Transgender Borg Tell Post-Transsexual Women Who Do Not Embrace the TG Umbrella, “STFU!”

It appears the Transgender Borg have gotten tired of name calling or discover we don’t give a shit if they consider us elitists, separatists or “genital surgery essentialists.  They have learned we’ve grown immune to their Charlie Prince inspired trashing of our genitals.

Trying to terrify us all with the pile of martyrs is less effective when we observe that many of those martyrs are doing the most dangerous form of sex work imaginable, or were murdered when they were discovered to have penises and not actually be women.

Our phrase, “Men have penises, women have vaginas.” (and variations of that phrase) causes the Transgender Borg to react like the cinematic vampires in the Hammer Films of yore.  They writhe and scream in pain like those vampires when splashed with holy water.

As I have been investigating and reporting on the machinations of the anti-transsexual hate group that I have labeled the “Lesbian Klan” it has been impossible for me to avoid noting how much the Lesbian Klan has in common with the Transgender Borg (Note Transgender Inc. is often made up of transgender identified post-transsexual women and tends to be much more warm, squishy, Kumbyaa in how they relate to post-transsexuals.  After all they are professional placaters, who know where the donations come from and how it is bad policy to bite the hand that feeds.)

Both the Transgender Borg and the Lesbian Klan uses similar tactics.  In some ways Monica Roberts and BevJo Von Dohre hold virtually identical opinions regarding the validity of post-transsexual women and their bodies.  Both of them consider us mutilated men with inverted penis neo-coochies.

The only real difference is that BevJo Von Dohre uses this hateful description of our bodies as reason why we should be excluded from feminist and lesbian feminist circles while Monica Roberts uses it as an instrument of colonial oppression.

Another thing the Borg have in common with the Lesbian Klan is they want post-transsexual women, particularly post-transsexual feminist women who are lesbians to STFU and go away.

The Lesbian Klan had a way of intimidating main stream feminists and lesbians into not only denying post-transsexual women an opportunity to defend themselves without being subjected to lynch mob level of verbal and emotional abuse, but they purged anyone who spoke out against their bigotry.  The Transgender Borg do the same thing.  The Borg use the same name calling as well as ostracism of those in their ranks, who speak out against the verbal abuse of post-transsexual women  that the cultural feminists of the Lesbian Klan use.

Lately I have noticed a new tactic on the part of the Borg, which has been directed at me and others who have post-transsexual blogs.

They question why, if I am so post-transsexual I continue mentioning transsexualism at all.

Perhaps I would talk about the abuse of post-transsexual women less if we weren’t colonized and exploited by the Transgender Borg and Transgender Inc, or as abused by the cultural feminists of the Lesbian Klan.

But “Silence = Death” and I’ve always believed in speaking truth to power.

Trans-specific material runs to between ten and twenty percent of what I post to this Blog.  I would argue that the material I collate and recommend via teasers and links applies to all and not just post-transsexual women.  Being post-transsexual or for that matter pre-op or transgender doesn’t make one exempt from the Depression we are in, or mean that one will not need the Social Security or Medicare that is being threatened.

So I will not STFU.

Threats and bullying will not cause me to STFU.  Nor will sweet talk and offers of emotional bribes.

I will continue to say what I mean, and mean what I say.

Oh,  by the way I will also continue to grow and if I change my mind on any given topic I will admit to past mistakes.

12 Responses to “Transgender Borg Tell Post-Transsexual Women Who Do Not Embrace the TG Umbrella, “STFU!””

  1. deena17 Says:

    I enjoyed your recent post on “trashing”. I also enjoyed this post on STFU.

    In fact it led me to google the etymology of the word F***. From what I found the word is most closely associated with the concept of a man’s penis penetrating a woman’s vagina. If that is anywhere near correct it then follows that a man would be much more likely to use the concept of STFU than would a woman. Why? Well because it is an implicit threat that if you don’t stop speaking or “mouthing off” The man is going to F*** you as in “penetrate you whether you like it or not”. It is, in essence, a rape threat.

    Now I can hardly claim to be an expert on these subject matters because I am rather ditzy but …. my favorite counter to STFU is to reply that if you are that wound up then “go slam it in the door”. GSIITD. Or a shorter version BYO for “beat yourself off”.

    So, in summary I would like to propose we respond to the Borg with a chorus of go BYO whenever anyone who is a PPH (penis packing human) cranks up the STFU tactic.

    • Suzan Says:

      Being from New York albeit up-state, I learned what an all purpose word “fuck” was from my commie hippie from New York City friends. It didn’t seem to matter what borough they came from Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn or even Manhattan. They could insert the f-bomb into a sentence as subject, verb, object, adjective, adverb etc.

      When Tina and I were in the Village one day we saw a t-shirt that read “Fuck you, you fucking, fuck!”

      Even though I used fuck as an all purpose word for many years since we have moved to Texas I have learned an new way of saying “Fuck you, you fucking fuck.” Here in Texas nice old ladies say, “Why that’s just sooo sweeet, bless your little heart.” Which means exactly the same thing as what that phrase from NY meant.

  2. deena17 Says:

    Yes, Bless her heart covers anything that follows it. As in “My crazy aunt, bless her heart”. Or, “my boss is a complete idiot, bless his heart”.

    But, my favorite response to STFU will be go BYO until I find a better alternative. The reason is simple. Women can not BYO. Comprehendez vous?

    • Suzan Says:

      Tell that to my Hitachi… Or as I sometimes say to my partner when I want some privacy for tension relief. “Honey, I think I’d like a few minutes to go mountain biking…”

  3. Beth Elliott Says:

    I’m with Suzan. The trans stuff bores the, um … living fuck out of me. Nonetheless, dipping my toes back in to do book promo, what I’ve seen weirds the living hell out of me. It’s insane out there! I’m so not in it to be some kind of transsexual “star,” yet how can STFU when there’s so much insanity out there, insanity some people are trying to promote in my name?

    I’m appalled by so much.

  4. the plain truth Says:

    You are all delusional!None of you are REAL women!You all have NEO vaginas!You are still males!Maybe you should embrace the ‘umbrella’ because most people consider post op trans bigger freaks than pre ops or transvestites!At least they haven’t mutilated themselves!As for STFU i suggest you do instead of trying to justify your delusions

  5. tinagrrl Says:

    Well, “the plain truth” thinks women who walk through the world without drawing attention to themselves as “bigger freaks than pre ops or transvestites” because “they haven’t mutilated themselves!”.

    So, the very same “transgender borg” who DEMAND all post-ops, WBT”s, etc., ALWAYS be “out” (to show “solidarity” — or some such thing) see us as “bigger freaks than, erc., etc., etc.

    Now, there’s a sign of “solidarity” — right? There’s an attitude that shows all pre-ops and post-ops (remember a “real” pre-op will eventually become a post-op) how really, really “welcome” we are under “The World Wide Transgender Umbrella”.

    Isn’t it just precious? The moment you disagree with the TG Borg is the moment their feelings about those of us they DEMAND be under their control (that’s what it is when you stop to think about it) are revealed.

    Is it really worth it for the post-ops fronting for “Transgender Inc.” to do so? Why? Is the pay that good?

    Well, it’s good to see how much the TG Borg HATES women — while claiming THEY are more “woman” than WE could EVER be.

    It’s a typical male attitude, typical male power play, typical male assumption of power and control.

    Think about it.

  6. Circé Says:

    I just deleted a few people on my Facebook profile because I just couldn’t take it anymore with their constant ” our way or the highway ” crap. TG Borgs, dear little things that they are, seem to be showing their true colors when individual TG’s like ” the plain truth ” tell us how we aren’t real women, hehehe, does tpt know how misogynistic that is, ah the gender pro-penisers and their wisdom. They never fail to show their hand.

    The day the world sees the TG Borg for what it is and all it’s Virginia ( dude ) Princes go back into hiding, the better and safer women will be.

  7. Miz Know-It-All Says:

    What Beth said… in spades!

    Ever since O’l no way no how no Vagina Prince had a little go at converting me well over a decade back I’ve have watched the TG Borg getting their act together as a force, and frankly it scares the ever loving bejeezers out of me! There’s your garden variety insanity. There is your deeply troubled insanity and then there is TG Insanity! Earth Mother help us all cause they are by far the scariest things on the block! They want nothing less than to rewrite the entirety of human biology so that up is down and black is white and an outtie really is an innie cause they say so! And if you even dare to think of crossing em… Well as they do seem to embody the worst of the male human force is considered to be a reasonable alternative for those who do not willingly accept their subjugation!


  8. Andrea B. Says:

    @ Beth Elliott,

    Regarding the insanity. If you intencd to do a book launch, get used to it, as you will encounter it, everywhere.

    The transgender borg have infected everything, just as the Tea Party have infected everything with there bile.

  9. Andrea B. Says:

    @ Miz Know-It-All,

    I am beginning to wonder if an idea a friend of mine came up with to get rid of Jehovahs witness’s, might be at least partially applicable to this problem. My friend works shifts in a factory and quite often works at night and sleeps during the day. The Jehovah’s Witness’s kept waking her to convert her, when she was sleeping during the day. She started to knock at the doors of local jehovah’s Witness’s at 3am in the morning when off for a few days. Jehovah’s Witness’s never operate in there own area. The Jehovah’s Witness’s called the police and it caused a few problems, but it worked. Needless to say the Jehovah’s Witness’s, have stopped calling at her door and her entire street.

    We need to find a method that will have the same effect on the transgenderists, as my friend had on the jehovah’s Witness’s.

    Transgenderists and radical feminists are in effect raping our lives for there respective political ends, getting kicks out of it, then getting us to apologise to them, for them having raped our entire existance. If that is not mysogny, I don’t know what is.

    We need to stop reacting, get angry and go on the offensive against these men who are sexualising every aspect of our lives, to satisfy there personal sexual fetishes which they then impose on us, without our consent.

    We need to find an effective way to right back and to stick to it.

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