Cosmetic Procedure Botched; Trans Woman Arrested

I consider this person to be one of the worst enemies of TS/TG people around.

What she did and what so few are willing to strongly speak out against is a thousand times worse than the thought crimes of the transsexual sepaaratists.

This monster is mutilating people and with that mutilation she is murdering them.  Perhaps not quickly then slowly.

That the people who had her do this are poor, desperate and ignorant only compounds the vileness of what she did.

Two articles from the Advocate:;_Trans_Woman_Arrested/

By Trudy Ring
November 21, 2011

A Florida transgender woman is accused of injecting another woman with a near-deadly mix of cement, mineral oil, tire sealant, and Super Glue in an attempted buttocks augmentation procedure.

Oneal Ron Morris (pictured), arrested Friday in Miami Gardens, is charged with practicing medicine without a license and causing great bodily injury, a second-degree felony, The Miami Herald reports. Police say the victim, whose name is being kept confidential because of medical privacy laws, was injected with the toxic concoction in May 2010. She began feeling ill soon afterward, and as the mixture spread throughout her body, she developed pneumonia-like symptoms and large red welts on her derriere. She was hospitalized and nearly died.

“In a world where body image is in the forefront of our media, this woman, for whatever reason, thought that this was the answer and she almost lost her life,” Miami Gardens detective Michael Dillon told the paper. The woman still has health problems and is undergoing treatment.

Complete article at:;_Trans_Woman_Arrested/

Also from the Advocate:

More Claim They Received Fix-a-Flat Injections

November 22, 2011

Several additional people have come forward claiming to have had ostensibly cosmetic but actually toxic injections that included tire sealant performed by a Florida transgender woman accused of posing as a doctor.

Oneal Ron Morris was arrested Friday and charged with practicing medicine without a license and causing great bodily harm to a Miami Gardens woman who in 2010 received buttocks-enhancement injections with a mix of “household and automotive products” that included “superglue, mineral oil and ‘Fix-a-Flat,’” according to a statement released by the Florida Department of Health. The woman developed pneumonia-like symptoms and other health complications and nearly died. Her name is being kept confidential.

Complete article at:

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