American Genocide: The Legacy of Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims

American History is a history of white Europeans slaughtering, colonizing and enslaving people of color.

The Europeans came here and stole the land from people they committed genocide upon.

Fuck the Pilgrims and their even nastier cousins the Puritans.  Better they had perished instead of thrived.

As a child I was taught beautiful lies about them along with the beautiful lies about the missionaries and horrible lies about the First People.

My first doubts came when I was in second or third grade and bought a book that I had saved for months to buy about American Indians and their arts, crafts and way of living.

Suddenly the Saturday matinee cowboy movies stopped making sense.  I stopped seeing the cowboys as the good guys and started rooting for the Indians.

Even though they actually taught us history in school in the 1950s and 1960s, the history was of the wonderful achievements of white men.

It was only by digging and reading other accounts that I started learning what the late historian Howard Zinn called “The People’s History”.

I grew up Left, because the Left cared more about the people who were being oppressed than the oppressor.

In 1969 I was living in Berkeley, in a commune near San Pablo  and Ashby Avenues.  We have an activist feast that year.

We took up a collection of blankets and other things for the Indians, who had just taken over Alcatraz Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay.  That weekend we went to a demonstration in a show of support.

I started learning more about the crimes the white man had committed upon the Native Peoples.  The Trail of Tears. Wounded Knee. The butchery of Columbus.  The slaughter of the Pawtuxet and the Pequot.

But that isn’t the history the powerful want us to know about.  It doesn’t suit the myth of America the peaceful all wonderful land of freedom and equality.

Think about that might interfere with our watching the macho worshiping brainwash of Thanksgiving day propaganda and football.

Questioning what we are told might cause us to sleep in tomorrow, thereby saving much more money than we would shopping.

We might ask is it all about greed and connect the greed with the history of genocide…

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  1. dentedbluemercedes Says:

    You mention media portrayal. There’s an excellent documentary about how that portrayal evolved, and touches on the effect that it had on Aboriginal identity in Canada and the US, entitled Reel Injun. If you have the time, there’s a link to watch it online courtesy the now-endangered CBC:

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