More Left Wing Hippie than Transsexual Separatist

Don’t get me wrong…  I applaud the growing numbers of transsexual folks demanding recognition of the difference between transsexual and transgender.

Yes I agree that transsexual or transgender doesn’t mean gay or lesbian.

I may shock some with my saying that neither transsexual nor transgender should automatically be considered part of either the gay or lesbian community.  For one thing people with penises who have sex with women are straight men no matter how they obscure that point with rhetoric about being lesbian.  I know, I’ve had relationships with “lesbian” transgender folks and while they may have been femme in the streets they were boys in the sheets.  Male lesbian is oxymoronic.

I think Yvonne Cook Riley permanently laid to rest discussion of the origins of the “transgender as umbrella” paradigm In spite of all the attempts by Christan Williams and others to write the history backwards and place the origin some place other than with Virginia Prince, IFGE, Tri-Ess and other heterosexual transvestite based organizations.

There is a reason why I do not recall these various “Transgender Organizations” as being part of the Gay and Lesbian Communities during the 1960s-1990s.  They weren’t there.

Even the organization I co-ran in the early 1970s wasn’t a “Transgender Organization”.  If anything we were Separatist.  Not out of design but because the queens weren’t surgery tracked and we assisted people with getting their surgery.  In case you are new to this blog, the National Transsexual Counseling Unit was very much a pre-Stonewall organization that grew out of the 1966 Compton’s Cafeteria Riots.

For what it is worth there were sisters in the Stanford Program who were out lesbians.  I wasn’t out as a lesbian at that point, hell I don’t think I even thought I might be lesbian, as I had a boyfriend I was very much in love with.

That made me straight at that point, at least from my POV and the POV of my other straight sisters.  The folks who became Transgender Inc and the Transgender Borg…  Well they were telling themselves they weren’t gay and weren’t transsexual.  They also considered those of us who loved men to be gay men, who were going too far or getting SRS so that we could act out a male fantasy of what a woman is all about.  The Transvestites who later gave birth to Transgender Inc and the Borg were the ones pushing the whole idea that one could not be transsexual and attracted to women.  Indeed they were the ones pushing that meme to the doctors like Stoller and Green. (Virginia Prince).

So remember the next time someone says you couldn’t be attracted to women and get SRS they are repeating a fiction.  Even Dr. Benjamin’s book which was a collection of writings spanning the period from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s mentioned transsexuals who had been married to women and had fathered children prior to transition.

The “Transgender Community” feels like a strange construct I was never part of. Not even when I was going through the process. When I went to San Francisco, searching for… Who knows what, answers, enlightenment, revolution…  I didn’t go to the Tenderloin where I would have found a “Trans-Community”, I went to the Haight and later to Berkeley where I found a left wing radical community.

I had friends who dealt with transsexualism by getting SRS, but even then I was sort of the odd hippie lefty.

I felt more at home at the Women’s Building and working for the Lesbian Tide.

There is a myth that the Doctors discouraged us from being part of a “Trans-community” or even associating with other transsexuals.  The reality was that once your surgery was over and done with the world opened up and you were no longer limited to the ghetto. As for friends?  I found I didn’t have all that much in common with most other WBTs.

It isn’t like we all have the same back grounds and interests. Just being into esoteric folk music, jazz and punk rock instead of disco and divas made me seem weird to a number of my acquaintances.

Liking being behind my cameras better than modeling or fashion caused some sisters to think I was strange.

This may sound odd to people who are so totally caught up in Trans-World, whether as part of the Transgender Borg, Transgender Inc. or even the Transsexual Separatists who  so enjoy fighting with both Transgenders and Lesbian Feminists, but I had both WBT and Transgender friends.  They were nerds, artists, musicians, painters with geeked out living spaces.  Some even built their own cabins in the woods and lived alternative life styles.  Others haunted the surplus electronics stores or flea markets for parts to build computers and other gadgets or art assemblages.

Mostly though they could talk about something other than transgender this or transsexual that. We could hold intelligent conversations about various artists who were part of the New York school of abstract expressionists.

It wasn’t as though transsexual or transgender was the only thing we could talk about.

With so many, but not all of the separatists there seems to be an obsession with fighting with transgender folks.  All their conversations are ever about is proving how different they are from transgender people.  It is as though their entire sense of self is dependent upon not being transgender.

Add to that the homophobia that has reared its ugly head  in both the transsexual and the Transgender Inc camps and I’m pretty disgusted.  I’m a lesbian, not a lesbian separatist but the sort of lesbian, who considers herself part of the Gay and Lesbian Community.  I don’t need a “T” grafted on or even a “B” although I’ve had both male and female lovers over the course of my life.

Homophobia, simple anti-gay and lesbian community sentiments separates me from both Transgender Inc (who I feel are just using the gay and lesbian communities.) and many of the Transsexual Separatists, who proclaim they are not queers, but heterosexual and that the Gay and Lesbian Communities are using them.

This gets very tired, very quickly.

I’m not a lesbian separatist.  Yet I believe having a vagina between your legs is a qualitatively different life experience than having a penis there, no matter how hidden by  feminine appearance and mannerisms that penis is.

Autumn Sandeen has labeled this genital surgery essentialism.  Autumn also thinks castration makes one a woman, which is straight from Virginia Prince’s “How to be a Woman, Though Male.”

I don’t do gender.  I see gender as sex roles in different, reactionary drag.

I believe women should be able to keep people with penises out of locker rooms, changing room and if they wish out of certain Women’s Music Festivals. Godless Goddess only knows women are excluded from enough places and one doesn’t see the hordes of Transgender Inc struggling to break down those barriers.

I shop at Walmart, with a list for those items that are 20-50-75 cents less per than at the other market. Yes I know Walmart’s policies suck.  I also know the economic pinch.  Last time Tina and I shopped there our Check Out Clerk was obviously Transgender, of the Gender Queer tribe, her friend, who seemed to be training her  had visible tats and piercings.  This in a suburb of Dallas.

It’s employment.  So is Starbucks and other places that hire the non-conformists, the old, racial minorities etc. Why do I get the feeling when I listen to the professionals in Transgender Inc, that these are not the jobs they are talking about?  Could it be because the phrasing of the language is so shallow as to cause me to think they are ignorant of matters like mandating employer paid health coverage, living wage and the way part time is used to keep people at an economic level where they can’t really afford to live.

Instead in the world of both Transgender Inc and the Transgender Separatists everything seems to be about transsexualism or transgenderism.

It’s a pretty privileged mindset on the part of both groups.  There is a lot more going on in the world besides transsexual and transgender.

Many of us are poor, others are have issues of racial and ethnic prejudice to deal with.  Yet others have substance issues.

But also, particularly those of us who are a long time past surgery have other interests.

Tina and I built a raised bed garden this year.  We’ve had what seems like an endless summer of 100 degree F days and a drought that wiped out much of the effort except for the basil and other herbs.  A friend of mine from Northern California put up pictures of the hen house she is constructing.  I wrote her saying I envy her being able to have chickens.

This last week we went to a Move-On demonstration. We were out there in opposition to right wing austerity programs that threaten job as well as Social Security and Medicare.  I post a lot about environmental concerns because it is one area I am concerned about.

Perhaps it is being post-transsexual for so long, twice as long as the time before I came out.

Things that concern people in both TG Inc and the Borg as well as much of what concerns the separatists is such ancient history that I feel completely detached from it.

I’m not particularly into “Trans-Culture”, if there is really such a thing.  Most trans-themed movies bore me to death, when they don’t actively disgust me.  Although I do like documentaries.

Much of the joy of being post-transsexual is being able to not give a shit about Trans-World.  Being able to say, “This is not my fight because it is not part of my life.”

That doesn’t mean I wish you harm, or even that I oppose your cause.  Hell… I support the human rights and equality of all people.

I am just not very passionate about taking up the banner of either Transgender Inc or for that matter joining in with those Transsexuals whose main focus in life seems to be fighting with the Borg and Transgender Inc.

I’d rather be part of the same movements I was part of before the whole Transgender Inc/Borg ever existed.  The same movements I’ve always been a part of and felt comfortable with even when the Transsexual Menace and other Transgender Inc organizations were forming.

My news feeds are filled this morning with items about Chaz Bono appearing on “Dancing with the Stars.”  Like this is supposed to be important to me.  I’ve never once watched that show or for that matter “American Idol.”  Hell I don’t generally watch the big three networks.

Anti-transgender violence isn’t the only violence I see.  I see it in the context of a great deal more violence that is directed towards women, the poor, and other minority groups.  I generally categorize anti-trans violence as anti-woman and anti-sex worker violence.

I don’t need a “T” to be part of the Lesbian and Gay Community.  I’m a lesbian, who actually likes gay men.  I’m repelled by the homophobia I see in both the Transgender Faction and in the Transsexual Faction.

Lesbians and gay men have been working towards marriage equality since the 1970s, long before the 1990s creation of the “Transgender Community”.  They were passing anti-discrimination laws too.  transgender Inc didn’t exist and wasn’t part of the Gay and Lesbian Community, which is why they weren’t included.

Indeed both Transgender Inc and the Transsexuals often avow their straightness and therefore have greater claim to being part of straight society than the Gay and Lesbian Community.

Either way, I have a life beyond the Gay and Lesbian Community.

I am very concerned with the environment.  We have hit the Malthusian Limit.  We are past peak oil and are in a climate crisis.  We are not going to be able to feed the 7 billion people we have.  We should pay people to not have children and charge people extra taxes when they have more than one.  Zero Population Growth isn’t enough.  We need to engage in population shrinkage because we do not have the two and a half planet earths we will need to feed the present population when we do not have oil.

To feed our present population we are currently consuming the solar energy that fell upon earth during the Carboniferous Period.  “The Carboniferous Period occurred from about 360 to 286 million years ago. At the time, the land was covered with swamps filled with huge trees, ferns and other large leafy plants. The water and seas were filled with algae – the green stuff that forms on a stagnant pool of water. Algae is actually millions of very small plants.”  (See:

I’m concerned about the wealth inequality in the US and other nations.  The rise of insane religious cults that accompany the environmental crunch of too many people and too few resources.

Mostly though, transsexual is only one aspect of my life, more a part of my history than a part of my present.  One element that is rarely ever the dominant element.  Odd as it may seem even during the three years from coming out through getting SRS, transsexualism was only part of what was going on.

When I tune into what people in the Transsexual and Transgender Factions are constantly fighting about I find myself thinking, “Damn that’s really freaking obsessive.”

Then I look at the other things I could spend my time on and they seem both more productive and more fun.

24 Responses to “More Left Wing Hippie than Transsexual Separatist”

  1. deena17 Says:

    Suzan I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Jami Bantry Says:

    Perspective on Life can change as time moves on. Life IS constant change.

    I aligned with the “movements” of the 60’s and early 70’s. Then I became “distracted,” doing what was “expected” of me. My own personally defined, but yet unrealized, prison.

    Funny how Life can be be a kind of a “circle.” Now that I have two major health challenges, for which I do not have any prognosis except optimism, my perspective on Life has changed dramatically. While I was much more “engrossed” with how I self-identified before, now greater issues have come to the forefront of my perspective… ones that have not really changed much since how I felt in the 60′ and 70’s, and which have NOTHING to do with Trans anything.

    We still have wars, violent “conflicts”, maiming, killing, starving people, rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer and dying… if they even survive being born.

    It is really very easy, and enticing/comfortable, to lose the forest for the trees.

    There is only one “Spaceship Earth”, and we are on it. We have nowhere else to go.

    Continuing reduction of resources and the struggle to control a small part of those resources… just to survive… is only one issue that I hope, with continually increasing outrage, will cause things to change.

    The inhabitants of “Spaceship Earth” will eventually revolt against those who control their survival… in order to survive.

    Trans? It is not about Trans anything. It is about humane Humanity.


    • Suzan Says:

      I’m hoping the whales, grizzles, wolves and buffalo win. The destructive naked apes have done a crappy job of taking care of the planet.

  3. Jami Bantry Says:

    @ Susan. Well, we “Humans” do have the technological potential to “microwave” the planet and all living things a thousand times over; or maybe even reducing the planet into a collection of irradiated asteroids, with solar system consequences.


  4. Autumn Sandeen Says:

    Please stop mistating my beliefs on sex and gender, Suzan.

    Specifically, I don’t believe any surgery — vaginoplasty or orchiectomy — makes one a man or a woman; makes one male or female. If one is a transsexual and one has genital surgery, it’s affirming one’s male or female gender identity — it’s not creating it.

    In other words, I believe you were a woman — you were female — prior to your genital surgery those many decades ago. Your surgery just affirmed your gender, it didn’t create it. A surgeon wouldn’t have performed genital surgery on you if you were a man trying to become a woman — the surgeon performed it in recognition of that, and affirmation of how, you were already a woman; already female.

    So, please don’t create a straw man take on my position — an exaggerated, caricatured version of what I supposedly believe. You stated “Autumn…thinks castration makes one a woman” — but for the reasons I stated above, I don’t believe any surgery actually make one a woman genital surgery for transsexual people just affirms one is a woman.

    But that said, where we live in California it legally should allow me to change the sex on my birth certificate to female. So in that legal sense, and that legal sense alone, castration may — to paraphrase you — make me a woman.

    • Suzan Says:

      Women have vaginas not penises. I do not believe in all the post-modern gender identity word games.

      Prior to having had sex reassignment surgery I was a male to female transsexual, I was not a woman until I had surgery even though I lived as a woman. We used to say, Until surgery you are just the same as any other queen, surgery makes it real. Surgery makes you a woman.”

      You launch into the Transgender Borg Cult word game and expect me to buy it, but I consider it to be utter bullshit. Further I don’t give a shit what your papers say. If you have a penis between your legs I don’t want you in the women’s locker room or showers. Or for that matter other “Wimmin space”.

  5. Cristan Williams Says:

    “In spite of all the attempts by Christan Williams and others to write the history backwards and place the origin some place other than with Virginia Prince, IFGE, Tri-Ess and other heterosexual transvestite based organizations.”

    So, you’re still pretending that the word “transgender” wasn’t in use before 1978 when Prince came up with the term “transgenderist”? I don’t get why you cling to that story even when it is demonstrably false. Even when you – and anyone else – can easily read books and newspapers that use the term years before Prince came up with “transgenderist” you still push the idea that Prince coined the term. I just don’t get that and it makes me question everything you write.

    I’ve never, ever made the claim that the term “transgender community” was used to describe the early trans community back in the 1970s. I claimed that the earliest modern use of this term (that I’ve been able to find thus far) was in 1984. What I have claimed is that there was indeed an organized group of transsexuals and non-transsexuals working together for common cause, that this group fits the dictionary definition of the term “community” and that this community existed going back to the 1970s.

    While Cook-Riley talks about the genesis of what we think of as being the modern transgender community in her interview, I talked about the roots of the modern transgender community. Arguing that Cook-Riley stating that there was nothing analogues to the modern transgender community before the early 1990s is exactly the same as saying that there was nothing analogues to community is a non sequitur. Before Cook-Riley began her efforts to forge the modern trans community with folks like Phyllis Frye and Tere Frederickson, there were already community magazines and newsletters, community helplines, networked community groups, community BBS, preferred community providers, organized political efforts, uprisings and education efforts as well as a number of community-focused national conventions that had taken place years before the 1990s. Cook-Riley isn’t saying that all that didn’t exist; what she’s saying is that a focused national movement that became what we think of today as being the modern “transgender community” found it’s genesis in the efforts of people like herself in the early 1990s.

    Again, stuff like this is the reason why I tend to be quite skeptical of the notions you put forth. You won’t accept reality even when it’s there in black and white, you’ve misrepresented what I’ve talked about and now you seem to be pretending that Cook-Riley claimed that before the 1990s there was no community consisting of constituent groupings of trans people when such a notion is easily proven false by anyone with a connection to the internet.

    • Suzan Says:

      Christan. What year did you come out?

      I came out before fucking Stonewall. I was also part of the organized transsexual self help organizations circa the Stonewall era and was actually present when people introduced the usage of “Transgender” as a term for people who lived full time as members of the sex notassociated with their current genitals with no intent of getting SRS.

      Prior to the mid-1970s there were transsexuals, there were queens and transvestite meant heterosexual cross dresser. Transgender was only applied to those full time queens or transvestites. People such as my friends Stephanie, Jaime, and Jayme were transgender. The rest of my friends like Leslie, Jan, Diane, and Laurie were transsexual like me.

      TAO was a publicity generated fraud perpetuate by a publicity seeking deranged man who called himself Angela Douglas. He managed to get SRS from a quack named Dr. Brown. Live the last 25 years of his life as a man and died as a man.

      STAR was a drag queen organization out of New York, as was Queen’s Liberation Front. The were for queens not for transsexuals. The National Transsexual Counseling Unit, formerly the Transsexual Counseling Service was a transsexual only organization(I co-ran it from mid-1971- early 1973). CATS was run by a disturbed couple, the Durkins. He used it as a way to manipulate naive young transsexuals who were looking for advice into having sex with him.

      The Erickson Educational Foundation funded us and published a newsletter. It did not describe itself as transgender.

      Perhaps the term was used in the homophobic heterosexual transvestite world. I wouldn’t know I’ve had next to no contact with that world.

      I do know that citing a review of Myra Breckenridge is proof of nothing. Sort of like citing the Cockettes or Rocky Horror Show when it was a play, or perhaps the New York Dolls. Or maybe David Bowie in his “Man who Sold the World phase.

  6. deena17 Says:

    Please everyone mark this response as satire.

    Thanks Autumn for helping me hon my vocabulary skills. Your gender affirmation surgery has made me realize that I didn’t have SRS. I had surgery on my reproductive tract which left me with no ovaries or uterus. Therefore what I had was a hysterectomy. A woman who has had reproductive tract surgery resulting a post operative condition of being without ovaries and uterus certainly must have had a hysterectomy.

    Now back to serious. There is certainly truth in Autumn’s position that every human knows what he or she is. Here’s another truth. None of us can control the perception another human has of us although our actions, words and interactions certainly impact the perception others have of us.

    I have one friend who used to go ballistic if anyone sirred her and she would angrily yank her drivers license out of her purse and stick in the offender’s face demanding that the offender read it and call her ma’am. She was quite successful with this tactic and I never once witnessed any offender unwilling to alter their language but I also never saw any offender who reacted to that rather manly aggression as if they were actually being attacked by a woman. Quite the opposite. She, by the way, no longer does that.

    So where does this leave us? Each human makes their path with others through our own actions and words. Some good and some bad. There is no vaccination for stupidity or I would have been inoculated long ago. So call me stupid. In my stupid opinion functional women (FW) don’t have a penis.

  7. Cristan Williams Says:

    “Christan. What year did you come out? I came out before fucking Stonewall.”

    You’re literally setting up the following logic:

    A.) My premise is that V. Prince coined the term transgender.
    B.) My evidence that supports this premise is that I came out before fucking Stonewall.
    C.) Premise proven; you’re welcome.

    The fact that you came out “before fucking Stonewall” has nothing to do with the fact that in 1974 folks were writing about “transgender surgery” and “transgender research” in books. The two events have nothing to do with each other.

    Either books and newspapers that use the term “transgender” before Prince coined the term “transgenderist” exist or they do not. Either people who were not Prince used the term “transgender” before Prince coined the term “transgenderist” in 1978 or they didn’t. If people who were not Prince were using the term “transgender” years before Prince coined the term “transgenderist” in 1978, then the notions you’re propagating are demonstrably false.

    While I’ve already offered up multiple sources that used the term years before Prince coined the term “transgenderist”, here are 2 books that use the term prior to 1978 that I’ve not really commented on before:

    Prince did not coin the term. Please stop propagating that myth. Doing so only distracts from the points your trying to make.

    • Suzan Says:

      Prince coined the term.

      Prince also poisoned the thinking of people like Stoller.

      And just as you would do to me, you are plonked.

  8. deena17 Says:

    Cristan it is irrelevant to me whether or not the word transgender existed prior to Prince, Riley et al. For all I know it existed in the English language during the time of King Arthur. I see a definite “coining” that happened as Cook-Riley has testified. By that I mean a different definition was foisted upon society. Its kind of like Martin Luther taking the Bible and redefining it as the ultimate authority instead of the Vatican. The Bible at that point had existed for well over a thousand years but now it became something altogether different.

    So, let’s grant the point that the word existed and even so great an authority as Jorgensen used it. She, however, used it quite differently. Prince and company coined it into something else entirely.

    Now can we move on to substance instead of semantics?

    • Suzan Says:

      Like I looked to Christine Jorgensen as any sort of authority, especially after her totally dishonest “autobiography” and the seriously sucky movie…

      I looked to women my own age as role models. Women like Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Bernadine Dohrn, Ulrike Meinhof, etc.

      After all the purpose of getting a sex change operation was to become a woman.

  9. tinagrrl Says:

    Gee-whiz, I guess I just can’t win. Some years ago, a segment of the Lesbian community told me I can’t be a woman because I once had a penis.

    In fact, they were very happy to relegate me to the world of “transgender”. I guess it made it easier for them, and meant they did not have to adjust their perceptions, examine their prejudice, or open up to me.

    I survived that quite well. Today, that no longer happens to me — perhaps because I’m an old woman, and no one knew me “before”.

    Now, the “transgender” folks sometimes seem to be saying I’m NOT a woman because I DON’T have a penis.

    Why would I want to even THINK about being a part of any community that seems to be telling me what I MUST support, who I “really” am, and HOW to think?

    By the way, that goes for both the “HBS/CT” crowd and “Transgender Inc”.

    As a “PRACTICING Lesbian” marriage equality is FAR more important to me than ENDA.

    I’ve also noticed that some of the folks who say they are being “thrown under the bus” by the LG community’s support of marriage equality ARE ALREADY MARRIED, either in heterosexual unions, or in marriages that predate their sex change. No wonder they don’t give a damn about expanded marriage rights — they already got theirs

  10. Autumn Sandeen and the Transgender Cult « Enough Non-Sense Says:

    […] Recently, I read Suzan Cooke’s post over at Women Born Transsexual entitled More Left Wing Hippie than Transsexual Separatist. […]

  11. Sharon Sinéad Gaughan Says:

    Thank you for an excellent post. It is testimony to the death throes of delusionary Transgender Activism.

    There is so much the TG activists could do that would advance their own situation as it really exists. Instead, they hide behind our skirts and mistrepresent themselves hoping to obtain general acceptance. But what they have earned is derision.

  12. aformeroldfriend Says:

    I’m sorry Autumn paint it any way you want it’s still fraud and there is no statute of limitations on fraud in California. If you go through with it you will be committing a felony.

    You should consult the California Penal code

  13. catkisser Says:

    Like I looked to Christine Jorgensen as any sort of authority, especially after her totally dishonest “autobiography” and the seriously sucky movie…

    I looked to women my own age as role models. Women like Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Bernadine Dohrn, Ulrike Meinhof, etc.

    After all the purpose of getting a sex change operation was to become a woman.


  14. catkisser Says:

    Sandeen, even that lunatic Prince “got” that the word female has an actual real life meaning based on actual real life genitalia. You are not a female in any sense of the word in the real world and even if California declared pi = 3 that doesn’t rewrite reality. Personally I will never consider you a women either in any sense of the word for the simple reason you clearly want to keep your “low maintenance penis” rather than have a vagina. That, in essence, is proof positive that you absolutely do not meet the medical meaning of transsexual either. I will grant you your third sex “transgender” identity, but not woman, not female. Words matter.

  15. Andrea Rosenfield Says:

    If you carefully read the language in the ENDA bill that was floating around quite recently, you will find it clearly says that if your employer ever finds out you’re a post-op, you can be put in the third-sex transgender ghetto using the set-aside bathroom, forever. The “marriage equality is a trans issue” approach is based on the same idea, that you can’t legally change sex. This bovine excrement is REAL. It makes you gay girls into straight men, your lesbian partners into straight women, straight girls into gay men, and their straight husbands into gay men along with them. This isn’t advocacy, it’s “aversion therapy” wrapped in a pink-and-blue flag.

    I’ll excuse anyone who seems a bit obsessive about stopping this stuff from happening. Besides, while lesbian women might need to “flag,” straight women with half a brain will be using pseudos online anyway, and especially for these purposes. Who’s to say they aren’t also doing a dozen different things in the mainstream under their actual names?

    • Suzan Says:

      I really don’t care if marriage equality is a trans-issue or not. I want to be able to marry my partner who is also a woman.

      By the way. Marriage Equality is just exactly that. It doesn’t fucking make heterosexual transsexuals, heterosexual marriages into same sex marriages or lesbian/gay transsexuals marriages into straight ones. Marriage equality makes marriage between any two adult people who are closely related by blood legal and equal to the marriage between the seven times divorced millionaire and the pole dancer he picked up in Vegas last week end.

      Lately I’ve seen the the exposing of the core of homophobia that has always been a part of the Transgender aka Transvestite Borg ideology.

      Most of the loud mouthed Transgender Phallic Women are heterosexual men who cross dress and cross live. They hijacked legal provisions that were made for transsexuals and then erased us.

  16. Andrea Rosenfield Says:

    Because the company I am sometimes seen in online might lead to misunderstanding, I do strongly support marriage equality, in tangible ways in real 3D life. I know it has nothing to do with “trans,” and the birth certificate games this, and pregnant-man that stunts, aren’t doing anyone any favors either for marriage equality or recognition of post-corrected sex. Just wanted to make that explicit; I’m not sure I have in so many words, not since I got erased from PHB anyway. Nothing personal taken; you couldn’t have known.

    The TG sure know how to alienate potential allies. I started out wanting to find a way to accommodate them and work in their “asks,” and ended up wishing they’d, how did you put it? “Slither back behind the pink door” I think it was?

    • Suzan Says:

      Lately the phrase I use in keeping with the way they act like Borg, all reciting the exact same talking points is: “Slither on back to the Mother Ship.”

  17. Dana Lane Taylor Says:

    I just noticed Cristan hasn’t added Yvonne Cook-Riley to her transgender page yet. I have to admit, that is a tough thing to swallow. An admitted founder of TG wanted to erase the transsexual condition out of existence. A “prior” fetish cross-dresser, to boot!

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