Concern Trolling, Challenge Trolling and Other Games Trolls Play

Some people out there have a problem recognizing boundaries.  I think this is part of the issue with transvestites feeling they have the right to colonize unwilling post-transsexual folks and then call them names if they do not submit to this colonization.

This inability to recognize boundaries seems tied in with an inability to recognize the differences between the Usenet, a Mailing List and a Blog or there being a hierarchy of level of control over that which gets posted.

Women Born Transsexual is my Blog.  I write articles for it I select and edit content from else where that I think people should be aware of.  I do not let every comment through any more than your local newspaper publishes every letter to the editor.

This Blog has a point of view that places it with the underground papers I admired in the 1960s, notably the original Berkeley Barb and Berkeley Tribe.  It has some strictly transsexual/post-transsexual content.  It also has a good deal of left wing, feminist, environmental, gay and lesbian content.

I obviously do not buy into the right wing spin of “fair and balanced”.  When I post what I feel is a pertinent article that attacks Wall Street or some ultra right wing Republi-Nazi I do not feel I have to balance it with some unhinged piece of right wing batshittery.

I should come as no surprise that I get trolls and hate mail.  I also have people devote an inordinate amount of energy to engaging  in ad hominem against me from their Blog platforms.  This seems to come mostly from Transvestite Men’s Rights Advocates.  I get some from the HBS crowd for not being pure enough or mean enough but not so much lately.  I get some from post-transsexual women, who think I am way too left wing.  The latter of these doesn’t bother me much at all, my politics are my politics and being post-transsexual doesn’t require membership in any political party.

There are actually two different kinds of concern trolls.

The first tends to come off very bitchy, as well as stupidly brainwashed by the patriarchal male vision of women.  It goes as follows:  “You come off as old, ugly and bitter.”  Which is an extremely stupid thing to say to an old feminist, especially one who thinks someone demanding she smile and act cheerfully perky while getting fucked over by her employer should be grounds for justifiable homicide.  This is the sort of thing one hears from transgender folks who think women should be glamorous, empty headed, man-pleaser fembots.  In short people whose idea of what women are comes directly from the unmediated male gaze.

I often feel like saying, “Why, thank you.  I am old, you are mistaken about ugly but I would expect that from a plastic airhead fembot, and I believe the word you were looking for when you decided on bitter is, “angry.”  Of course I am angry, I have spent the last 30 years watching the vile ultra right wing Republicans and their enablers, the neo-lib Democans trash my country and every thing it stands for.  But don’t bother your pretty vacant little head.  You have to know something about the real world to understand.

Then there are the trolls for whom concern mingles with the ultimate victimhood.  This one has a tendency to easily turn into a hysterical hate screed wishing me all sorts nasty fates for having the audacity to not immediately swallow their entire line of bullshit.  This one starts off:

“I’m a woman because I identify as a woman, no matter what I have between my legs.”

Okay, you’ve just established that you are delusional.  Isn’t that precious…  This is kind of like my saying, “I identify with Margaret Atwood or Carol Joyce Oates as a best selling author, even though I haven’t finished my first book and it will sell in the few thousands.”

I’m a blogger because I blog.  I am a writer because I write, sometimes my pieces are very well received within a relatively small circle of readers.  I am post-transsexual because a long time ago I had an operation that changed my sex.

Oddly enough I used to try to reason with these people, not realizing I was trying to reason with living breathing examples of why transgenderism (but not transsexualism) should continue to be listed in the DSM under a revised and tightened  set of criteria.  Example if you try to tell me your dick is a neo-clit you need to either be joking or realize I’m going to consider you delusional.

Then there are the transgenders who are “transsexual wannabees”.  Or the million and one excuses for not getting SRS, who turn around and argue how it is unimportant because no one including themselves ever sees their genitals.  Often times these folks have had fifty thousand dollars worth of facial surgery but can’t afford SRS.

If I express the slightest trace of skepticism regarding people laying a totally bullshit number on me, I have to put up with the name calling.

If I don’t think all your problems are directly related to your being transgender, or that your problems as a transgender person are pretty consistent with the same problems faced by assigned female at birth women of your same class and social position in life, then I am considered insensitive.

What follows will be an accusation that I don’t care about all the transgender folks who are murdered because I do not support measures that will do nothing to end the violence.  At that point I steel myself for what experience tells me will come next.  The hope I will meet with violence, phrased as concern that I never meet with violence.

At this point I should point out, that I am an old woman who doesn’t work the street, go to drag bars and pick up strange men or even hang out in places where that sort of activity is known to happen. Also I’m a really good shot with a variety of handguns from .380 and 9mm to .45acp and live in a state that issues concealed carry licenses to citizens who take the classes.

Concern trolling, along with ultimate victim trolling is just plain annoying and really freaking pathetic.

That brings me to “Challenge Trolling”.

This is a game generally played (at least on this blog) by douche nozzles, misogynistic wankers, some of whom are actual transvestites and some who fantasy role play on line as transgender people.

If I spam filter these people they send notes that include messages like this.

(Are you going to publish this comment?  Or are you going to prove you’re an intellectual coward and not publish it? Inquiring minds want to know…)

To which I say, “Go fuck yourself, dickwad..”  Why should I let some abusive prick who wears women’s clothes to get a boner come to my blog and abuse me?

I wouldn’t put up with shit from a man in a dress like him in 3D, so why should I put up with it on a Blog I’ve spent two and a half years building?   After all Blogs are not the freaking Usenet.

The other sort of challenge comes from the credential privileged.  People pull this one even when the credential comes from a diploma mill operating out of a website and PO Box.

Mostly though resorting to this ploy equals an automatic lose on the part of the person trying to use it.  It is also pretty insulting in that it assumes I haven’t attended college when I have actually studied without working for a degree in three of the finest Universities in the country.  But I’m also an autodidact with an extensive library up stairs and I am willing to look stuff up.

BTW I have actually banned very few people.  Even most trolls are merely moderated and many who assume they are moderated actually aren’t but for some reason the spam filters which I have maxed to avoid the porno ads put them in moderation.

As for the trolls… Get a life…

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  1. Andrea B. Says:

    @ Suzan,

    If anyone is actually campaigning against you or organising hate campaigns, you should consider something such as putting up a montage of there threats.

    If any of them ever go as far as making a threat, you should report to the police if actual threats of violence are made.

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