Today in Dallas

From Another Old Woman:

By Tina
November 17, 2011

Reposted with Permission

We went to the demonstrati0on scheduled for today in Dallas. At first we could not find them. So, we went by the Occupy Dallas site — it was not only empty, it was as if there never had been ANYTHING there — just an empty park. No people, no tents, no energy, no remnants, no NOTHING. All gone.

We doubled back a few times, and finally found “the usual suspects”, just a small group of folks in the middle of a bridge — far from parking, and too far for me to walk these days — just a pale shadow of the hope and energy of a few weeks ago.

I woke up early this morning — and could not go back to sleep. I was gripped by fear — terrified of “police action”, afraid of falling, being herded, being gassed, unable to breathe, being brutalized before being arrested. Suzy calmed me down — told me I had NOTHING TO FEAR — then made sure I had my cell phone (I rarely carry it), made sure I did not have the little folding knife I always have in my purse, etc., etc., etc.

So very comforting.

In other words, “everything is going to be O.K. — but get ready for the worse case”.

On the way home, we stopped at Whole Foods (a store I HATE), to look at their bulk foods. We looked at some of their other stuff also — their fish did not look that good, they had totally unsustainable “Chilean Sea Bass”, and their prices were outrageous.

Whole BS is what they are.

I guess that as long as folks can PRETEND to be “green”, as long as they can AFFORD those prices, and feel oh so good about themselves — the rest of the country can STARVE. As long as their kids can find a decent job through Uncle Bob — screw those 99% LOSERS.

It’s only when YOU become one of those “LOSERS” that you might begin to understand.

Oh yeah, they are now TICKETING folks who HONK THEIR HORNS IN SUPPORT OF DEMONSTRATORS!!! Is THAT “America”?

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