Republican Vote Tampering: Block the Vote: Ohio GOP Bars Early Voting to Suppress Pro-Labor Turnout

The Conservatives hate democracy and people having the right to vote.

They were the Tories who sided with England, during the Revolution.  They were the Confederates who fought to defend slavery during the Civil War.  They have applauded the killing of hard working Americans who wanted to unionize.  They passed Jim Crow laws to deny African Americans the right to vote.  They Opposed Civil Rights and labeled anyone who supports civil rights a communist.

Conservatives hate America and freedom.

They especially hate the idea of the American people finding out what scumbags they are and voting to over turn the last 40 years of Republican’s efforts at turning this country into a racist, homophobic, woman hating oligarchy run by and for rich white men.

Now they deny us the right to vote them out, heedless of the consequences.  Blind to how they are destroying America and everything it stands for, they wrap themselves in a flag and thump a bible while spitting on the hard working American People.

From The Nation:

John Nichols
November 6, 2011

TOLEDO — When Mitt Romney’s dad was a candidate for president back in the 1960s, Republicans competed on the strength of their personalities and ideas.

It was the same when Newt Gingrich was an up-and-coming Republican leader in the 1980s and the early 1990s.

But no more?

Republicans have a new strategy for competing in tight elections.

They cheat.

In Ohio this fall, the party faces a serious challenge. Republican Governor John Kasich, a GOP “star” for the better part of three decades, has staked his political fortunes on an attempt to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees while undermining the ability of their unions to function.

The move has proven to be massively unpopular. More than 1.3 million Ohioans signed petitions that forced a referendum on whether to implement the anti-labor law. Polls show that Ohioans are ready to do just that when they weigh in on referendum Issue 2.

But Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State is trying to make it a whole lot harder for Ohioans to cast those votes.

On Friday, across Ohio, county boards of elections shut down early voting for next Tuesday’s election. They did so on orders from Secretary of State Jon Husted. A Republican stalwart,

Husted served as the party’s legislative pointman (rising to the rank of Ohio House Speaker), co-chaired GOP campaigns (including that of 2008 presidential candidate John McCain) and has been closely tied to national conservative groups working on issues such as school choice and privatization. While serving in the legislature, Husted was allied with the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, which has promoting Voter ID laws and other rule changes designed to suppress turnout.

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