Ehrenreich: Democratic establishment abandoned Occupy Wall Street

From The Guardian UK:

Author says she is ‘disgusted’ that Obama and other Democrats did not act to stop Zuccotti Park evictions

, US environment correspondent, Tuesday 15 November 2011

Author Barbara Ehrenreich accused Barack Obama and the Democratic establishment of betraying the Occupy movement on Tuesday by failing to stop the evictions from Zuccotti Park.

Ehrenreich, who has championed the struggles of working class Americans in books such as Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America said her outrage at the police crackdowns was magnified by the acquiesence of Democratic leaders.

“One of the appalling things here is that there are so many Democratic mayors involved in these crackdowns or in Bloomberg’s case, someone who is seen as a liberal,” Ehrenreich said in a telephone interview. “And where in all this was Obama? Why couldn’t he have picked up the phone at some point a couple of weeks ago and called the mayors of Portland and Oakland and said: ‘go easy on these people. They represent the anger and aspirations of the majority’. Would that have been so difficult?”

She said Obama had been practically silent since the protesters first descended on New York two months ago. “There have been a few little muffled comments but he has practically disappeared.”

For Ehrenreich, who has written in support of the protesters, the Occupy movement was an inflection point in American politics.

It was a repudiation of bureaucratic politics – even as pursued by those on the left, she said, and it was embraced across the country.

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