Subset is Just Another Word for Colony

I love it when the Transgender Borg Collective pulls out the meme: “Transsexual is just a subset of Transgender.”

If they had an freaking sense of humor they would add, “We are Borg, you have been assimilated into the Borg collective and we have decided you are a subset.”

It is a very male privileged trait to have the arrogance to decide that a whole class of women are a “subset” of a bunch of predominantly heterosexual male transvestites.

Excuse me…  I forgot how the Prince of heterosexual transvestites pathologized the term transvestite along with transsexualism, the better to coin a new and improved term that better suited his misogynistic ideology of gender.  He was very good at coming up with alternative terms for transvestites.  Almost as good as he was at training Transvestite Men’s Rights Advocates in how they should abuse their wives to get them to go along with hubby’s hobby.

After all the ideology of transgender sprang from such misogynistic works as The Transvestite and his Wife and How to be a Woman, though Male.

All the babble about gender reduces the differences between male and female to a matter of clothes and behavior, something that is in and of itself extremely hostile to equality between the sexes, since gender defines women as among other things submissive, empty headed, and trivial.  A care giver rather than agent in control of her own life.

Defining transsexual as a subset of transvestite/transgender is straight out of the Book of Prince.  He defined us that way.  He was often given to saying that transsexuals were either gay men who had surgery so they could have sex with straight men (Who he automatically assumed were more attractive than gay men).  That those who had SRS and came out as lesbians had made a mistake. (He urged the medical establishment to not operate on transsexuals who would become lesbians after surgery.) He also pushed the inverted penis, dead hole meme, good only as a sperm receptacle when having sex with men.

Transsexuals had every reason in the world to hate transvestites and the whole Transgender Borg ideology, as it has a more negative impact on us than the handful of strange lesbian separatists.  For one thing those lesbian separatists are not claiming dominion over us or colonizing us and making us unto a subset.

The very idea that transgender should “include transsexual” is virtually identical to the idea that  the words ‘man and mankind’ should be deemed to include “women and womankind” but that women or womankind can not serve as a substitute since that would be insulting to men by degrading their status to the level of women.

It seems absurd for me to have to lecture people on the basics of feminist challenges to patriarchal reinforcing grammar some 40 years after those challenges were first made.

For the Record: If you need to grasp the basic critique of misogynistic usage of grammar rules to reinforce the  patriarchal dominance of men over women I highly recommend you read Words and Women by Kate Swift and Casey Miller.

Perhaps then you will recall how men took it upon themselves to speak for women and used language as a tool of oppression.

“Subset”; the very idea of such a denigrating and dismissive term fostering any sort of relationship among equals smacks of male arrogance.

Make no mistake about it you can dress transvestism in all sorts of drag and use all sorts of fancy euphemisms, all sorts of highly academic sounding bullshit, in an attempt to put lip stick on a pig, but behind all that image is still the hard core misogyny that gave birth to the Transgender Movement.  Look deep enough, follow the trail and eventually you get to the chief male pig, the Prince of many names.

So post-transsexual women are a subset of a bunch of men who live behind the pink door of gender where clothes and adherence to strict gender roles make one a man or woman.  So post-transsexual women are a subset and therefore subject to shanghaiing into the world of gender queers and their fascination with fucking gender and the creation of a third sex/gender comprised of transgressive “gender outlaws”.

For millennia women were considered a subset of men with men providing the definition of human and women tagging along as a “subset”.

Simone de Beauvoir called her feminist masterpiece, The Second Sex.

To be woman and be considered a subset of men means being considered less than men on every level.

When Julia Serano, who I generally admire, trotted out the subset bit in a recent post on her blog  A “Transsexual Versus Transgender” Intervention*. she made a fool of herself.  Thereby, once again proving the correctness of my partner Tina’s dictum.  “Transsexuals should keep their mouths shut and their minds open for the first few years after they have SRS.”

But moreover Julia used the term subset during her efforts to rein the post-transsexual dissenters from the ideology of the Borg back into the Borg collective.

That is like pouring liquid oxygen on a fire.

I have had to rewrite this post a half dozen times to not have it be totally filled with rage and  the word fuck plus variations on the basic word fuck.

Nothing says we own you so get back in line like having a bunch of basically heterosexual Men’s Rights Advocates albeit males who wear women’s clothes and embrace feminine gender roles telling a bunch of female bodied people to STFU and get back in line.

You see our role as post-transsexual women is to be enablers of male transvestites albeit full time transvestites who may take hormones and call their dicks neo-clits, but who are men nonetheless.

Our role is to be used as shield that legitimize their bullshit.  To be used to pass laws that are not necessarily in the interests of women, either women assigned female at birth or reassigned via SRS to female later in life.

Even after several rewrites I am so totally furious at the use and presumption of labeling transsexual as a “subset” of transgender I want to fucking scream:  I am not a fucking subset of a bunch of men in dresses.  I do not give a damn what sort of tower of gender babble they use.

Women have vaginas.  Men have penises.  If there is doubt as to what you are pull down your pants and look.

If you wonder why post-transsexuals have staged an anti-colonialist revolution look no further than your oppressive Men’s Rights Advocates in Dresses misogynistic rhetoric.

Fuck you!

I am not a subset.  Especially a subset of transgenders.

10 Responses to “Subset is Just Another Word for Colony”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    Suzy. A well written article.

    Regarding the Transgender Borg, if they could leave those of us who went through the transsexual process looking as good as Seven of Nine from Star Trek, then my objections might soften, slightly:)

    Seriously though, the Transgender Borg activists literally behave like the Borg from Star Trek, Microsoft or more accurately, like the Tea Party.

    I know this might sound nuts, but if you take some time to think about it. The manner in which the Transgender Borg activists impose transgender onto everyone and everything, literally are like a mirror image of the modern Tea Party in USA Republican Party politics. Instead of dismissing that idea out of hand, just sit and think for ten minutes about the blatant sexism, dismissal of all concerns, bigotry, hatred of consent, imposition of ideas without consent, misogny, dismissal of the weak, dismissal of the impoverished, etc. It is all straight out of the Tea party mantra. The only difference between the Modern Tea Party in the USA and the Transgender Borg, is that the Transgender Borg use more subtle language, otherwise it is the same thing.

    I have been thinking about what the whole transgender movement is a lot recently and my various encounters with people from that fanatical ideology.

    Most of the people that the Transgender Borg claim to represent, as in 99% of the everyday transvestites, drag queens, transgenderists, transsexuals, intersex and everyone else that the Transgender Borg impose there ideology of false identity onto without consent, are not in the slightest interested in anything to do with identity politics. They just want to pay there bills, get a job, figure out how to pay of the mortgage and generally get on with life like everyone else. If you filled a large hall with transvestites, drag queens, transsexuals and intersex who were picked at random of the street, instead of the usual faces, I can guarentee that about 98% to 99% of those there would actually agree on one thing for once, that the Transgender Borg people are completely insane and don’t represent them.

    The Transgender Borg activists on the other hand, are a different kettle of fish. They are the most bloody minded lunatics, parasitic, lacking in empathy, oversexed in a misogynistic manner, needing to be adored, narcissistic, manipulative, lying, egocentric, impulse driven, fanatical, superficial, remorselessness, irresponsible, self serving, bigoted bunch of fuckwits outside of the catholic church, that I have encountered. The Transgender Borg are a self appointed bunch of fanatics.

    When speaking to someone from the Transgender Borg watch what happens when you catch them lying. They automatically change there story to rework all facts mid sentence, wihtout even dropping a word, so as to incorporate there lie as fact. They are actually better at that, than politicians, sociologists, psychologists or psychiatrists. Everything about the Transgender Borg is ridden with inconsistancies and contradictions, yet very few people ever call them out on it, except for some women born transsexual.

    The Transgender Borg behave in every way in a similar manner to the staff from Toronto University towards transsexual people, such as Raymond Blanchard, James Cantor and Kenneth Zucker. That has become quite noticeable, as well as the fact they seem to have the same opinions of transsexual people as the BBL.

    The Transgender Borg are trying to invisibilise transsexual people and have made serious gains in there movement to erase our existance in the last few years.

    It takes a level of real unadulterated hate similar to that which the catholic church and the BBL have for transsexual people, to systematically erase our existance in the manner which the Transgender Borg are doing at present to transsexual people who just want to get on with there lives.

  2. catkisser Says:

    Serano also gave the borg the concept of “cis” to set up being an actual woman or man from being a tranny so they could endless rail about how oppressed they are. Set yourself up as part of an oppositional class to woman and you have just made it impossible to transition to woman, ever. I personally believe this was done deliberately to further degender women of history out of woman and into transgender. You may have noticed that the “you will never be real” shit on the part of these third gender freaks has been stepped up considerably lately..

    Fuck doesn’t even begin to cover it, we need a new word.

  3. Sharon Sinéad Gaughan Says:

    A small group of women who call themselves radical feminists use the same Prince-descended rhetoric to disenfranchise women of history. The result has been a re-dredging of all the discredited junk from the Prince era and later.

    The truly sad part is how transgenderism continues to infect a widening circle of unsuspecting people.

    • Suzan Says:

      Raymond is a different kettle of fish from the sociopathic BevJo. With BevJo it has been a life long fixation and extremely disturbed course of violent actions against one person. Raymond on the otherhand was a Catholic Academic and got most of her actual research material from sources that eventually link back to Prince.

  4. catkisser Says:

    I’m gonna say it. Serano is a perpetual pre op. I am beyond sick and tired of those who never finished transition to female bodied women being the fucking experts while those of us who are long female bodied women living fully realized woman’s lives are ignored or worse dismissed as elitists etc. It is pure, unadulterated sexism. It is pure mysogyny.

    Some of us need to start contacting the media every damn time they give credence to a penis privileged “woman” and never seek out an actual woman and complaining, loudly.

    • Suzan Says:

      Julia had her SRS recently. But still falls in the category of shooting her mouth off as an expert about things she hasn’t had enough time to experience yet, much less learn.

  5. catkisser Says:

    Exactly Suzan, she may have recently, finally had surgery but the bulk of all the shit she peddled was while packing penis.

  6. Andrea B. Says:

    I was going to leave a comment on Serano’s blog, but then saw a comment from hontas Farmer agreeing with her. When someone reaches the point that Hontas Farmer from the BBL agrees with them, they are far beyond help or reason.

    I know a lot of people like what Julia Serano says and hang on her every word on various issues, but in all honesty, she has always come across to me, as talking through her arse. Just my opinion.

    As for the whole trans terminology, it has got beyond annoying. For a long time I was trying to figure out what cis mean’t in relation to that terminology. I think it was Suzy that clarified that for me, if I can remember correctly. I was actually trying to figure out what an organic chemistry term was doing in those descriptions and was completely confused about it all. I was half expecting every conversation to burst into a description of catalysts or organic synthesis. What are they going to add in next, quantum mechanics?

    I think the transgender borg are talking a Nigra Falls of verbal diarrhea, purely for the sake of it, in the hope that no one will ask them for a clear cut answer, about any of the crap they spout.

  7. Andrea Rosenfield Says:

    That article reminded me of the “popular” high school girl who gets to college and finds that having been on the Prom Committee last year means nothing any more, but she still acts like it does. At least that’s understandable, if eyeroll-inducing. Ten years later, if she stuffs her growing middle-age waistline into that old prom dress and shows up at the reunion still throwing that old “high school cred” around, it just looks pathetic.

    I kinda feel for Julia. Everyone who does the standard Google search that passes for due diligence these days is going to get an eye-opening first page of results, and she’s too old to effectively change her name and start over. When the day comes that she decides to put the old prom dress away for good, she’ll find that she’s trained her entire social circle to prevent her from taking it off and growing into herself. She’s really gone and painted herself into a corner, and getting out of it is going to be wrenching and painful. And she did it all to herself, enabled the whole way by “friends” who silenced and ignored those who had come before and tried to warn her. That’s sad.

    “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.”
    — Yogi Berra

  8. tinagrrl Says:

    I remember how folks got REALLY upset when I suggested they should be forced to remain SILENT (about “trans” stuff) for a minimum of two years after SRS. The reaction from some folks was INTENSE. “HOW DARE YOU” – blah, blah, blah, etc.

    When I said it was meant in jest, or (at least) tongue in cheek, I was TOLD that was NOT what I meant.

    I found that very strange – to say the least.

    I came upon the, “keep your mouth shut for at least two years” concept through my own experience. Then I was told by the upset ones, “I’m not as stupid as you are. I know what I’m doing. I understand things you are incapable of understanding.”, etc., etc., etc., etc.

    Some of those folks have since changed their minds. Others are silent about the issue. Others still think me somehow “stupid” – even if they now agree with me.

    I have also said, for many years, “TG or TS, you have no clue what it is to be post-op until you are”. That has been opposed by both pre-ops and TG folks who somehow “know” THEY are women, even though they are not (yet, or ever, in some cases).

    To pre-ops I say, there’s a reason it’s called TRANSITION. You do not know where you will end up until you get there.

    I recall all the folks who remained my “friends” — until I had SRS — then they discovered they had a problem “handling” it. I guess it was one thing to be a TG, or “full time drag performer” (this in their eyes) and another to actually do THAT to yourself.

    I found that difficult to deal with — another round of losses.

    I also discovered it became less important to others when it became less important to me (interesting how that works).

    Time cures a lot.

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