Lindsey Graham Backs Federal Voter ID Law, Calls Restrictions ‘The Future Of The Country’

Every day we see more examples of just how un-American the Republicans are.  How they hate freedom and democracy.  How they hate equality and justice and all the things this country stands for.  Perhaps we need to listen to Jimmy Hoffa and next election take these un-American bastards out and send them home so they can work in private industry.

But with the limitations of the sort that so many working people find on their employment contracts.  Perhaps we should make sure they not employed lobbying.  Make their pensions dependent upon no positions with firms getting contracts from the government.

Let them open one of those highly touted small businesses they claim make so much money.

From Talking Points Memo:

Ryan J. Reilly
September 8, 2011

Congress should follow in the footsteps of state legislatures and pass a federal voter ID law that requires voters to present photo identification at the polls, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Thursday.

Graham defended South Carolina’s recently passed voter ID law, which is under review by the Justice Department.

“I think what South Carolina did makes eminent sense to me,” Graham said at a hearing on state voting laws chaired by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).

Durbin opened the hearing saying, “the incidence of voter fraud in America is minimal and the reported fraud is often anecdotal, unsubstantiated and contrived.”

“You will see more of this, Mr. Chairman, not less,” Graham continued in his opening statement. “Thirty states have some form of voter ID requirement, so I think this is the future of the country, something we should embrace at the federal level, because elections do matter.”

Graham even raised the Sept. 11 attacks to justify restrictions on voter access.

From Thom Hartmann:

Hartmann vs. Vadum – Poor people voting is giving “burglary tools to criminals”

One Response to “Lindsey Graham Backs Federal Voter ID Law, Calls Restrictions ‘The Future Of The Country’”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    In Countries like Austria, Swizterland and Austrialia a very high proportion of people vote. The poorest in those countries tend to always vote. The rich do very well in those countries and are very well lookmed after. Vadum is deluded.

    I watched the RT video of Vadum. It has went everywhere on the net. Some European TV news shows have quoted it, in abject horror at his comments.

    I don’t know what Vadum is on, but he really needs his head looked at. How anyone can think like that lunatic is beyond my comprehension.

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