Remember When we Called It a Sex Change Operation?

While I find Sex Reassignment Surgery a reasonable formal description for what we used to call our sex change operations, most of the Transgender Borg generated euphemisms are an epic fail.

WTF is “Gender Affirmation Surgery”?  Sounds like they permanently graft high-heels onto your feet or something.

Now we have Autumn Sandeen trying to claim a castration is “gender affirmation surgery”.

Is it any wonder society at large has started lumping post-transsexual women in with the full time drag queens and heterosexual transvestites?

Post-SRS women get censored and condemned as classist and racist, as genital surgery essentialists for speaking the simple truth about the experience of having had a sex change operation.  Surgery makes it real and it really is a different life experience to live with a pussy between your legs instead of a dick.

Instead we have to put up with feminine gendered penis people denying us the right to speak about our life experiences.  Who really has the experience of having been pre-op and now being post-op.  Post-transsexual women (and men) or pre-op transgenders with their original plumbing.

Okay hit me with the excuses as to why you haven’t had SRS even though you have the money to travel all over the country working for transgender rights…

I’ve been hearing those excuses since before I came out, since 1968 when I first started meeting actual drag queens as well as other transsexuals.  I used to believe them.  I’m far more skeptical these days.

I was skeptical about the whole Camp Trans thing too.  Like the Michigan Women’s Music Festival is the only music festival in the US.  I mean you didn’t even start protesting there until some ten to fifteen years after the heyday of Women’s Music, something that lasted almost as long as the folk music scare of the early 1960s.

I’d be willing to bet that most transgender folk who are so riled up about this particular festival would be hard pressed to name one artist  other than perhaps Cris Williamson who recorded for Olivia Records. (I know some one will use Wikipedia and Google to find all the names in order to prove me wrong, so don’t bother.  It’s beside the point.)  Most people making the stink aren’t part of the Women’s Music scene.  Most haven’t actually read any of the classic feminist books either.

Transsexual women, particularly long time post-transsexual women took a lot of shit back in the late 1990s for using the trope, “I felt like a woman trapped in a male body.”  I think most pick up the idea of challenging us on that one from Riki Wilchins, bless her little heart, who wrote some good stuff but in the long run had a negative impact on the lives of post-transsexual women.  The same is true of Kate Bornstein.  They made a schtick out of material that in the long run invalidated the lives of post-transsexual women.

It’s bad enough that we have to deal with the cultural feminists and the Transgender Borg, but we also have to put up with post-op quislings like Christan Williams, bless her little old heart, generating tons of Borg inspired revisionist history. See…In the 1970s, “transgender” meant transsexual and “transgenderist” meant full-time heterosexual crossdresser.” Which is a pile of happy Transgender Borg meadow pies (bullshit).  Right from the get go in the mid-1970s, “transgender” was a synonym for full time drag queen, often of a heterosexual back ground.  They used that term to disassociate themselves from the drag queen sex workers. Transgenderist is to transgender what feminist is to feminism.  Virginia Prince may have used it for himself but most of the actually heterosexual (as in attracted to women) transgenders used “transgender”.

I sure Christan will dig up something, some where, obsessives always do.

But consider what Christan is trying to do and how androcentric it comes off.  Christan is trying to discredit women who were there and who had their sex change operations 30 to 40 years ago.

Because no one is as much of an expert about the lives of post-transsexual women as the Transgender Borg.

How come I feel the urge to pull out the post-transsexual holy water and throw it in their desperate Transgender Borg vampire like faces?  The phrase that goes , “Men have dicks, women have pussies.”

Because SRS really is a sex change operation and in spite of all the wordy rapping games, in spite of all the anti-transsexual hate the Borg have managed to stir back up we still have pussies when we pull down our jeans and they do not.

Game, Set, Match.

Oh and what caused me to know I was transsexual even before I was an adult…  I felt like a girl trapped in a male body, or more accurately I felt like a girl trapped in a body that confused people as to whether I was male or female.

7 Responses to “Remember When we Called It a Sex Change Operation?”

  1. Miz Know-It-All Says:

    Funny,how we who actually are physically female are told time and again, “it doesn’t matter what is between our legs.. it’s what is in your head that counts!” I say Bull Shit! It matters and it matters a lot!

    Over the Labor Day Weekend I was at an annual gathering of about 1,500 souls at an day event that features quite a bit of nudity… At one point, between repeated trips to the saunas and the hot tubs and more than a few drinks I was sitting before a roaring fire in my altogether, as were some odd hundreds of others, when Autumn Sandeen and “her” gender affirming surgery crossed my mind and I burst out laughing!

    For as far as I could see and I could see quite a bit! There were only two sexes represented in the assembled and nary a woman amongst us had a dick! So go ahead Autumn and Co! Juggle your silly gender semantics about your womanhood till the cows come home, but I bet the farm I will NEVER find you or any of your’s sitting round a fire naked now will I?


  2. Andrea B. Says:

    Gender affirmation surgery, gender realignment surgery, gender reasignment surgery and several other variations have been invented by the transgenderists.

    It is all part of a drive to get every discussion away from our physical sex.

    They consider us men. That is there ideology. They have a deep seated desire to impose there mysogny onto transsexual people.

    @ Miz Know-It-All

    Events were nudity are commonplace are very common in Europe.

    Any beaches were nudity are commonplace, I can assure you there are no transgenderists. Most areas where nudism is acceptable are family orientated and there is no way a TG or any of there nonsense, would be tolerated.

  3. Amber Thompson Says:

    Elitism, is very ugly.

  4. Alternative Says:

    Interesting, given what is now included in the Standards of Care as a surgery that is valid for medical purposes.

    Falling behind the times.

    • Suzan Says:

      The Standards of care don’t mean squat to me. I’m post-transsexual and had surgery nearly 40 years ago. Why should they be important to me? Women still have vaginas and men still have penises no matter what the Transgender Borg of WPATH say.

  5. Andrea B. Says:

    I have read a few pages of the Standards of care. Still have to finish it. Had a bit of time tonight to read that crap, as all my plans got fucked up.

    It reads good at first glance until you think about what it is said in the document.

    Men and women who were born transsexual are being transgenderised against there will, as well as potentially others.

    The widening of the groups that WPATH are covering in there agenda is getting wider. The new standards are a clear attempt to bring all the so called T spectrum and some LGB into there realm. The bit about lesbian and gay people also suffering from gender dysphoria gives a lot away. The new standards are an extention of pathologisation dressed up in nice friendly language.

    It is also interesting to see a TG extremist defending the new standards of care.

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