Germany and France seek to control the Eurozone?

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  1. Sharon Sinéad Gaughan Says:

    They have been trying to control the EuroZone since day one when they installed the shaky Euro currency. That is why the Irish rebelled, the initial act that pulled on a thread and unraveled the European Sweater.

  2. Andrea B. Says:

    Sharon you are talking nonsense. Have you ever even been to Ireland?

    The only country in Europe, either in the EU or outside the EU, that opposes the new pact is the UK, which is now more or less finished.

    Slovenia, Poland, Estonia, France, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Luxemborg, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and even Greece have signed up to the new pact.

    Croatia which today formally signed an agreement with the EU to join the European Union and the Euro has come out in support of the new pact.

    Norway, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macadonia, Albania, Switzerland and Iceland which are all not members of the EU, have publicly stated they support the new pact as well. Even Ukraine has welcomed the new pact.

    RT news which is a puppet of the Russian Government in the same way that Fox News is part of the US republican party, is against the Euro as Putin see’s the Euro as a threat to Russian hedgemony.

    The main part agreed in this new pact that scares the Russians, USA, UK and other neo-liberal countries, is that countries have to live within there budgets and not take insane loans from financial institutions which they can not afford.

  3. tinagrrl Says:

    Let’s see — there have been “Euro-skeptics” from the very beginning. The Irish initially rejected closer cooperation, requiring a second vote to approve the Lisbon Treaty – the first of its type that did not inexorably lead to another, closer type of Union.

    It now appears many of the skeptics just might have had a point. Most nations do not really want to give up their sovereignty to Germany, or even a Franco-German union.

    Currently Latvia is a mess. Ireland, the “star pupil” is still selling bonds at rates that are way too high (note my “technical jargon”).

    It sometimes seems to us here on the “outside” that many in Europe are looking at things through the same Rose-Colored-Glasses folks in the USA used a few years ago — boy, did we learn!!

    I hope you are right. A European collapse would not be any fun for anyone.

    Oh, by the way, has anyone looked at China lately — they’re not having any fun either.

  4. tinagrrl Says:

    About my comment on China — it seems they currently have a bursting REAL ESTATE BUBBLE – does that sound familiar to anyone?

    Though they are a country with VERY strong exports, I’ve read that 70% of their economy is driven by construction — does THAT sound familiar to anyone now??

  5. Andrea B. Says:

    Tina, the EU or the new pact as well, is nothing to do with giving up sovereignity to Germany or Germany and French. That is a fantasy put forward by Tea Party types, Fox News, RTnews, Koch Brothers, Goldman Sachs and others.

    The rose coloured glass’s are being taken away by recent events. What is happening is Neo-Liberalism is being challenged. The UK, Russia and USA don’t like that one bit. A country living within its means is a serious problem for Neo-Liberals because if a country is not running up debts, it can not be controlled by Wall Street.

    Latvia is a mess because it adopted US style economics. The same applies to Ireland.

    As for China, there is a lot of false information around China’s situation.

  6. tinagrrl Says:

    “As for China, there is a lot of false information around China’s situation.”

    Perhaps, but who has the false information?

    It’s not just the “neo-libs” who are worried about Europe (and the USA), it’s the Keynesians who (rightfully) see deflationary policies as deflationary.

    Cut the budget, cut programs, sell off the commons — and GDP falls, tax receipts fall, it becomes harder and harder to meet interest payments, never mind principle.

    Listen, I hope you are correct — and you can cut/deflate your way to prosperity — heck, that’s EXACTLY the Tea-Party “cure” — cut the budget, cut social services, cut any and all pensions, all medical benefits — and “the market” will lead us to prosperity.

    Perhaps it will — the only question is — how many people will have to die first?

    By the way: — “Neoliberalism is a contemporary form of economic liberalism that emphasizes the efficiency of private enterprise, liberalized trade and relatively open
    markets to promote globalization. Neoliberals therefore seek to maximize the role of the private sector in determining the political and economic priorities of the world. The label “neoliberalism” was created by its ideological opponents,[citation needed] but it has also been used by proponents of neoliberal policies”

    Isn’t that what this new, unelected, “technocratic government” in Italy is attempting to do?

    Isn’t that also a loss of sovereignty? It is an unelected government that represents no one BUT the banks — including Goldman Sachs.

    Is that not a valid way of looking at it?

  7. Andrea B. Says:

    In Ireland the situation is as follows.

    Export growth of 9% on the same month as last year.

    Import growth of 6% on the same month as last year.

    Car-Sales growth up about 7% since the beginning of the year.

    Overall retail sales growth of 9.9% on last year (a six year high)

    Jobs growth of 3.8% in the first quarter of the year. This is equivalent to the US generating 5.5 million jobs in the first quarter compared to last year. Not bad considering the present economic climate.

    The present drag on the Irish economy is the present winding up of the Irish banks, namely AIB. That process will be finished next year. AIB was equivalent in Ireland to most of Wall Street to the USA economy and was a major player in every financial district on the planet, including Wall Street. Ireland has just passed the halfway point in winding that Goldman Sachs infiltrated mess up.

    Cuts in Ireland and the rest of Europe are not like cuts in the USA. What happens in your country is usually almost the opposite of what happens in Europe. Everyone in Europe is feeling the cuts, but the majority also recognise that we can not live beyond our means, unlike the USA which would mortgage anything to pay for more military.

    I was back home for five weeks recently. The banks in Ireland have not given a loan or mortgage for three years now. Personal debt has been dropping like a brick, because of that. People can’t get loans, so they just pay of there mortgages and credit cards instead. Only people who are unemployed are not paying of loans and mortgages and quite a few of them are now getting assistance by being given a lot of leeway as there is a drive to avoid anymore foreclosures. I have a couple of friends who have made no payments in two years who were told by there bank managers to forget about them until a couple of months are they start a job. In the USA they would have been homeless.

    I do know some people who have had there homes seized, but they were to bloody minded to even talk to there bank managers and a couple of them had got mortgages of 15 to 25 times earnings, as well as there mortgages being some sort of derivative based investment package. There is a lack of sympathy to anyone who got a US styple investment package as a mortgage, known locally as a pyramid scheme of ponzi scheme in the USA.

    The ‘closer to Boston than Berlin’ mantra that was in Dublin until recently, is being seriously damaged. A lot of people are seeing what having USA type policies does to a country. Also European banks stopped lending to Ireland about 2002-2003 and USA banks came in an not only offered cheap money, but have staff swaps with major banks, which is how we ended up with so many vermin from Wall Street in our banks. They filled false reports, hide massive frauds and kept building up even more loans. The banks and Irish government will not either default or name the bondholders as Geithner made clear they were not allowed to. Some details of bondholders have leaked out and they are nearly all on Wall Street. Irish austerity is for USA bondholders, who have to be paid as Geithner made clear.

    In the past you have made it clear your opposition to the way bankers are let of with everything. That is why I do not understand your opposition to the new pact in the EU as it will lead to a transaction tax, which Wall Street and the City of London vehemently oppose. Your opposition to that pact is opposition to a transaction tax. You in effect have the same stance as the arch neo-liberal Cameron who was left isolated not only in the EU, but in countries that are trying to join the EU and those that have no intention of joining the EU.

    The USA is in significantly worse condition than Europe and getting worse daily. At least Europeans are making some headway to dealing with there problems.

    This is Ireland’s actual national debt clock, not the deranged imbecilic nonsense fabricated by Wall Street and the IMF and bandied about as if written by god.
    Compare that with the USA.

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