I’m Post-Transsexual… I Don’t do Identity Politics

One of the really nicest things about being long time post-transsexual is not having to give a shit about the new WPATH Standards of Care.  I glanced at it, looked at a couple of pages and decided it was the same old, same old tired Transgender Borg Speak we have been hearing for over a decade.

My reaction was, “My how time flies when you are at war with a bunch of colonialist pigs.”

My second reaction was that I had better things to wade through than this pile of manure.

Maybe, I’d have a different take on it if I were working my way through the process of getting surgery, or had recently had surgery, but dear sweet Mother Gaia it’s been nearly forty freaking years.  Enough is enough..  Forty years means I don’t have to give a rat’s ass about WPATH and their Transgender-centric obsessive little trannie word games.

I’m post-transsexual.  That means I can opt out of the identity politics of the Transgender Borg.

Call me an elitist if you wish, bless your little heart.  But I’ve got other things I’m interested in instead of TG Borg word games and power trips.

Marriage equality, protecting Social Security/Medicare are way high on my list as are the anti-corprate fascism struggles and the environmental movements.

I’m more interested in what is happening with GMOs, and manufactured ersatz food, than I am with whether or not some strange transvestite is pathologized, or not, in some obscure document, that is mainly of interest to the people of the Transgender Borg Collective.

I mean, “What the fuck?”

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  1. deena17 Says:


  2. Andrea B. Says:

    I had a look through it last night. My plans to go out for the evening got completely fucked up due to a car breakdown.

    The new SOC is the same crap, except even more transgenderised.

    The constant dragging of other groups into WPATH, is there as usual. Autistic, intersex lesbian and gay are all dragged into it, as claiming they can have gender dysphoria.

    As for the TS kids. Initially it looked like an improvement until I read age of majority for hormones for TS kids. That can be 21 in some countries. It is 18 in most countries. That would prevent those kids from having an appropiate puberty and torture them by putting them through an inappropiate puberty. If that is not based in hatred of transsexual people, I don’t know what is. Hormones and gonadrelin analogues should be given from as early as 12, if the TS kid desires them so as to give an appropiate puberty.

    Follow up care thoughout life, gives more away. The bastards want to pathologise our entire lives.

    The section on ethical questions regarding sex reasignment surgery is sickening. The WPATH people don’t see the problem with anyone objecting to sex resignment surgery on ethical grounds. It is unethical to object to appropiate medical treatment for a patient and blatantly unethical to require a patient to declare themselves mentally ill in a letter from a paid predatory pervert before conducting sex reasignment surgery.

    They also state that a person has to be out about being transsexual at work and the local community about being transsexual. That is a good way to get the number of transsexual people culled by killing and firing them.

    Basically it is the same crap, pathologising everyone who is not barbie or ken and making more excuses for the transphobic bigots involved in transsexual treatment.

    Reading through that, was like having someone saw me in half. It is just a hate speech document against transsexual people, nothing else.

    I would hate to be going through the sex change process today.

    The transgender borg are quoting the new SOC in the same manner as jehovahs witness’s quote the bible. The SOC appears to be the religious book of the transgender borg.

  3. catkisser Says:

    The psychiatric profession largely now totally ignores the WPATH SOC as total bullshit with no redeeming social or psychological value. The DSM revision has a “cured” clause for post corrected women, is it a surprise WPATH still offers it’s wish to never let us go even though they have no lever to force this and never did? Out as a transsexual? Excuse me? At least the original version acknowledged that transsexual transition’s goal was fitting in to the binary normal world, not some stupid gender deconstructionist fantasy. The DSM revision declares that transsexuals can be cured but transgenders are mentally ill. This will put the WPATH totally at odds with the medical community, there goes any remaining credibility they may have had.

    You can fully transition today and have surgical correction and never go near one of these control freak asshats from WPATH, that is a major improvement at least. Pity those who do not figure this out.

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