Nazi Moron Cindy Jacobs: Birds Dying Because of DADT Repeal

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  1. quenyar Says:

    OK, so having looked up Romans 1, why could not the tribulation she sees be on account of our greed or infidelity or any of the other long shopping list of “sins” people commit? Why because she wants to be greedy, just look at her clothes and jewelry. I imagine that all that time in unpressurized light aircraft did somethng to her brain that made her think that she was an angel. She certainly doesn’t live the life Jesus preached… let she who is without sin, etc.

    • Suzan Says:

      There is no magic invisible desert sky daddy god. But there is the Gaia principle and the entire ideological basis of human civilization is leading to the destruction of the planet. As oil runs out, as we burn the energy that was stored in various forms of hydrocarbons to feed the seven billion people we dump CO2 into the air. this has us in a global warming feed back loop, which is leading to world wide climate change including flooding, droughts, and increasing desertification.

      What Al gore called an inconvenient truth, I describe as a grim reality.

      Living large is a crime against nature. We have to institute birth control policies to reduce the world population to below one billion people, who will have to live small and local.

      This means no more air travel, no more massive cargo container ships and oil transports. No more consumer based economy. No more rewarding people with tax initiatives to have more than one child until the population drops below that one billion.

      Humans have already committed genocide against entire species, more have been made extinct in the last 50 years than at any time other than the great extinctions that were cataclysmic events.

      More, better technology will not save us. Our entire way of life has to change drastically.

  2. tinagrrl Says:

    We are going somewhere in a handbasket — very quickly.

    Everyone KNOWS “something” is wrong.

    So, we have “prophets” who tell us it is “THEIR” fault. It’s “THEM” — the brown folks, or the black folks, or perhaps those gay or queer folks — it’s “THEM”.

    Then they use some sky-god to “prove” the truth of their insane assertions.

    Doesn’t anyone else think we actually DESERVE to become extinct, or near extinct, just to give Earth a chance to heal, to reach a new equilibrium?

    The levels of ignorance and insanity among those that rule the entire Earth are breathtaking.

    Now, perhaps some will understand why I say (over and over) “I’m so happy to be 72 and not 32” — good luck to all you youngsters out there —– have fun!

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