Rick Perry leaves the 10th Amendment at the altar with anti-gay marriage pledge

From The Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/compost/post/rick-perry-leaves-the-10th-amendment-at-the-altar-with-anti-gay-marriage-pledge/2011/08/26/gIQAjaMrgJ_blog.html

August 26, 2011

Have cake and eat it too?

Seems Rick Perry would prefer just to eat it.

On Friday, he signed the National Organization for Marriage’s pledge opposing gay marriage.

Remember when Rick Perry said that New York’s legalization of gay marriage was “fine with me”? You should. It was just a few weeks ago — July 22, in fact.

“Ah, but if I’d known then what I know now,” Perry says. “What I didn’t know then was that I was the Republican front-runner.”

Amazing the difference a bit of knowledge can make.

“That’s New York, and that’s their business, and that’s fine with me. That is their call. If you believe in the 10th Amendment, stay out of their business.” That was then, before Rick Perry learned different. He has been doing a lot of learning in recent days, shedding ideas from his book (published in 2010) right and left (mainly left) and outdated opinions (four weeks ago, he was a different man!) at the drop of a poll.

Perry believes in the 10th Amendment, but, well — you have to draw the line somewhere. And, as I suggested before, that line is “when other states do things we frown on in Texas.”

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