Raw Video: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Rally in Tehran

Anonymous Hacks Lolita City Alleged Porn Ring

From Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/22/anonymous-hacks-lolita-city_n_1026327.html?1319297371


The “hacktivist” group Anonymous has uncovered what it says was a massive child pornography ring, according to the Examiner.

The hackers targeted several websites, including “Lolita City,” which the Guardian says included 1,589 users.

The attack was part of Anonymous’ “Operation Darknet.” The Guardian explains that “Darknet websites are part of the Invisible Web, sometimes called the Deep Web, containing content that is not part of the Surface Web, which is indexed by standard search engines.”

Anonymous published the usernames of those who frequent Lolita City, which, the Guardian reports, had 100 gigabytes of child porn.

“We have been targeting them in secret for a while now, taking down their servers as much as possible,” one hacker named Arson told Gawker in a chat. “We decided to seek media attention for this operation so that we may get the resources needed to shut them down on a more permanent basis.”

Some of the username’s are explicit, while others are just creepy and ominous. Take the monickers “redhotchily”, “PantyhosePedo” and “PureEvil” as examples.

Unlike its reported attempts to “erase” the New York Stock Exchange, or its alleged involvement in the Playstation hack, the uncovering of an alleged child porn ring is unlikely to bring Anonymous much scorn.

Continue reading at:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/22/anonymous-hacks-lolita-city_n_1026327.html?1319297371

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300,000 babies stolen by Nuns & Priests from their parents and sold for adoption in Spain: BBC

Perhaps it is time to get churches out of the adoption business as well as tax them.

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Ultra Right Wing Christo-Fascists Ask Does Sex Ed Undermine Parental Rights?

The New York times ran an op-ed piece by Robert George and Melissa Moschella that failed to mention their hard right wing Christo-fascist professional positions. This is not simply an unbiased opinion piece but is rather a hard right propaganda piece filled with lies.

What they fear is that education will undermine misogynistic right wing religious based indoctrination in “gender roles” and homophobia.

From The New York Times:  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/19/opinion/does-sex-ed-undermine-parental-rights.html?_r=2&ref=opinion

Published: October 18, 2011

IMAGINE you have a 10- or 11-year-old child, just entering a public middle school. How would you feel if, as part of a class ostensibly about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, he and his classmates were given “risk cards” that graphically named a variety of solitary and mutual sex acts? Or if, in another lesson, he was encouraged to disregard what you told him about sex, and to rely instead on teachers and health clinic staff members?

That prospect would horrify most parents. But such lessons are part of a middle-school curriculum that Dennis M. Walcott, the New York City schools chancellor, has recommended for his system’s newly mandated sex-education classes. There is a parental “opt out,” but it is very limited, covering classes on contraception and birth control.

Observers can quarrel about the extent to which what is being mandated is an effect, or a contributing cause, of the sexualization of children in our society at younger ages. But no one can plausibly claim that teaching middle-schoolers about mutual masturbation is “neutral” between competing views of morality; the idea of “value free” sex education was exploded as a myth long ago. The effect of such lessons is as much to promote a certain sexual ideology among the young as it is to protect their health.

But beyond rival moral visions, the new policy raises a deeper issue: Should the government force parents — at least those not rich enough to afford private schooling — to send their children to classes that may contradict their moral and religious values on matters of intimacy and personal conduct?

Liberals and conservatives alike should say no. Such policies violate parents’ rights, whether they are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or of no religion at all. To see why, we need to think carefully about the parent-child relationship that gives rise to the duties that parental rights serve and protect.

Continue reading at:  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/19/opinion/does-sex-ed-undermine-parental-rights.html?_r=2&ref=opinion

From RH Reality Check: http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/article/2011/10/19/new-york-times-op-ed-preys-on-parents-fears-about-sex-ed

Spewing Misinformation and Ideology, A New York Times Op-Ed Spreads Unfounded Fears About Sex Ed

by Elizabeth Schroeder
October 19, 2011

An op-ed in today’s New York Times, “Does Sex Ed Undermine Parental Rights?” by Robert George and Melissa Moschella, is not as much about sexuality education as it is an overt example of how deeply the socially-conservative agenda is pervading all aspects of our culture.

This is no accident; it is an intentional, widespread campaign against not only sexual and reproductive health, sexuality education, women’s rights, and the inclusion of LGBTQ youth in anti-bullying measures, but also against the rights of young people to dare to want to access information that will make them educated consumers of the world in which they live.

This campaign started gaining momentum with the Tea Party (you know, the folks who applauded “Let’s hear it for letting someone who doesn’t have health insurance die!”), formerly considered to be more on the fringe, but who are now, inexplicably and horrifyingly, gaining legitimacy.

I’d like to highlight several core elements of social conservative propaganda—some of which appear throughout the piece—that continue to be used to manipulate people into thinking there is a concerted effort being made by educators to contribute, as the authors claim, to “the sexualization of children in our society at younger ages:”

1. Lie blatantly. If history has taught us anything, it’s that social conservatives believe that the end justifies the means. In their view, it is completely appropriate to lie to young people. This is what ignited the years-long battle sexuality education experts have fought to ensure that abstinence-only-until-marriage curricula be, at the very least, medically accurate.  These curricula lie to young people in order to scare and shame them out of having sex (even though research has shown that doing so is woefully ineffective). If in the end, a young person doesn’t have sex, social conservatives claim victory despite the fact that these young people may not have any self-esteem to speak of or know how to practice safer sex in the future.

Continue reading at:  http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/article/2011/10/19/new-york-times-op-ed-preys-on-parents-fears-about-sex-ed

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Cenk Uygur to OWS: ‘Occupy the states!’

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Boehner’s DOMA Defense: Gay People Are Powerful, Can Fight Marriage Ban Without Courts

From Huffington Post:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/20/doma-defense-lawsuit-house-representatives-gay-power_n_1021009.html?1319127860&ncid=edlinkusaolp00000008

Jennifer Bendery
October 20, 2011

WASHINGTON — Gay people have the political power to sway Congress to combat discrimination against them, so there’s no need for a court to overturn the federal ban on gay marriage, according to lawyers defending the Defense of Marriage Act on behalf of Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and the House of Representatives.

In an Oct. 14 motion filed with the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, attorneys representing the House make the case that gay people “are far from politically powerless” and can’t say they face “discrimination [that] is unlikely to be soon rectified by legislative means” — unlike other groups of people who are discriminated against.

“The very significant gains made by homosexual-rights groups both in legislative terms and in popular opinion — and the phenomenal speed at which those victories have come — demonstrate that they have ample ability to attract the favorable attention of lawmakers,” reads the 36-page brief filed by Bancroft PLLC, the firm hired by House Republican leaders to defend the constitutionality of DOMA.

The document ticks off political victories by the gay rights community over the past few years, including Senate confirmation of the first openly gay male federal judge, New York’s legalizing gay marriage and, of course, repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” It also cites a recent Gallup poll that found more than two-thirds of Americans would vote for a “well-qualified gay candidate for president” if he or she were put up by their party.

Continue reading at:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/20/doma-defense-lawsuit-house-representatives-gay-power_n_1021009.html?1319127860&ncid=edlinkusaolp00000008

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Thom Hartmann: The Global Lost Generation

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Occupying our attention: We Are Finally Waking Up

From Baltimore Out Loud: http://www.baltimoreoutloud.com/k2-fetch-latest/crossroad-chronicles/item/815-occupying-our-attention-we-are-finally-waking-up

by  Rev. Mother Meredith Moise, SPSA
Friday, 21 October 2011

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has become a global manifestation of the frustrations of millions of people across the globe. From New York to Madrid, South Africa to Taiwan, people are gathering to say they are mad as hell! Many say that they are taking their stand against corporate greed now so that their children can have a better life in a nation in which opportunity should abound. They see a nation, which is sliding into the abyss of unbridled greed and empire. Slowly, the future of our nation is placed in the hands of a plutocracy.

Mainstream media would like to make this movement about longhaired college kids and unemployed college grads with mountains of student debt or even disaffected 21st century hippies leaning to the left. However upon further examination, a lot of these folks are ordinary people, LGBTQ included, who played by the rules only to be “screwed” by the system. From foreclosure to job loss, disabled vets from the war on terror to rising health care costs, people are driven to the streets demanding true and deep-rooted change.

The American public is incensed. And we have a right to be! The forces that almost led to the collapse of the US financial system were systematically given bailouts and bonuses. Rewarded for bad behavior and complete mismanagement, greed goes unchecked. This monster is undermining the basic institutions of our society. Human life being viewed through the lens of profit is never good. The idea of corporations as people lends itself to a plethora of human and civil rights violations. Life is becoming a commodity to be bought and sold.

Unfortunately, this situation has been brewing for many years. The growing gap between rich and poor is not new. America continues to drift apart economically. At one point, race was a dominant factor in this growing divide. Now people across races find themselves in the dire straits of foreclosure, unemployment, and health care debt. The people who thought it couldn’t happen to them are seeing “it” happen to them. They aren’t liking it one bit.

Our lessons here include greed never works. Our nation’s desire to consume led us here. The 1 per cent are a tangible symbol of our priorities. The people who bring us Bachmann, Cain and Perry are the same plutocrats and robber barons that Occupy Wall Street rallies against. Now we are waking up to the karma. The greed at the top can no longer run rampant to consume countless lives. The roots of homophobia, sexism and racism find a home of the corruption of Wall Street. The ideas of exploitation and division have fueled our financial crisis along with our crises in government gridlock. People are now waking up to this reality.

Continue reading at:  http://www.baltimoreoutloud.com/k2-fetch-latest/crossroad-chronicles/item/815-occupying-our-attention-we-are-finally-waking-up

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Wall Street Protests Force Cantor to Cancel Economic Speech

From Reader Supported News: http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/318-66/8021-wall-street-protests-force-cantor-to-cancel-economic-speech

By Russell Berman, The Hill
21 October 11

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) abruptly canceled a planned economic address Friday at the University of Pennsylvania after learning the event could be flooded with protesters aligned with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Cantor was to deliver a speech titled, “A Fair Shot at the American Dream and Economic Growth” at the university’s elite Wharton School of Business, but the school announced the event was off about three-and-a-half hours before Cantor’s scheduled 4:30 p.m. start time.

The majority leader planned to address the issue of income equality at a time when activists in New York, Washington, Philadelphia and other cities have been rallying against the rising gap between the rich and the poor.

“The office of the majority leader was informed last night by Capitol Police that the University of Pennsylvania was unable to ensure that the attendance policy previously agreed to could be met,” Cantor spokeswoman Laena Fallon told The Hill. “Wharton is an educational leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, and the majority leader appreciated the invitation to speak with the students, faculty, alumni and other members of the UPENN community.”

Cantor’s office said it scheduled the speech several months ago with the understanding that the audience would be composed of about 250 “members of the Wharton community,” including students, faculty and invited guests. But on Friday morning, the university’s student newspaper, The Daily Pennsylvanian, reported that between 500 and 1,000 protesters affiliated with Occupy Philadelphia planned to rally outside the hall where Cantor was to speak.

Continue reading at:  http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/318-66/8021-wall-street-protests-force-cantor-to-cancel-economic-speech

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Press For Truth – Thoughts On The “Occupy Movement”

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The Silence of the Elites

From The Nation: http://www.thenation.com/blog/164053/silence-elites

Katrina vanden Heuvel
October 18, 2011

Nero’s fiddling while Rome burned may be nothing compared to the folly of Washington and Wall Street’s inaction while the world economy teeters on the verge of global depression. No wonder the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have spread across the world. By raising a din, they might wake folks up.

Last week, yet another filibuster by Republican senators blocked even a debate on President Obama’s jobs bill, which is already modest in the extreme. More than half of the bill would simply avoid making things worse—extending the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance, and trying to limit layoffs of teachers and police officers next year. Without the extensions, the cuts in government spending and hikes in taxes would reduce an estimated 2 percent of GDP from growth next year—at a time when the economy is already near a standstill.d

A good portion of the bill would provide tax breaks for businesses. And a far-too-small part would provide money for building schools, roads, sewers and other infrastructure projects that will put some people to work.

Feeling some heat, Republican senators released their version of a jobs act, which offers up sacrifices to the business gods. It would repeal financial and healthcare reform, suspend regulations across the board and advance a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. And Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) promises, with some Kentucky magic, that it would produce 5 million jobs.

Worse, the bipartisan gang of twelve legislators in Congress’s “supercommittee” continues to meet in closed sessions to decide how to cut another $1.2 trillion from deficits over ten years. If the members fail to agree, deep cuts in defense and domestic spending begin in fiscal year 2013.

Continue reading at:  http://www.thenation.com/blog/164053/silence-elites

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Thom Hartmann: Doomsday Deja Vu!

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Bloomberg Promises Crackdown on Occupy Wall Street

From In These Times: http://www.inthesetimes.com/uprising/entry/12164/bloomberg_promises_crackdown_on_occupy_wall_street/

By Allison Kilkenny
October 21, 2011

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced today that Occupy Wall Street protesters can expect a crackdown on their camp in Liberty Park.

Bloomberg made the statement mere hours before a day scheduled with all kinds of events that will challenge his authority. Bloomberg, who admits the demonstrators are peaceful and “generally” obey the law, will have to decide how strictly he plans on enforcing the permit requirements for marches and gatherings.

Side-note: I received a ton of sweet messages from international readers who were outraged that New Yorkers need permits to march. They were under the impression that the right to peaceably assemble afforded in the Constitution gives citizens the right to gather freely whenever they wish. Unfortunately, this is simply not true anymore. Specifically, in New York City, a permit is required to conduct a procession, parade, or race, and must be obtained from the Police Commissioner before the event.

Generally speaking, if twenty or more people are gathered in, say, a public park, they will also need a permit that costs $25 to process. The problem with these permits, of course, is that they can be denied or revoked for any reason, at any time. It makes the “disobedience” part of “civil disobedience” impossible by preempting any action.

Continue reading at:  http://www.inthesetimes.com/uprising/entry/12164/bloomberg_promises_crackdown_on_occupy_wall_street/

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