Women have Vaginas and Men do not get Pregnant

Call me an essentialist if you will.

I am tired of all the Transgender Borg BS.

This has nothing to do with my being polite and using gender appropriate nouns, pronouns or titles.  It has nothing to do with what is on a persons driver license.

I have always found the post-modern attempts to replace sex with gender to be highly problematic and inherently misogynistic. I’ve outlined my reasons for believing this on numerous occasions in the past.

Basically I see the use of “Gender” as a tool of the patriarchy which can and will be used against women.  It is nothing but “Sex Roles” in new drag.

Women are women because they are adults with vaginas between their legs.  They do not have penises, even small and always hidden penises, even penises with out nuts.  But absence of a penis isn’t as much a defining characteristic as having a vagina.

I have spent the last couple of weeks listening to the Borg and Transgender Inc attack what Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford  proposed in their letter.  I have listened as the concerns of women, adult people with vaginas have been dismissed.  It has been implied that post-transsexual women should side with Transgender Inc and The Borg instead of with women since our having had  sex change operations makes usa part of the “Transgender Community” forever and ever.

The problem is this.  I am also a rape victim.  I barely escaped being brutally murdered.  Talked him out of killing me and leaving my body in the mountains north of LA.  I also know the dark side of many in the TG Community.  Know how so many of the ones who want the state to cover their surgery while they are in prison for murder are there because they murdered women.

I’ve heard the misogyny, know about the kink some TG people are into.

And I am a woman identified woman.  I side with women on these issues.  I know that some thing like 20 percent of women and girls have been sexually abused as children.  I know that a similar percentage of women will either be forcibly or date raped as an adult.

Women have reason to fear people with penises.  I am disgusted by attitudes prevalent with many in TG Borg and TG Inc that women have nothing to fear as TG and Gender Queer people deconstruct gender and invade spaces where women have the expectation of only encountering other people with vaginas.

Too often people within TG Inc and the TG Borg want to have their cake and eat it too.  Even sterilization much less sex reassignment surgery has come to be framed as brutally unfair to ask of people who wish to legally change their birth certificates.

Instead we are supposed to applaud Thomas Beatie, the “Pregnant Man”.

I’m tired of his attention starved antics.

Today on my News Feeds I got an alert that pointed me to the following:

Pregnant Man: Chaz Bono Hurt My Chances For ‘Dancing with the Stars’

From TMZ:  http://www.tmz.com/2011/08/30/pregnant-man-thomas-beatie-chaz-bono-dancing-with-the-stars-abc-rejected-stole-my-thunder-transgender-quota/

The Pregnant Man — Thomas Beatie — claims he SHOULD HAVE been chosen to compete on “Dancing with the Stars” this season … but says, “Chaz Bono stole my thunder.”

Complete article at:  http://www.tmz.com/2011/08/30/pregnant-man-thomas-beatie-chaz-bono-dancing-with-the-stars-abc-rejected-stole-my-thunder-transgender-quota/

And people wonder why I don’t want to be considered part of the so called “Transgender Community.

22 Responses to “Women have Vaginas and Men do not get Pregnant”

  1. Teresa Ellen Reeves Says:

    I think that most of my friends and most people agree that real women do not have penises and real men do not get pregnant. But not everyone.

    Danielle Askini Janssen posted on her Facebook profile on August 28:
    “Some women have penises –Get over it.”
    Monday August 28, 2011 at 4:09am

    And 49 people like this… Probably 40 or more with penises!

    One commenter suggested: “Need to make a t-shirt out of this!”

    Danielle Askini Janssen “Maybe I will photoshop it up.”

    Other commenters gleefully chimed in:
    “I would wear that t-shirt! Love it!”

    “and some men have vaginas…”

    “And some women don’t call it their ‘penis’ and some men don’t call it their ‘vagina’. Sometimes we need to ask people what they call their body parts and respect the answers, whether than means a woman tells you to call it her vagina instead of her ‘penis’ or whether she likes calling it her penis. Same with men who refer to their cock or frontal opening or boyhole.”

    “… I’d soooooo buy that t-shirt”,

    “I would wear it”

    And this typo
    “OK let’s get the T-shits out! ”

    Attention Ms. Janssen!
    You have several messages from Jerry Springer, Ru Paul, Alexis Arquette and Thomas Beattie about doing a television reality show based on your slogan– and a T-shirt manufacturer who wants a contract.

  2. Erisis Says:

    Soooooooo…. Because I am not wealthy enough to afford SRS. Because I do not hate my genitalia, despite my discomfort with having been born with the wrong set. And despite living my life in every other way and every awake or sleeping moment as a woman. Despite serving as a Board Member of Noho Pride, working, playing and marching shoulder to shoulder with the proudly pioneering lesbians of Northampton, MA. Despite being a columnist for a major regional Lesbian owned and operated LGBTQ newspaper. Despite the dramatic effects of years of medically prescribed hormone treatments. Despite the overwhelming acceptance of both cis and trans women (and men) from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. You are saying I am not a woman because I still have a penis.
    I strongly disagree. I am a woman. A REAL Woman. Just as much as you are. Just as much as any other woman.
    Politics have nothing to do with it. Nor does your genitally-centric opinion.
    Were it not for the way I was raised by my strong Yankee Grandmothers and powerful feminist Mother I would have some other choice words to say here which I will keep to myself. Still, you may take the profanity as implied

    • Suzan Says:

      Here’s the test. When you wash your crotch, go to pee and wipe yourself. What do you have there?

      Being a woman isn’t a gender role or what sort of make up you wear. It isn’t how you dress, your hobbies or any identity you claim. It is about being an adult female person.

      As I have said my not considering you to actually be a woman does not compel me to use male pronouns or treat you badly. It does mean that I do not buy any of the ideology according to the Prince of many names. I.e. his book “How to be a Woman, though Male.”
      I grew up in a mining and mill town, working class and union to the core. I have been radical for years.

      What you consider yourself to be is your own business. My take on it is my business.

  3. Erisis Says:

    I’m afraid I have a great deal of difficulty with your genitally obsessed view of what makes a woman. And yes, I completely understand that it is not just you. It is a commonly held opinion. It’s what drives people to ask me if “I’ve cut it off yet” before we’ve even been properly introduced. It’s what I hear coming out of the mouths of the people who oppose the Trans Civil Rights Bill that we’ve been trying to pass here in Massachusetts for so many years. Not from Women’s Civic and Advocacy Organizations mind you. Those groups have testified in support of us almost as one. But from the counter-testimony of primarily, suburban, straight, white men.

    I am not trying to say either that being a woman has anything to do whatsoever with what you wear, your make-up, hobbies, style of dress or citrus fruit preference. I have known far too many incredibly diverse and unique women to try to make such broad simplifications.

    You refer to a “Transgender Borg”. You yourself radically simplify an entire spectrum of people with a panoply of beliefs into a group that has a single homogenized set of dogma. I consider myself to be a woman, a transsexual AND transgender (among other identities). Yet I was not at all familiar with the book, “How to be a Woman, though Male” other than having read passing references to the fact that Virginia Prince had written a book. And judging by the brief summary provided by a Google search, I do not much subscribe to Prince’s beliefs any more than I do yours.

    I do appreciate the politeness of your pronoun usage and your response. Yet your assertion of the genital test, “When you wash your crotch, go to pee and wipe yourself. What do you have there?” Is as good as calling me, “Sir”.

    Would you not say there is some difference between “gender” and “gender roles”? “Gender roles” I believe are culturally constructed hogwash used, whether intentionally or not, as a tool to control and regiment the general populace. As an actor I have an understanding of roles as being something like a costume you may change out of or a character that one might “play” for a time. But whether I’m playing Betsy Ross or Abraham Lincoln I am still Lorelei, a woman.

    In jeans and a t-shirt, a dress and heels, an Astronaut’s space-suit or the suit, tie and two-tone Stacey Adams I used to wear when I was still pretending to be a “guy” I am and have always been a woman.

    You say that, “What you consider yourself to be is your own business. My take on it is my business.” And I am forced to disagree. We are both public figures to some degree or another and we are both writing and publishing, in this case to the internet, for public consumption.

    You my friend are a person of quite some intellect and influence. People listen to what you have to say. Therefore it follows that what you have had to say in this (and other) posts has a measurable effect upon the public acceptability of my (and many others) personal identity as a woman. It is quite simply not your own business.

    If this were a perfect world with no division of classes or disparity of privilege, where any woman whose genitalia did not match their gender identity could just walk into a clinic and order up SRS as they needed, I might be persuaded to agree with your view. But we do not live in that world. Or even that country!

    I’m making a leap and assuming that you have had SRS. Did you consider yourself a man when you still had a penis? Or were you a woman? This is the heart of my difficulty with this entire genitally based definition of gender. It is an exceptionally privileged view. As a “radical” who grew up working class, surely you must understand what I’m talking about.

    • Suzan Says:

      To answer your question. Prior to SRS I was male, even though I lived as a woman as per the requirements of my physicians Dr. Leibman and Dr. Benjamin.
      As for “ordering up SRS”… It took me three year including working two jobs for a total of sixty hours a week, plus hustling and borrowing money that took me some 5-6 years to pay off after SRS.

      I think the psychiatrists who screened me back in the early 1970s would have thought me to be highly disturbed, neurotic if not full blown psychotic had I claimed I was already a woman in spite of having male genitals.

      I’m not part of the “community”. I do not like the ideology of the Transgender Community. I see it as harmful to women. I put my concerns for women first.

  4. Erisis Says:

    BTW, thank you for not only approving my comments, but for also taking the time to respond. That IS a politeness that is not lost on me.

  5. bykerbytch Says:

    so your saying because i haven’t had corrective surgery on my birth defect i’m not a woman. that’s nonsense

  6. Miz Know-It-All Says:

    Claim woman all you want but when a lover flips you over what are they going to find? It ain’t rocket science or an advance course in gender studies, it’s is it a hole or a pole… period. ( and without a hole, it’s kinda hard to claim being a lesbian isn’t it?

    But moving on and since you seem so intent upon making this an issue about privilege and not motivation, then let’s talk about the misogynistic male privilege you are using to justify not getting sugery…

    I’ve known far too many women, self included who have done anything and everything including many who working the streets yet they manage to get surgery and you can’t…

    Why is that? Last time I checked you can still get a very servicable surgery in Thailand for under 5,000 dollars, add in airfare and room and board and you’ve a sum that you can make in a year of working a second shift at night at 7-11 or two months on your back… but that’s not an option for you is it! You are the center of the universe things are as they are because you say so and you deserve this handed to you cause you are you… that we sucked it up and did the work, well the only explanation is that we were privileged… oh…nothing patriarchal in that thinking is there?

  7. Erisis Says:

    First of all, Suzan, thank you for your response. I still bear some basic disagreement, but I believe I have some better understanding of your point of view. Moreover, it was honest and polite and that’s all I really ask.

    On the other hand… “Miz Know-It-All”. Can I call, you “Miz”? Let me take your response point by point.

    When a lover flips me over what they will find, other than a very excited Lorelei, is something that still seems to resemble a penis. But then, if you’ve read this far, you might have noticed I copped to that already. It’s kind of the crux of my argument really that the definition of “woman” being debated here should not be so genitally based.

    But perhaps you’re skimming, looking for the parts of my comments you can be snarky about. I certainly never claimed to be a lesbian, for instance. Only that a great many of the folks I work with and pal around with are. Frankly, I’m a horrible lesbian! I’m Queer and proud of it. Gender and ideological considerations aside, I sleep with whomever I am attracted to, simply because I find them attractive. I know, I know, I’m a dangerous radical…

    And honestly, your “hole”-centric view of lesbian sex seems to betray a terribly simplified notion of how complex and glorious sex between two women can be. It also strikes me as being somewhat misogynistic.

    And speaking of which, I’m afraid I don’t understand how you translate “economic disadvantage” into “misogynistic male privilege” in regards to my justification for not yet getting surgery? But then, you’re making a lot of assumptions about me, so I shouldn’t be all that surprised. Really there’s no need, all the information you could ever want about me is just a Google search for, “Lorelei Erisis” away. Including my favourite TV show as a child and if you dig deeply enough, pictures of me pre-transition as “Naked Abe Lincoln” onstage at Second City in Los Angeles. Be warned though, it’s an image that can never be made to go away!

    To be fair, I’ll admit to being lucky enough to still possess a great deal of social privilege. I have an accepting, loving family and a large circle of wonderful friends. I come from an excellent Irish-Yankee background. On one side of my family, I can trace direct roots back beyond the War for Independence and I have a several times great Grandfather who fought from the first shots at Lexington to the very end. On the other side, along with a great number of famine-displaced, poor Irish Immigrants of whom I am incredibly proud to be descended from, I also am the great-great-great grandchild of the 19th President of the United States, Rutherford B. Hayes.

    And yeah, believe me, I work what privilege I have for all it’s worth. Most especially where it allows me to help others who are not so lucky. “Male” privilege though is something I gave up the moment I decided to live my life as the woman I am and stop pretending to be a boy. Don’t get me wrong, I had lot’s of it! I appeared to be, for all intents and purposes, a fairly handsome, very tall, straight, white, male, with the attendant privilege thereof. Privilege I knowingly and willingly stepped away from in order to be myself.

    You might argue that I could have pretended to be a “man” for a few more years while I scraped and saved for surgery. Many others have done so before me. For me however, it was not an option. By the time I decided to begin my transition, the idea of spending another minute playing the role of a guy, 24/7 was enough to make me want to fling myself off a bridge.

    Also, frankly, I’m an artist. An actor/writer/performer (and it practically goes without saying, “restaurant worker…), professions which are rarely all that lucrative. The pursuit of which have culled me quite out of being able to secure more financially stable work. And honestly, I was ever entirely successful at what I was trying to do, because as any actor knows, success in a role is dependent upon “commitment” to that role. And I could never quite commit to the most basic role of my life, being my perceived gender.

    You assume that I have not been willing to do anything to get ahead, and you would be quite wrong. I treat looking for a job like it IS a job. But my basic qualifications are “front of the house” skills. And if you know a restaurant in Massachusetts that’s willing to hire a 6’4” transsexual woman to be the face of their business it would be news to me. Still, I apply over and over. And I don’t sit down there. I’ve regularly spoken at The Massachusetts Statehouse in support of a Trans Civil Rights Bill that would provide job protections for all of us. Heck, I’ve put myself so far out there in pursuit of basic rights for Transgender AND Transsexual individuals that one of our local Massachusetts based Hate Groups, hates me personally and has my picture all over their website! I serve on multiple non-profit boards and network like a woman possessed. I also am an actual PAID newspaper columnist and pick up all kinds of gigs where and when I can. And I still barely keep a roof over my head and food in my stomach. And that, with the help of good friends!

    It’s not exactly a very good economy out there anyhow. All trans issues aside, even many of my straight, “privileged”, cisgender friends are out of work and having trouble just making ends meet.

    And yeah, I’ve done sex-work too. I am not embarrassed to count myself in proud company. Still, in case you hadn’t noticed, not only is much sex-work illegal and I myself have come close enough to jail to be seriously gun-shy about it, but women who do sex-work are often treated as pariahs. Especially in OUR OWN community! Also, your comments indicate a serious lack of understanding of the real life economics of sex-work. Two-months on my back is more likely to get me killed or give me an STD than it is to pay for SRS.

    Finally, and again you appear to have not followed my argument very closely, while I do personally wish we could have a real system of socialized healthcare in this country for all people. I was not arguing that SRS should just be handed to me because I say so. I was trying to make the point that under such a genital-centric definition of “woman”, a great many people are excluded due to little better reason than economic disadvantage. And mind you, I’m speaking of not just myself, but of other trans women with far less “privilege” than I am lucky enough to posses. Women who suffer far more slings and arrows than any of us can even imagine, simply because they have no other reasonable choice than to live as the best woman they can be, to the greatest extent of their abilities. But who still, by your “privileged” definition are considered to be “men”.

    So, “Miz Know-It-All”, who is being “privileged” here? Those of us living our lives as the women we are, to the best of our abilities? Or those who would presume to define all of us to fit their own world-view?

    • Suzan Says:

      “OUR OWN community!”
      Your community…. You should say “in my community” not in “our community”.
      Transgender people have no right to colonize post-transsexual people or even pre-op transsexual people and claim them as members of the Transgender Borg Cult.
      I am most definitely not a part of your “community”.
      Further I’m sick and tired of there being a “T” grafted on to the end of the Gay and Lesbian Community.

  8. Andrea Rosenfield Says:

    “Make like you’re in Boston and take the T somewhere else.”
    Have fun with it. Happy to help.

  9. Erisis Says:

    Susan: Over a thousand words and that’s what you reply to?!?! Still, fair enough. Am I to take it then that YOUR community is very much more accepting of sex workers than mine? That having been my actual point, semantics aside.
    And as for including the “T” alongside the L, G, B & Q, I’ll make a deal with you. You stop using such incredibly offensive terms such as “Transgender Borg” and “Cult” in reference to Our community (not Yours) and I’ll go have a little “T” party without our L, G, B & Q allies.

    Andrea: That’s actually pretty clever! I’ll have to remember that one.

    • Suzan Says:

      I don’t make deals with Transgenders because I always wind up getting burned by them.

      I’ll tell you what. Slither on back to the Borg Mothership and I won’t follow you there and troll your blogs. That way you can stop wasting your time on wordy rapping games filled with Borg Talking Points and won’t have to feel offended that I won’t play with you.

      You aren’t going to convince me. I’ve heard all the arguments dozens of times and they led me to the positions I presently take.

  10. Erisis Says:

    Oh please do troll my blogs! These sorts of arguments are better at waking me up than a good strong cup of coffee!! Slainte!

    • Suzan Says:

      Perhaps because I have a life beyond Trans-World and because conversing with the Borg makes me feel like I am conversing with the Transvestite version of Mormon Missionaries or Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  11. Dana Lane Taylor Says:

    I am not in a situation that I fully feel like a woman. I am not post-transsexual yet. This is a very touch subject for those of us who are not finished with transition.

    When it comes to bathroom bills. I support Cathy and Elizabeth’s definition:

    “We support the following definition of “gender identity” – a person’s identification with the sex opposite her or his physiology or assigned sex at birth, which can be shown by providing evidence, including but not limited to medical history, care or treatment of a transsexual medical condition, or related condition, as deemed medically necessary by the American Medical Association.”

    I know this is at odds with some of the things being said here. Do I feel complete as a woman? Hell no, I don’t. And I am working on getting that fixed.

    There are a lot of definitions of what it is to be a “woman”. A friend sent me this recently and to be honest, It feels like something I would write.


    I think there is more to being a woman (if you were born transsexual) than saying you are one and then fixing the medical part. There is a LOT more to it.

    One thing you can count on…Most of the TeeGee leadership don’t give a shit about women or protections for women and will steamroll over any woman that gets in their way. I keep thinking about the idiots who harass women at Mitchfest. They try and force women to accept them as women. We (WBT) have experienced male privilege. A lot of women realize this and when we stand our ground it is seen as an extension of that. So fucking complicated. And frustrating.

    If the women of Mitchfest ever call me a woman it will be because I earned it. And to be honest, I don’t think it will ever happen.

  12. Janice Shirlet Says:

    It is just contrary to all that I believe and hold dear that any other peson can either give or take my identity. I will not empower any person or community to define my identity, that is for ME to do!

  13. Metreon Cascade Says:

    I am not deaf to the concerns raised by Brennan and Hungerford, but…

    The “ideology” of the transgender community consists mainly of the same standards of care that guided your treatment. Your predecessors are the reason these services exist. You are talking about people who can be killed with impunity if they enter any public space, particularly a men’s room. I’d love to see numbers on how many prisoners are requesting SRS and how many are killers of women.

    Assuming she’s a hardcore capitalist or is prostituting herself (as one poster above demands) should a full time pre-op trans woman who needs another year to save for surgery (or can’t have it for medical reasons) be able use the ladies’ room? If not, then what? What facilities should she use, and how should this be enforced? Assume that this woman is you, before you had SRS.

    • Suzan Says:

      Oh Metreon, I truly love hearing a Transgender Borg Talking point repeated again for the 10592nd time. I especially love the deceptive transvestite guilt trip those in the Church of Prince have honed to high art.

  14. catkisser Says:

    If you cannot use a restroom without causing a public scene, which apparently the transvestite borg cannot, then I suggest you look into what is sometimes called a texas or condom catheter and stay the hell out of public restrooms all together. Personally, I have no sympathy left for you transvestites.

    If I see you in the ladies, I’ll be the first to call the cops on you.

  15. Metreon Cascade Says:

    Assumptions, assumptions. I didn’t say whether I was a this or a that. I do know you aren’t completely full of it. I’ve seen footage of drag queens viciously harassing women in a restroom, and plenty of reports of men attacking women in restrooms – some using crude drag to do it.

    On the bathroom issue, Brennan and Hungerford draw the line at medically documented treatment and full-time female presentation. Also, the main radical-feminist argument against people with penises entering women’s space is that women as a class run the risk of impregnation by men. In your experience, how do the anti-transgender radical feminists respond to post-transsexual women? Most I’ve spoken with would ban SRS.

    I didn’t have a “talking point,” other than that this ‘collective’ has served purposes of yours that could not be served otherwise, in terms of creating a demand for medical care. This is a fact, and can be accepted without praising the entire culture built around it. There are other WBT in line behind you, who are in danger of being assimilated by the collective – using your money. How could your needs have been served better, and without perpetuating misogyny? What should the professionals who served you do differently in the future? How can future WBT get necessary care without being surrounded by the likes of Charles Prince?

    And if gender is pure BS, what about you was female before you started transitioning? I ask because you know something that I don’t. It’s not Barbie dolls or pink or any of that patriarchal shorthand, and you knew you wouldn’t be able to bear children after surgery. But there was something there that didn’t have any business carrying a penis around. It was something else, right? I’m not ready to say that the whole concept of gender is nonsense, but every single term I’ve heard used to describe it was just that – nonsense. So what was it? What is this thing-which-is-not-gender, that differentiates a woman born trans from a man? I’m certain that it exists. You might be the only person I’ve met who can describe it.

    You also reference in another post a number of things post-transsexual women will no longer have in common with the rest of the ‘collective’ after SRS. The passing issue is not always one of these – it is entirely possible for a woman to still be ‘clockable’ post-SRS. This would be a commonality with pre-op/non-op transwomen, as would the resulting reactions from men or anti-trans women. Assuming some limits on medical science (at least the current limits), is there any community where she will be safe? Can she use the Borg to her advantage?

    Oh, and there’s one possibility I should have brought up but failed to – individual unisex restrooms with room for one person at a time. Duh. Can’t believe I didn’t suggest that.

    • Suzan Says:

      What was female about me before I started transition. My face and body. I was one of those very obvious transkids who looked more like a girl than a boy. Perhaps I didn’t process male hormones the right way.

      Transsexualism is innate that makes it more a form of intersex than about gender. I don’t even particularly buy into the brain sex argument and think it has more to do with how the body processes hormones and there is scientific evidence for this.

      I wouldn’t be a lesbian feminist if the Transgender Borg boogie women of the hate transsexuals cult actually represented anything but a tiny minority of lesbian feminists I have encountered.

      “Clockable” as you put it is femaleness through the male gaze sort of thing that transvestites carry on about. Women come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, unattractive is the norm, the fashion magazine pretty is so rare as to be an oddity. Sisters who live in the world of the TG Borg dress and act like their peers and that is why people see them as TGs.

      What would the professionals who served me do today? Most of them probably nothing since many of them are dead. I had my sex change operation nearly 40 years ago.

      Why is it that the Borg always sound pretty much identical to the worst of the Taliban Christers and the absolute worst of the radical lesbian separatists when they rant about the limitations of the surgery that actual transsexuals get? Why would and post-transsexual woman with an ounce of common sense and a drop of self respect hang out with a group of people who constantly denigrate post-SRS/post-transsexual women? How is this any different from hanging out with that extreme Lesbian separatist cult or joining a Taliban religious cult?

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