Why the “Left” Establishment Can’t Create Demands for the Occupy Movement

From Truth Out:   http://www.truth-out.org/nine-demands-99-percent/1322862827

by: J.A. Myerson
Monday 5 December 2011

Did you hear the big news? The 99 percent released nine demands! After months of hectoring, we finally know what the movement is after: it’s all right there on a web site – 9 DEMANDS OF THE 99%.

Four problems immediately spring to mind:

Firstly, the whole “9 for 99” bit smacks a bit of Herman Cain.

Secondly, this was not endorsed by Occupy Wall Street. Readers would be forgiven for the confusion, since the “99 percent movement” is used in many media outlets as a synonym for the nation’s various occupations, which are famous for chanting, “We are the 99 percent.”  The 9 Demands web site is registered to Working America, a coalition of labor unions and, somehow, Daily Kos, which, of course, never directly claims that it speaks for the occupiers. (The general assembly’s statement of autonomy  says, “SPEAK WITH US, NOT FOR US,” after all.) But the site does a lot of insinuating to create the impression that it does the latter and not much at all to clarify. Indeed, when you click the “Tweet” button, the automatic tweet has affixed to it the hashtag #ows, meaning Occupy Wall Street, which is unmentioned on the web site.

Thirdly, there aren’t actually nine demands. There are eight demands. The last demand is blank. “ADD YOUR OWN!” the web site commands you. Then it asks for your first and last name and your email address and zip code, and offers you the option to “Become a member of Working America” (default option: yes). This means building Working America’s email list. Of course. Working America is not actually interested in what your demand is. It’s not actually interested in what Occupy Wall Street’s demand is. It’s got an agenda to promote. And speaking of which …

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