The Transgender Borg vs Radical Feminists

As you, gentle readers may have noticed about this blog, while it is titled “Women Born Transsexual”, transsexual and transgender specific issues are rarely the blog’s main focus.

This is because I am post-transsexual, a woman with a medical history of transsexualism that is so ancient as to make so much the the identity politics of both the Transgender Borg and Transgender Inc seem like news from a distant alien place and time.

Instead many if not most material I present has to do with economic issues, the environment, women’s rights.

I am a lesbian feminist because I have committed myself to the tenets of feminism and because I have a woman as my life partner.

I have also been called all sorts of filthy names by member of both the Transgender Borg and Transgender Inc over the years because I am in the words of Autumn Sandeen, “A Genital Surgery Essentialist”.  This is due to my refusal to give gender identity/expression primacy over the physical differences between male and female.

I grew up in the country.  I watched animals give birth.  I even helped pull a calf that needed guiding during its birth.  I know enough to look between a lot  of mammals legs and tell male from female.

Until I got on line some 15 years ago I never really thought all that much about gender.  Some people had sex change operations, I was one of those people.  That meant that even though I wasn’t assigned female at birth I was surgically reassigned to female later in life.

I didn’t have a pronoun problem with actual transgender people who lived full time as members of the sex not indicated by their current genitals.  Transvestites, straight or gay were a different story.  I never have quite figured that one out unless they are in drag and then it is a case of politeness.

I have listened to endless lies and fictional history regarding those of us who came out in the late 1960s through the end of the 1970s.

I have been told that I was told things by doctors regarding never even being friends with other sisters.  The irony is that while I was friends with a few sisters, who I went through the surgery program with I found I had little in common with most transgender people or even other transsexuals of that era.

I was further to the left than most of them.  I didn’t take femininity all that seriously.  I was more like the naturally feminine hippie women and feminists I met at meetings, the Women’s Building and on campuses.

I was considered too serious.  I actually had transgender women tell me I had made a mistake because I was a lesbian feminist and more of a warm fuzzy dyke than someone who was maximizing my natural prettiness.

I read, oh did I ever read.  Ti-Grace Atkinson, Kate Millett, Shulamith Firestone, Notes from the Second Year, Charlotte Bunch

Over the years I have watched members of both the TG Borg and TG Inc emphasize the murder and violence experienced by TG who are often sex workers while ignoring the female sex workers who suffer the same levels of murder and violence.  This in spite of how placing the TG victims of this violence within the context of sex work might help bring about protections for all sex workers.

When I listen to the arguments coming from Transgender Inc that the Gay and Lesbian Community should give higher priority to a “Trans-inclusive ENDA” than to Marriage Equality I am reminded of heterosexual men’s rights advocates exercising both their male privilege and heterosexual privilege to dictate the politics of women and gay men.

I have been watching the latest dust up between radical feminists and the Borg regarding the paper presented by Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford  to the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.

I had the audacity to say that when push comes to shove I am a woman identified woman and support women, hear their concerns, give women primacy over the interests of both the Transgender Borg Collective and Transgender Inc.

Separatist was one of the nicest things I have been called for taking this position.

I am puzzled.  Transgender as umbrella is a social construct, a political identity that developed in the mid 1990s, over twenty years after I had SRS.  When I had SRS our goal was to get away from the queen ghetto and have “normal” lives.  (What ever normal lives meant other than not being part of the queen ghetto.) How can I be separating from something I was never voluntarily a part of?

In my case getting away from the queens (transgenders) had to do with their incredible misogyny/homophobia.  It wasn’t the doctors who had the problem with our being lesbian, it was the transgenders.  It didn’t matter if one was a straight transvestite or a gay one.  If you were post-SRS and weren’t a dick crazy heterosexual the transgender people treated you like a freak and didn’t hesitate to tell you.

It was even worse if you were a lesbian feminist.  Queens and heterosexual transvestites would ask if you were going to go back to being a man, berate you for not being a fembot, for being committed to lesbian feminism.

When I first read Janice Raymond’s book I thought Virginia Prince should sue her for plagiarism, because all Raymond did was regurgitate stuff that was being pushed by Prince, who coined the term, transgender.

Is it any wonder that people like me disassociated ourselves from the queens (TGs).

The latest has Autumn Sandeen over at Pam’s House Blend suggesting that the TG Borg/Inc colonize the newly reintroduce Equal Rights Amendment.  It is pure male privilege and entitlement that keeps these people from seeing just how wrong that is.

Various members of the TG Borg have started warning post-transsexual sisters as to how the radical feminist will “throw us under the bus” or how they will abuse us.

But at this point I wouldn’t support the misogynistic and homophobic efforts of the TG Borg/Inc if I were paid

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  1. LeeAlani Says:

    Well written, Suzan. I never did considered myself part of the GLB or GLBT worlds, although I do have a son who’s gay and a number of gay and lesbian friends. I strongly support women’s rights and marriage equality, as well as many other minority rights positions. For me transition was about fixing a physical defect, and now I’m simply female post-SRS. I don’t relate at all to those who are into drag, cross-dressing, or who want to remain what is termed “non-ops.” Do I see them as something lesser than me? Absolutely not! I just simply don’t understand or relate to them, that’s all. Most of my friends are women, and as time passes, I’m finding my transsexual history fading into my past, just like my cancer did, earning my degrees, etc. It’s just another experience I had to go through and learn from, and quite frankly, I’m very glad it’s over for me.

  2. Samantha Cycles Says:

    Thank you! Short, sweet, to the point, well written and spot on.


  3. JinianVictoria Stareye Says:

    Like you I am what would be called a post op woman (note the abscence of the qualifier transgender). This was deliberate. I am quite simply a heterosexual woman. I am repulsed by the *more tranny than thou folk* who feel unless you are trumpeting the fact that you are transgender you are deserving of being ignored. The few bellicose and loud voices are I suspect turning off those of us who are post op. We have simply decided to meld into the population as women and get on with our lives rather than spew drivel at the top of our lungs. I suspect much more will be accomplished by the few quieter voices and people as opposed to the screamers for rights. The only thing the screamers succeed in doing is infuriating those who they are trying to convert to their thinking. I rather think that more will be accomplished by the quiet ordinary women who simply live their lives. I am reminded of the old saying..the one that sticks out will get hammered….I prefer not to be hammered. Those who fume and rant do serve a purpose they point out the errors or ommissions but they do tend to beat the horse to death. I suspect also its the quiet ones who will succeed in the long run of advancing societies view of us. Just a random thought.

  4. Gennee Says:

    I am a transgender woman (non-op) who supports LGBT and womwn’s rights. I respect each person’s individuality. It distresses me that a few people are out to destroy all that we achieved in the name of conformity. I spend much time encouraging people because they are confused, lonely, or nee someone to listen to them. I enjoyed reading this article because you have chosen to be you. This is what I encourage others to be.

    • Suzan Says:

      Who this this royal “we” of whom you speak?
      I was never a willing member of the transgender community.
      What is this “conformity”?
      The only conformity I see comes from the cult of the Borg with their memorized talking points.

  5. WifemorethanTS Says:

    I am non op, but I have a FTM husband, so I guess I am in the borg group cause I want my rights as a woman respected and do not think that the fact that I have additional equipment downstairs should disqualify me from being seen as a woman. For cruds sake the only people who know for a fact that I have the extras is my doctor and my husband.
    As long as I am married to my wonderful husband and he can not get a functional penis…I am not going to leave him behind and get a vagina.
    So I am no op and a borg.
    **wonders how she can get these nano probes to work…**

    • Suzan Says:

      So we are different and live different lives. I don’t really care how you live. I’m an anarchist and a hippie. Do you seriously think I demand conformity.

      You act though as if the most important people knowing what you have between your legs are other people.

      One of the thing that makes me different from you was my knowing what I have between my legs. Even if no one else in the world ever saw my cunt or had sex with me.

      The way your “extra equipment” is no big deal is what makes transgender people transgender. It being a big deal that people move heaven and earth to change is what makes transsexual people transsexual.

      Transsexual and transgender are two completely different things.

  6. WifemorethanTS Says:

    I have had my balls cut off, a breast job and have been on hormones for years. I live a womans life 24/7/365, very few people even know my past.
    Last I checked that makes me transsexual not transgender seeing how I have taken medical steps to change my body and it isn’t just a life style choice for me.
    You think that the parts in my pants do not bother me?
    I think they are horid, but I get by and try and not focus on it too much.
    Having a FTM husband makes this hell very much easier to deal with. He understands my issues in ways that no other man could.
    Why would I get SRS when I can make love to my husband as it is? If they come up with a functional penis for him then I will get my vagina.

    • Suzan Says:

      You wouldn’t because you aren’t transsexual. Look I spent years watching friend claim to be TS and never getting SRS. I watched my circle of actual TS friend, shop at thrift stores, hustle, work several jobs, live in communes, get student loans, etc. Move heaven and earth. Over the years I concluded with transgender folks it is about the appearance and gender. For transsexual people it is about actually changing sex.

      As for you using you penis for sex. What ever floats your boat.

      In the 1970s I had some pretty horny sex with Jamey, a TG artist friend who passed away about a half dozen years ago.

      The Borg ideology tries to say we are all the same or all need the same things. We don’t we aren’t really all transgender and one isn’t taking the trip further than the other. They are apples and oranges.

  7. WifemorethanTS Says:

    hmmm last I checked the SOC the fact that I have taken steps to change my body makes me transsexual not transgender.

    You are not the final arbiter of who is and who isn’t transsexual.
    My doctors and psyrinks made that call.

    And I can asure you that when my man passes away I will be getting my genitals repaired.

    • Suzan Says:

      I really don’t care what the TG Borg driven SOC, Whittle or your shrink say.

      You like your dick that makes you transgender not transsexual. But if you want to think that you are because that is essential to your self image then go ahead. Just don’t expect me to support your being included in women’s space.

  8. WifemorethanTS Says:

    I have said more than once that I do not like my genitals.

    I live in a diferant situation than most trans folks do. I am in a dual transititon household. We are married and have a semi functional sex life. I am cappable of drowning out the noise in my head only becasuse I am with him. Without him I would have had SRS by now.

    Sometimes women make sacrifices to keep their home life pleasent.
    I am not ready to give up what I have with my husband just to have a vagina that may not even be sensate.

    • Suzan Says:

      Oh I just love the little perpetually used dig at the end. Penis people who don’t want to part with their penis always eventually toss that one in.

      But hey you all enjoy heterosexual privilege so enjoy.

  9. HMJ Says:

    I am always a little fascinated by these posts….

    Do you feel this view of transgender v.s. transsexual applies in cases of trans men as well?
    Because, in my case, I see that I either have the choice to be skinned alive and then have a lifeless tube of flesh hanging between my legs serving no purpose other than aesthetic, “or” I can have complicated surgery, changing the appearance of what I already have, hopefully without damaging it.

    I would move heaven and earth to acquire a “fully functioning penis”, but that’s just not an option to me. I can either live with my tiny little… half way between a phallus and a clitoris… mess, in my pants, and make my peace with what is possible, “OR”, I can risk what function I have for the sake of aesthetics.
    It’s not an easy choice, but it’s one I’ve made, and from where I’m sitting, I didn’t really have a choice. No doctor can give me what I “need” to be a “fully functioning male”, so there’s that.

    I don’t have a penis.

    What irks me is being reduced to my genitals.
    It irked me while I was in denial, presenting as female, and people disregarded my opinions and experiences because I was “a girl”, as if having a vagina suddenly made me less intelligent, or made my opinions worthless in their view.
    Sometimes, when it comes to the whole “transsexual v.s. transgender” debate, I get that same vibe. I have a vagina, so I’m not a man, doesn’t matter what I feel, what I identify as, what my life is like, what hard work I’ve put in, what sacrifices I’ve made, etc, etc, etc.. It doesn’t matter, cause I have a vagina, and so, my view is irrelevant, my opinions are worthless, etc.
    It feels exactly the same. Being told that I’m wrong, because of my genitals, and nothing else.

    Those that use the term transgender don’t force anything upon me, don’t suggest a “one solution for all” way of transition, I’ve never gotten that view from them, but so often, those that reject the term transgender, they tell me, outright, that because I haven’t taken the same path as they have, Their path, then “I’m not a transsexual”, or I’m not a “true” transsexual. That I don’t deserve to be treated as who and what I am. That my genitals override anything I have to say.

    And then you try to tell me, that by my very existence, as a person who probably won’t ever have surgery to reconfigure their external genitalia, that “I” am the oppressor in this?

    I’m not the one denying you your identity, nor am I denying you your own path in life.
    It would be nice if you could return that favor.

    • Suzan Says:

      “It irks me to be reduced to my genitals.”

      Tough shit. As a feminist it irks me to have misogyny and sexism push sex role behavior as defining who is a man or who is a woman, because that means that if women do not embrace the feminine mystique then they aren’t really women, but rather are “gender variants”.

      I consider the entire Transgender Borg ideology of “Gender” to be some of the most anti-woman reactionary bullshit I’ve ever encountered.

  10. WifemorethanTS Says:

    Of course I have hetero privilage.
    I am a woman who is married to a man. (just on our certificate of marriage I am listed as the guy and he is listed as the girl.)

    Pointing out the fact that I have hetero privilage does not make me feel bad or invalidate my position.
    You pointing it out has had no effect on this conversation.

  11. WifemorethanTS Says:

    I am far from feminine. Out here in the counrty we hunt, fish, and farm. Most the cis girls around here make city boys look like nelly bottoms. I am one of the tom boys. I don’t buy into the fem mystique thing either.

    I think the trans man above made some very valid points.
    Being in a relationship with a transman has opened my eyes to the absurdity of seeing people as the genitals they have hidden in their underwear that no one is going to see anyways.

    • Suzan Says:

      “as the genitals they have hidden in their underwear that no one is going to see anyways.

      The eternal ideological point of The Transgender Borg Cult Book 5, Chapter 3 verse 17-23.

      Here is my response: I didn’t get SRS to have sex with someone else either male or female. I had an active sex life and a lover prior to SRS. I didn’t get surgery for others to view, although being a hippie and part of a society where nudity was practiced at hot springs, hot tubs, and various country retreats did concern me.

      What makes Transgender People transgender is precisely your attitude towards your genitals.

      You see I did this, got this sex change operation for me, not for others.

      My genitals mattered less to others than they did to me. The assumption they are never seen, never touched, never experienced is surface and image, gender role BS.

      That I see and wipe my pussy after peeing, when I bathe, when I self-pleasure. That I experience my genitals and femaleness as a part of me, feel them in a sexual way is what makes transsexuals different from transgenders. For us it is about having our genital sex match our core sex identity.

  12. WifemorethanTS Says:

    You made your choice for you.
    I made my choice for my husband.
    Yes, I put him before me.
    Every time. Always have and always will.
    My entire world is in my relationship and I am not losing the only man who ever understood me. Not for even my own needs.

    • Suzan Says:

      Hey I did something for someone I loved that could have put me at risk of prison had they decided to charge me. That was political as well as personal commitment.

      But I would have left him in a second had he expected me to not get my SRS.

      This is where the personal is the political.

      It isn’t about others. It is about ourselves.

  13. WifemorethanTS Says:

    It can not always be about ourselves.

    Sometimes there is such thing as a nobel sacrifice. I feel my sacrifice is a nobel one.
    It is my fondest wish that they could come up with a way to make him a proper penis then I could think about finishing my transition.
    But it is what it is.

    And acording to the Doctors who make the call, I am a transsexual. No amount of saying I and others like me are not women because we havent had SRS is going to change the opinions of the medical field who have pretty much made up their minds that trans comes in many shades of grey.

    I shouldn’t have to go to the mens restroom just because you think I am not a woman. People with the proper degrees have come to the conclusion that I am a woman and that is what matters. I can use the womens room and that is unlikely to ever change.
    For cruds sake I look female, I sound female, and I do not belong in the mens room. That is just a good way for me to get raped or beaten.

    • Suzan Says:

      Why are you trying to justify this to me?

      It’s a Borg argument, a Borg rationalization. accept being Transgender. there no shame in it if that is what you are. But as for trying to convince me that you are really transsexual… I’m not buying it because it is a fiction.

      I’ve been around too long for that one to work. The mere fact you are arguing it shows how sketchy your claim is.

  14. WifemorethanTS Says:

    Just saying your line of reason fails when I look at my life and the lives of allot of other women.

    • Suzan Says:

      really? Actually women don’t have penises. So you logic falls short. But I realize you have translogic and it is your right to see yourself how ever you wish with a reasonable expectation that people not abuse you even if they disagree with your self-image.

      OTOH you have illustrated the black and white difference between transsexual and transgender people. This difference has always been there is is the reason why the Transgender as Umbrella was always a lie.

  15. WifemorethanTS Says:

    gotta love it when we are reduced to a set of genitals

    Even though I have had the evil twins removed, been on hormones for years and have had breast augmentation you would send me to the mens room.

    Just how long do you think it would be before I get outed to the entire town, raped, beaten and lose my employment? And likely my husband, for outing us….

    • Suzan Says:

      Perhaps you need to work on your reading comprehension before blithering out a Borg talking point.

      Show me where I said actual transgender people who lived as women had to use the men’s room. Indeed I have been very specific in distinguishing between transvestites and folks who live 24/7/365.

      Who demanded your outing? Not I. Being an out proud transgender person is a Borg game.

      Even bloggers like me are not necessarily out about our history. remember our propensity for “stealth” is one of the reasons we are attacked.

    • Suzan Says:

      This is getting boring and tiresome really quickly so I’m cutting you off. Perhaps you should improve your reading comprehension skills. I have bent over backwards saying I do not have a problem with you being transgender. The term transgender was coined for people who live full time without SRS. If you live 24/7/365 and are on hormones I do not have a problem with you using the women’s restroom. The locker room is a different story as are women only spaces.

      Point of disclosure unless invited I tend to avoid lesbian separatist events.

      For one thing I am not into their particular crazy brand of lesbian feminism. It is sort of like my not wanting to be part of other crazy cults including the Transgender borg Cult.

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