Trumka on Grayson: A “Friend Of Working People”

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True Colors Residence

I missed this video when it happened a few days ago.

Cyndi Lauper at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the True Colors Residence:

Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Residence is the first permanent, affordable housing for at risk LGBT youth in New York City. IN THE LIFE meets the young people who are making it home.

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Occupy The Koch Brothers Guerilla Drive-In Planned For Parking Lot

From Huffington Post:


WASHINGTON — Americans for Prosperity, a group funded in part by the Koch brothers, is hosting a Tribute to Ronald Reagan dinner at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on Friday, as part of its Defending The American Dream Summit, a conservative-star-packed event with confirmed attendees include GOP presidential hopefuls Herman Cain and Mitt Romney.

As the dinner goes on — before the summit’s 9:30 p.m. screening of the film version of “Atlas Shrugged” — a group with different political sensibilities will be gathering in a nearby parking lot to Occupy the Koch Brothers, with popcorn.

Per the event’s website, the Guerilla Drive-In event will feature “fun videos that expose the Koch Brothers in colossal fashion,” as well as good food. The event is co-sponsored by Health Care For America Now! and The Other 98%, which is also responsible for a video called “Koch Bros: It’s The Evil Thing.”

A similar event held last spring in New York drew a crowd of more than 500, so get to Friday’s event early to ensure a good seat, if you aren’t already booked to rub shoulders with Cain and Romney at the Reagan tribute dinner next door.

The drive-in will take place in the parking lot at 1025 7th St. NW starting at 6 p.m.. Movies start at 7 p.m.

JINGLE BELLS – OCCUPY WALL STREET (Truth is the gift this Xmas)

The Occupier’s Choice: Violence or Failure

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Quote from:   John F. Kennedy

From Ted Rall:

Ted Rall
November 3rd, 2011

Don’t Know What They Want, But They Know How To Get It

Here’s how U.S. state-controlled media covered events at Occupy Oakland:

“A day of demonstrations in Oakland that began as a significant step toward expanding the political and economic influence of the Occupy Wall Street movement, ended with police in riot gear arresting dozens of protesters who had marched through downtown to break into a vacant building, shattering windows, spraying graffiti and setting fires along the way,” reported the AP.

Then they quoted an Occupy Oakland member: “‘We go from having a peaceful movement to now just chaos,’ said protester Monique Agnew, 40.”

The lede of this November 3rd AP story frames a larger narrative. “Political and economic influence” cannot be achieved through violence. Ms. Agnew’s quote is used to support that framing. The move from “peace” to “chaos” represents a setback for the Occupy movement.

Violence = tragedy.

Considering that recorded history does not include a single instance of a nonviolent movement effecting radical change, it is interesting that anyone would argue that violence is by definition a negative development. It is equally astonishing that anyone would believe it.

In a revolution, one set of elites gets supplanted by another. There has never been a nonviolent revolution.


Gandhi was nonviolent. But his allies did resort to violence on numerous occasions. And India wasn’t a revolution. It was an independence struggle. The rich remained rich; the poor stayed poor. Conversely, there has never been a revolution in which violence was the primary tactic. Even the bloodiest revolutions—France, Russia, China—relied more on national strikes, sabotage, marches and demonstrations than shooting people. Revolutions are mostly nonviolent. But violence must always part be of the revolutionist’s toolkit.

Movements move.

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There’s many a gray head in Occupy Wall Street crowd

From McClatchy:

By Gianna Palmer and Kate Howard | McClatchy Newspapers
November 2, 2011

NEW YORK — Vince Taylor doesn’t fit the stereotype of unkempt twentysomething protesters at the Occupy Wall Street site in Manhattan, which was clear from the homemade canvas sign he held there.

It read: “75 AND DISGUSTED.”

Taylor, a retired economist with a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, flew across the country last Friday from his home in Mendocino, Calif., to join the Occupy Wall Street protest.

“I thought it’s important that people recognize that there are a lot of very thoughtful people in this country that identify with the Occupy Wall Street people,” Taylor said. Like many of his fellow protesters, Taylor said he was concerned with income inequality in America and corporate influence in Congress.

Though he was on the older end of the protesters, seniors and middle-aged adults are hardly uncommon at Zuccotti Park. A few feet from Taylor, a graying man and woman sat on steps at the park entrance singing “On the Road to Freedom.” Other seniors and middle-aged people held signs and milled about.

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Fracking ‘probable’ cause of Lancashire quakes

From The Guardian UK:

Controversial ‘fracking’ technique to extract gas from the ground was the ‘highly probable’ cause of earth tremors, report finds

and Hanna Gersmann
, Wednesday 2 November 2011

Two earthquake tremors in north-west England earlier this year were probably caused by controversial operations to extract gas nearby, a report by the company responsible has concluded.

The two tremors – magnitude 2.3 and 1.5 – which were felt by people just outside Blackpool, but did not cause any known damage, were reported in April and May. Since the second event, Cuadrilla Resources has stopped “fracking” operations – where water and chemicals are injected into rocks at high pressure to extract gas from the cracks.

The news came as protesters against the controversial new energy source halted work at a Cuadrilla gas exploration rig at Banks, near Southport, Merseyside. Four members of the environmental campaign group Frack Off unfurled banners after climbing climbing the rig at around 5.30am on Wednesday. Others remained on the ground.

In a separate protest in London, around 50 anti-fracking activists gathered from around 3pm outside the Copthorne Tara hotel in Kensington in an attempt to disrupt an industry conference organised by by SMI international. Two dozen police kept demonstrators away from the conference on the hotel’s first floor which was attended by delegates paying £1,500 per head.

The report, by a team of European seismic experts not usually employed by the company, concluded it was “highly probable” that the two main tremors and a series of aftershocks were caused by Cuadrilla’s operations at the Preese Hall-1 Well in Lancashire.

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