Pope should be tried for crimes against humanity

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American associations of paedophilia victims have submitted a dossier to the International Criminal Court at The Hague. “The Pope and the Curia’s top dogs have covered up the rape of children all across the world.” The Holy See has refused to comment

alessandro speciale
Sept 13, 2011
vatican city

The biggest association of paedophilia victims who have suffered at the hands of members of the Catholic Church has asked the International Criminal Court to try Benedict XVI and the heads of the Roman Curia, for “crimes against humanity.” 

SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, presented an 80 page long document to the ICC at The Hague, to show how the Vatican allegedly “tolerated and made possible the systematic and widespread cover up of rapes and sexual crimes against children across the world.”

SNAP, together with the American NGO Center for Constitutional Rights, has asked the ICC for a “declaration of judicial jurisdiction.” In practice, this means, the Court should declare itself authorized to deal with the case, in the light of the proof that “legal action taken on a national level, was not sufficient in preventing the abuse against minors from continuing.”

It is now up to the ICC’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Louis Moreno-Ocampo, to decide whether to accept the appeal or not. SNAP hopes that The Hague’s ICC will at least decide to open a preliminary investigation to see whether the case in under their jurisdiction.

The International Criminal Court, an organisation that is independent from the UN, has been operative since July 2002 and according to its constituent treaty, it is called to judge individuals assumed responsible for crimes against humanity and genocide. It can act in cases where a Country’s criminal system is unable to deal with a case, or when it receives a mandate from the Security Council at the United Nations Headquarters, as happened in the case of Muammar Gheddafi and the leaders of the Libyan regime.

The Holy See is not among the 117 Countries that signed the Treaty of Rome which created the Court. 

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2 Responses to “Pope should be tried for crimes against humanity”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    Some of the people tried and jailed by the ICC had diplomatic immunity and were the leaders of there respective countries when they commited there crimes. The Pope, Papal Annoucio’s and Archbishops have diplomatic immunity, but that will not stop them from being tried in the ICC, if this case suceeds. The warrant for Colonel Gaddafi that was issued when he was still leader of Libya with full diplomatic immunity should let everyone know the seriousness of this move by SNAP.

    The ICC operates to jail war criminals, leaders of countries, mass murderers, mass rapists, etc, who have abused there government authority to commit horrendous crimes and to avoid justice. Another aspect of the ICC is that it can arrange compensation for the victims of those horrific crimes to be paid by the perpetrators.

    Systematic mass rape of millions (possibly tens of millions) of children worldwide and then conspiring to avoid justice for those crimes would fall directly under the ICC, just as it did in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for which several people who held high office are now on trial in the Hague (ICC) for mass rape, mass child rape, mass sex slavery and other crimes, just as the Vatican has committed.

    The crime of selling children for profit is taken very seriously by the ICC. In Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Philipines and many other countries where the catholic church ran adoption agencies, tens of thousands of children were sold worldwide for cash to childless couples worldwide for cash right up the 70′s, after being removed from parents, whom the catholic church deemed unfit to be parents. Selling children for cash is recognised as a crime in every civilised country.

    The ICC have the authority to override diplomatic immunity and jail the pope, just as they did in Congo and the former Yugoslavia.

    Italy and every other European member of the European Union are signed up members of the ICC.

    Besides that, legally the Concordat between Mussolini and the Vatican is an illegal act between a war criminal and the Vatican so legally the Vatican can be argued to not be a seperate state from Italy. To make matters worse the signers of the Concordat were all members of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, who had taken an oath to defend the Pope to death, over all other oaths and allegiances. Mussolini has actually sworn an oath to the leader of the Knights of Malta, to protect and defend the Pope over all others, including Italy itself, which most Italians, regardless of political opinion, don’t want to know.

    Even if SNAP fails to get a warrant issued for the pope’s arrest, this move will damage the catholic church worldwide. SNAP will most likely have to submit the complaint several times before it starts to get looked at seriously, but if they keep doing it, they may suceed. Millions are pissed of at the catholic church and the numbers are growing daily.

    I will be watching this with interest.

  2. catkisser Says:

    The Catholic Church has been a criminal enterprise since the fourth century.

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