Occupy Dame Street: Irish bank protesters stage well-mannered sit-in

From The Guardian UK: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/oct/12/occupy-dame-street-ireland-bank-protest

Campaigners at the central bank in Dublin, who were inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, are angry but decidedly polite

in Dublin
guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 12 October 2011

They may be filled with rage against the capitalist machine, but the demonstrators outside Ireland’s central bank are a polite bunch of radicals.

The protesters are under strict instruction not to harass or even say a cross word to the bank officials filing past their camp each morning.

Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in the US in the past month, the Occupy Dame Street protesters have been camped out in front of Ireland‘s central bank since Saturday.

But the activists stress that their protest is entirely peaceful.

They have appointed Sean Creagh, a business studies student from Deansgrange in the south of county Dublin, as their liaison with the Garda Síochána, the Irish police force.

Dressed in a high visibility yellow jacket, Creagh explains that the plan is to help the garda keep the peace at the camp.

The organisers have banned alcohol and drugs from it and will help the police to extract anyone breaking that rule.

“I have been talking to one of the local garda inspectors in the city who is in charge of policing the protests,” Creagh said. “To be fair, the garda have been good because we have kept a clear dialogue with them.

“The idea is we want a peaceful protest and we don’t want to cause any direct trouble.

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One Response to “Occupy Dame Street: Irish bank protesters stage well-mannered sit-in”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    This one could get interesting. The politicians can’t push against the protesters and neither can the bankers. Bankers in Ireland are being fired daily. Over 30% of the bankers have actually left Ireland as they have been fired.

    Thing is, the Garda will get on well with the protesters as they are also fed up with the jack boot on the back of there neck as long as some idiots from Sein Fein or other headcases don’t create violence. The Garda want the protest to go well and have a party atmosphere as most of there own kids have no jobs either.

    Things are very different in Ireland than in other countries regarding this entire issue. The anger is directed in a different manner and just waiting for the excuse to get at the bankers. Ireland is way ahead of any targets set by the IMF and EU, so if the IMF tries any more bullying it will be seen as bullying for the sake of it and then they will for once, be on the recieving of very direct protests, chasing them around the planet. I think now we are about to see if the IMF is still blinded by ideology or not, as refusing to acknowledge what is on the ground in Ireland could get very dangerous very fast as the anger is very real.

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