasting menu runs to $195 a person.”

As it happens, Moyers’s remarks anticipated the trenchant question posed in an interview by another prominent liberal, Barbara Ehrenreich, just after billionaire Michael Bloomberg and mayors of other cities cleared public spaces of Occupy Wall Street protesters: “Where in all this was Obama? Why couldn’t he have picked up the phone and called the mayors of Portland and Oakland and said: ‘Go easy on these people. They represent the anger and aspirations of the majority.’ Would that have been so difficult?” Well, yes, particularly if your principal occupation is shaking down bankers and brokers for campaign donations on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

By now it should be obvious that the system, and the Democratic Party, run Obama, not the other way around. Under this arrangement, the president carries out his duties as pre-eminent party functionary — fundraising being at the top of his list of responsibilities — and defers on legislation, leaving it to corrupt Democratic barons such as Sen. Max Baucus (D.-Mont.), devoted friend of the insurance, pharmaceutical, and banking crowd and sworn enemy of reform.

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The Book of Jobs

From Vanity Fair:

Forget monetary policy. Re-examining the cause of the Great Depression—the revolution in agriculture that threw millions out of work—the author argues that the U.S. is now facing and must manage a similar shift in the “real” economy, from industry to service, or risk a tragic replay of 80 years ago.

By Joseph E. Stiglitz
January 2012

It has now been almost five years since the bursting of the housing bubble, and four years since the onset of the recession. There are 6.6 million fewer jobs in the United States than there were four years ago. Some 23 million Americans who would like to work full-time cannot get a job. Almost half of those who are unemployed have been unemployed long-term. Wages are falling—the real income of a typical American household is now below the level it was in 1997.

We knew the crisis was serious back in 2008. And we thought we knew who the “bad guys” were—the nation’s big banks, which through cynical lending and reckless gambling had brought the U.S. to the brink of ruin. The Bush and Obama administrations justified a bailout on the grounds that only if the banks were handed money without limit—and without conditions—could the economy recover. We did this not because we loved the banks but because (we were told) we couldn’t do without the lending that they made possible. Many, especially in the financial sector, argued that strong, resolute, and generous action to save not just the banks but the bankers, their shareholders, and their creditors would return the economy to where it had been before the crisis. In the meantime, a short-term stimulus, moderate in size, would suffice to tide the economy over until the banks could be restored to health.

The banks got their bailout. Some of the money went to bonuses. Little of it went to lending. And the economy didn’t really recover—output is barely greater than it was before the crisis, and the job situation is bleak. The diagnosis of our condition and the prescription that followed from it were incorrect. First, it was wrong to think that the bankers would mend their ways—that they would start to lend, if only they were treated nicely enough. We were told, in effect: “Don’t put conditions on the banks to require them to restructure the mortgages or to behave more honestly in their foreclosures. Don’t force them to use the money to lend. Such conditions will upset our delicate markets.” In the end, bank managers looked out for themselves and did what they are accustomed to doing.

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France’s faulty breast implants scandal

From The Guardian UK:

More than 30,000 women have had breast implants filled with industrial silicone instead of medical-grade fillers

in Paris
, Wednesday 14 December 2011

In a crowd of angry women shouting “We want justice!” outside the French health ministry, an ashen-faced factory worker hugged her anorak around her and fought back tears. Too shy to give her name, she didn’t fit the stereotype too often slapped on the victims of France’s biggest plastic-surgery scandal in decades. Tens of thousands of women complain that their lives are a living hell after being given faulty cheap implants made not from medical silicone but industrial silicone normally used for computer parts or the electronics industry.

“I’ve always suffered from depression and mental-health problems linked to body image,” said the 48-year-old from Normandy. “I earn €1,000 [£840] a month in a factory. I couldn’t afford breast surgery until my late 40s. But after the implants I felt better, I came off the antidepressants, I was able to face work. Then I find out the implants are poison. The tests say they’re still in place but I’m having them removed anyway. I’m terrified they’ll rupture or explode at any moment.

“I try to sleep on my back, if I sleep at all. Some people try to avoid extreme physical exercise for fear of damaging the implants, but I do hard labour on a factory line.

“I go to bed feeling bad, I wake up feeling bad. It’s like living with a ticking bomb inside you.”

Over the past 10 years more than 30,000 women in France, and thousands of others in countries including Spain and the UK, had breast augmentation with what have turned out to be potentially defective implants in what is now described as a cosmetic surgery horror story. The scandal has sent panic through France’s vast plastic surgery industry.

The company Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP), based in the south of France, was one of the world’s leaders in silicone implant production until last year when it was found to have been cutting corners and saving an estimated €1bn (£840m) a year by using industrial silicone instead of medical-grade fillers in their breast implants. The casing around the filling was also faulty and prone to rupture or leakage. The company has closed and more than 2,000 women have filed legal complaints. A judicial investigation has begun for involuntary homicide over a woman who died from cancer.

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