Scotland storm blackout hitting thousands

From BBC:

8 December 2011

Police have told people in Scotland not to travel, as winds of up to 165mph (264km/h) affected the country, leaving more than 30,000 people without power.

As the Met Office issued its highest warning, a red alert, hundreds of schools have shut and bridge and road closures are causing disruption.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland were also being hit by wind and rain.

Winds of up to 90mph (144km/h) and possible blizzard conditions are expected in north Scotland into Friday.

The severe weather hit many other parts of the UK, including:

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One Response to “Scotland storm blackout hitting thousands”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    My aunts home is like a concrete bunker. Very well built and designed to withstand anything short of someone nuking it.

    My aunt who lives in the North of Scotland did say today that even she noticed the storms, which means it must have been very rough to notice in her house. A lot of stuff was blown into her garden.

    She hopes to go skiing if the snow is good this weekend.

    My dad was glad of the wind, as it blew away all the fallen leaves from his garden, saving him from picking them up.

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