Pumping party customers are not ignorant, accused accomplice says

From The Orlando Sun Sentinel: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/crime/fl-pumping-parties-explainer-20111210,0,4224260.story

By Rafael A. Olmeda, Sun Sentinel 
December 10, 2011

He knew what he was doing. Corey Eubanks admits that much.

When he climbed onto a massage table 12 years ago so the person he knew as “Duchess” could inject mineral oil into his buttocks, Eubanks knew he was not being treated by a real doctor.

And he believes the same is true of all the men and women who came to Duchess looking for rounder, fuller, curvier figures.

“Nobody should blame Duchess for what I put in my butt,” said Eubanks, 40.

Duchess, better known as Oneal Ron Morris, was charged last month with posing as a doctor while injecting a toxic mixture of mineral oil, Fix-a-Flat tire sealant, cement and super glue into at least two customers. Eubanks, who introduced one reported victim to Morris and allowed them to meet in his home, has been charged as an accomplice.

Experts say people resort to illegal “pumping parties,” where customers outside a hospital or clinical setting are injected with anything from Botox to industrial-grade silicone, out of convenience or because they lack insurance or access to health care and legitimate plastic surgery.

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