Transgender Borg Gender Obsession Stupidity

When I read some of the sheer utter obsessive TG Borg bullshit I feel like I ma listening to a Michelle Bachmann.

I want to go, “Dear sweet imaginary sky daddy, how can anyone be so freaking stupid?”

Sometimes I’m glad I don’t have a mouth full of  mouth full of soda or coffee when I read them.

From the Montreal Gazette:

Gender Nonconformity (or Down With the Establishment!)

September 28, 2011. 1:02 am • Section: Trans Talk

Posted by: Jillian Page

I once asked a hippie type if he thought his long hair was an expression of femininity. He said it was a good question, but he didn’t know the answer. He had never really thought about it. I probably should have asked if he thought it was a form of gender ‘nonconformity’ . . . because that seems to be the current buzzword for people who display traits that are not normally associated with their biological sex, but who don’t consider themselves to be transgender or transsexual people. Then again, males started blurring hair norms when the Beatles started singing She loves you, ya, ya, ya. Is a long-haired male in the Western world a gender nonconformist these days — as opposed to the 1960s. And just what were thelong-haired guys nonconforming to back then?

I kinda like the term “nonconformity” because it sorta stirs the rebel in me. “We won’t conform! Down with the Establishment! Don’t trust anybody over 30 . . . er, 40 . . . er, 50 . . . er, 60!”

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Anything that can possibly be turned into an area the Borg can colonize.

Hair styles for men come and go and have little or nothing to do with masculinity or femininity but often times have far more to do with politics and/or religion.

Contrary to media mythology the Beatles, at least when they first came to New York didn’t have very long hair at all.  There were beatniks, folkies and greasers who had longer hair but didn’t have cute little Beatle bangs.  The media seizing on the Beatles was the start of the safe packaging of the 1960s that ignored or shunted to the side the serious aspects of hippie as an anti-consumerist/anti-establishment movement in favor of marketing rebellion as a fashion trend.

The long hair, beards, jeans on both sexes, thrift store clothes were a way of giving a finger to the gods of consumption.

Trying to turn it into Borg territory by labeling it “gender non-conformity” is a way of laying Borg claim upon anyone who doesn’t conform to media/right wing/religious  induced sex roles.

I get tired og the Transgender Borg extending their tenticles into and laying claim to every freaking thing they can possibley claim, including the gay and lesbian communities.

18 Responses to “Transgender Borg Gender Obsession Stupidity”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Still obsessed with the transgenders I see.

    You really should charge them rent for the space they occupy in your head!

    • Suzan Says:

      Ooohh hate mail from from one of the Cultural feminist Lesbian Klan. I’m always so amazesd with their obsession regading transsexual and post-transsexual women. They seem just like the phalliocentric Taliban Christers.

      • Suzan Says:

        FYI Joyce’s entire Blog is a case study of transgender obsession. This is one really sick freaking puppy.

      • Suzan Says:

        FYI Joyce’s entire blog is a case study in obsession with transgender and transsexual people making her a sort of cultural feminist version of Porno Pete LaBarbera. This is one incredibly sick puppy.

        Hey Joyce, get a freaking life. There is a Class war going on. Go get some freaking therapy.

  2. Sharon Sinéad Gaughan Says:

    “Joyce”‘s blog is very nearly the definition of wilfull ignorance when it comes to people born transsexual.

    • Suzan Says:

      Not to mention completely obsessed with transsexual and transgender. One has to wonder about someone that obsessed, bless her little heart.

  3. Andrea B. Says:

    Someone mentioned a while back on one of the heavy metal forums that some idiot from an LGBT group tried to call heavy metal people queer/transgendered because a lot of them have long hair and some wear make up. Calling a guy transgendered, who is two meters tall with a mohican hair cut and tattoos on his face who wears knuckle dusters while singing, is a stunt that is a good way to get a nasty reaction in return.

    The thing is the reaction would most likely be against visible transsexual people, who are not causing the problem in the fist place. Allegations like that made against rockers, goths or hippies is a good way to get transsexual people attacked by people, who would normally leave them alone and who generally have no issue with transsexual people.

    A lot of post op transsexual people are goth and rockers, especially early transitioners. I don’t know of one who is into rock or goth music who has any truck with the transgender thing at all. Most of them aren’t in the slightest interested in it.

    I have noticed the people who are long haired being called transgender mentioned twice on rock forums in the last few months, with the allegations originating from LGBT groups. Not sure if it is isolated incidents or if it is becoming part of a pattern. Several rock and metal bands use some of my equipment to record and work on music, so I tend to hear a bit. The Dreamstudio-Ardour set up from ubuntu on my computer is used by them a lot.

  4. Andrea B. Says:

    I had a look at Joyce’s blog.

    Looks like the standard anti-transsexual nonsense from the transgender borg. Interesting to see a lesbian feminist using anti-transseuxal transgender ideology.

    • Suzan Says:

      This is because both the Borg and the Cultural Feminists “radical feminists”sic have this agenda of turning post-transsexual women and men into third sex/gender people who are part of the Transgender Borg.

  5. Andrea Rosenfield Says:

    Or maybe the allegations originate from religious and/or social conservatives, *posing* as LGBT.

  6. Andrea B. Says:

    @ Andrea Rosenfield

    Naw, it was an idiot from an LGBT center. Your average metal head or goth knows full well the difference between a religious nut and someone lgbt.

    • Suzan Says:

      Despite your homophobia Andrea,the lesbian Klan are rarely if ever involved in LGBT Centers, or at least any I’ve ever been involved in. Hell they are usually so nasty most feminist groups won’t have anything to do with them. For one thing their hatred also extends to gay men and male children…

      This makes it very hard to work with anyone out side of their tight knit little Klaverns. Mostly the entire lives of these people revolve around hatred of transsexual and transgender people.

  7. aformeroldfriend Says:

    Oh yah her…

    Ok next subject.

  8. tinagrrl Says:

    To equate “Joyce” with LGBT is not only totally unfair — it’s inaccurate. Usually “rad-fems” like “Joyce” have very little to do with most “LGBT” centers — after all, many refuse to have much to do with other lesbians or ANY men – including gay guys.

    Hasn’t anyone yet considered the possibility “Joyce” is a self-hating post-op? Heck, that one happens quite often — a post-op attaching herself to some anti-trans (of any kind) cause to “prove” something or other.

    Using the blanket phrase “an LGBT” is no better than what TG’s are trying to do to us.

    In addition, Suzy and I are also “LGBT” — that is, if you agree that post-transsexual folks are women (in the case of MtF’s).

    Granted, I don’t like metal — but that should not be a reason to dismiss me entirely.

  9. Andrea Rosenfield Says:

    Suzan, I think you’re misreading Andrea B.’s sentiment. Remember a couple of months ago when the Borg was trying to claim Alice Cooper as “transgender?” It sounds like Andrea has encountered that meme percolating through the Gay Inc. “repeater-bots.” Amazing that anyone would actually try it, since suggesting that any rocker type with long hair is “transgender” today, is the same as the establishment “only women wear long hair” meme of the late 1960s. It’s practically the same insult, and goes over about as well. “Idiot” might be one of the more polite terms to use in response. It has nothing to do with the person being gay or lesbian or whatever, kids really don’t care much about that, especially not in goth culture. It has to do with them being an idiot.

  10. Andrea B. Says:

    @ tinagrrl

    Sounds about right to me, going by what i read at that blog. A self hating post op would fit the bill. I use the term LGBT because I am referring to individuals from LGBT centers, who have not differentiated themselves out when referring to others.

    @ Suzan

    What the hell are you talking about homophobia?

    Finding arseholes who are vehmently anti-transsexual in LGBT centers is not that unusual. I have encountered quite a few over the years. For the record the lunatic that was referred to on forums, I actually have met and she is vehemently transphobic. She actually said to my face 24 years ago that I should be killed for being transsexual, when waiting for a bus to a rock concert with two lesbian friends, when trying to butt into our conversation.

    If you can’t accept that some people who are LGBT are transphobic, tough. Some are, some aren’t and most don’t care, just like every other group in society.

    Do you find it acceptable, someone stating I should be killed for being transsexual?

  11. Andrea B. Says:

    @ Andrea Rosenfield

    I remember when that crap hit the rock forums. It was a case of what the fuck are these people talking about?

    I have firends who did the poison thing who are straight and definately not transgender although I did take the piss out of them at the time about it. I couldn’t resist it:)

    One of the guys I help out with loaning them equipment to record with such as my digidesign 3, actually raised that one night night with me, after we watched District 9 and Kickass along with some beers on my bluray player. He was just plain confused about it, as it did not compute in any way and he over thinks everything. I had to reasure him that it was not a problem and it was just Tea party type people trying to create a problem. He may look like someone who could scare a main battle tank, but he is fairly sensitive about most things, even though he rarely talks about those things. He is just a standard straight guy who spends all his time worrying about the next bills and if he has left aside enough money for his girlfriends pregancy, as well if the money he earns from friday rock nights will earn enough on top of his 9 to 5 job to cover expenses when his girlfriend gives birth. He wears a lot of goth style make up on stage, but that is part of the act and nothing to do with the whole T thing, as some of the transgender borg claim. He is just earning money and putting on an act, like a lot of musicians aspire to do.

    Another singer I know who is a really beautiful looking woman with a figure and looks to die for, has asked me to help mold some gothic latex partial masks for quick changes on stage. A bit different from making Klingon masks for my sci-fi friends, but fun as it usually descends into chaos. She has actually been asked by a journalist, if she was transgender, due to the latex horror masks. She was interviewed when eight months pregnant and on break from performing. That is why I say this whole TG thing will eventually cause a backlash as some people clearly want it to.

  12. Andrea B. Says:

    @ Andrea Rosenfield

    I forgot to add something.

    In the last few years a lot of LGBT trainers have been doing the rounds of media groups, newspapers, large companies, civil service, etc training them how to deal with LGBT people. It is very prevalant in western and northern Europe. Every person I know who has underwent that training has all told me that they are trained that all transsexual people are trans and that transvestitism and transsexualism are the same thing under trans. They keep implying that transsexual people choose to undergo sex reasignment surgery. SRS is always referred to in abstract ways, so as to make references to it as vague as possible. Not sure if that is the intention or not, but it appears to be. That has been silently occurring while our backs are turned and the people from LGBT centers doing that training are earning a lot of money from it. Basically it boils down to LGBT trainers earning money from creating problems for post operative and transitioning transsexual people.

    I think the extent of the damage being done by those LGBT trainers will not be fully known for some years.

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