Destroying the Myths of Gender

From TS-SI:

By Maggie Fox
Tuesday, 26 July 2011
Reposted with author’s permission

Manchester, UK. It was far harder for me to come out as a lesbian feminist than it was to seek and achieve sex reconstructive surgery because of the transgender myths: you can keep external genitalia, penetrate a woman (or another man), and call it lesbian sex.

I blogged my reconstructive journey once I made the irrevocable decision to seek surgery as I knew that the medical establishment was going to be a problem and they quickly proved me correct on that one.

The fact that they pursued me beyond legal and medical completion does show a quite incredible level of vindictiveness, but then in England I have an incurable political illness — or rather that is what the medical establishment demands I accept. They are learning that, at whatever cost to me, I never will bow to the whims of the psychiatric medical charlatans and the corrupt civil service and politicians that support them.


They think they are all powerful and above the law and do this in the belief that they gain more lesbian, gay and bisexual votes than they lose from women who object to men (defined as those with external genitalia) demanding unrestricted access to women only spaces.

The mathematics of that is (of course) wrong but they assume that as women have “accepted inequality in wages” and are according to Abrahamic religions the possessions of men unlikely to vote them out. (In England we vote political parties out rather than in.)

So, politicians advised by their civil servants, support “transgender” as the correct meaningful status especially as it satisfies the heterosexual male fear of inadvertently being gay by failing to distinguish a woman classified male at birth from one with the correct classification at birth. In England you can never have your original birth certificate ripped up you have to go on a “nudge, nudge, wink wink” list before you get a new one.

Transgender also appeases Abrahamic religions who will not readily accept sex reconstruction and it satisfies the fundamental right of doctors to determine your sex and once determined never ever allow it to be corrected. Doctors are much more used to being above the law than politicians and even better at defending themselves with layers of meaningless bureaucracy.

I recently had three doctors in England deliberately and maliciously deny basic medical science they were taught in medical school to maintain the political illness rules of the charlatan psychiatrists of a gender identity clinic. I am legally advised not to name and shame them as I know the National Health Service would immediately allocate considerable resources to silence and bankrupt me. What I can say is that in my humble opinion you would be very foolish to transition in Manchester!

But I digress. This article is meant to be an action plan on how to …


Let me start the section by saying I have no problem with cross dressing men gay or straight, transvestites, drag queens or whatever label those men chose but they are what they are men not women. They are entitled to equality under the law in whatever sex they choose. They must however remember that there are only two legal sexes male or female so they really must pick one and get on with life on the basis of the one they choose.

So here are some simple practical ways to have maximum impact.

1 Tell everyone that the words sex and gender are interchangeable and mean the same thing, and that the general public knows it.

This annoys the hell out of queer / gender political activists who will jump up and down spouting their theories and definitions that simply make them look ridiculous.

2 Use the word transvestite not transgender when describing non operatives.

The general public understand transvestite as a man who wears a skirt. It is not prejudice to use that word merely descriptive.

3 Make it clear that transgender or transsexual is a transitory state between male and female and should be no longer than two years and two months — that is the time it takes to get a UK Gender Recognition Certificate.

USA citizens will need to adapt when I use this termininology as I’m using English Law here. However, the principle of a transitory status — hence transgender or transsexual — is easy for the public and even politicians to understand.

4 Make it clear that drag acts are as offensive to all women in the same way as the Black and White Minstrel Shows were to non Caucasians.

Easy win.

5 State that it is discriminatory to all women to allow male bodied (external genitalia) people unrestricted access to women-only places.

Disabled facilities are an acceptable compromise for those in transition.

6 Remind people that there is no list of illnesses that prohibits anesthesia for life threatening conditions — just recommendations on what types of anesthesia to use and how to apply it.

SRS by local anesthetic may not be ideal but it can be done and failure to undergo SRS is most certainly life threatening!

7 Keep all discussions simple and understandable: use male and female, man and woman, boy and girl.

Trying to change binary social order is what queer / trans politics is all about make them see that and support based on perverse interpretations of equality will dwindle.

8 If you are lesbian or gay then use your membership of lesbian and gay groups to constantly question the addition of T (trans).

There is no logic in the queer / trans agenda being grouped with sexual orientation. I will be lobbying the great and the good at Manchester Pride on this subject. What they don’t realise — or chose to ignore — is the damage to health imposed by policies that mandate one hormone tablet a day and you can have a Viagra tablet if it affects your sex drive whist refusing to prescribe anti-androgens for those waiting for surgery.

9 If you are religiously inclined go back after surgery and support the binary sex philosophy.

It is much easier for Christians and Muslims to accept sex reconstruction than fetishistic behaviour (see Practical Step No. 2, above).

10 Most importantly of all, be there in the real world and do not hide away.

The biggest mistake we can make is fear. I’m not saying be reckless as the same caution should be used against predatory males as any other woman does.


Remember though that the ultimate “passing” proof is nudity — something a transvestite can’t do — and remind other women of that simple fact.

Other women constitute our guarantee of destruction of the myths of gender and the proof that you are one of them. Women are generally polite and tolerant to transvestites when believing them to be gay men, whilst naturally suspicious of lesbian type arguments of transgender. Women rightly fear forced penetrative sex and women with history are no different so again remind them.

Women are fundamentally different to men in the way they think and speak to each other and that is innate as a woman’s brain dictates that she does things differently to a man and you cannot fake it or learn it you either have it or you don’t.

Women will understand that men will have to disagree. lol

Don’t be afraid to be one or the other.

Peace, Love and Light

Maggie Fox

Postscript (PS)If the UK National Health Service (NHS) leaves me alone to enjoy my retirement and do battle with my severe ankylosing spondylitis, then it’s forgive and forget time. Have another go at me and it will cost you dear.
Post Postscript (PPS)Threats of physical violence from some Manchester transgender have been made against me since I returned from New York. I take this as showing we are winning the argument that women are women and men are men.

10 Responses to “Destroying the Myths of Gender”

  1. edith Says:

    This is about the only thing that makes sense to me in this article:

    “3 Make it clear that transgender or transsexual is a transitory state between male and female”

    and ONLY that part of point #3

    Ms. Fox says:

    “1 Tell everyone that the words sex and gender are interchangeable and mean the same thing, and that the general public knows it.”

    Well that’s exactly what Stephen Whittle tries to do here:

    He concludes that sex/gender reassignment is the consequence of a gender identity disorder diagnosis. He states in what I linked to:

    “6.10 The Act does not have specific medical requirements other than a diagnosis.”

    “For the Gender Recognition Act, the body is irrelevant, as neither bodily modification, nor the presence or lack of a penis is determinative.”

    So, now, this is what you end up with, as Maggie Fox says:

    “In England you can never have your original birth certificate ripped up you have to go on a “nudge, nudge, wink wink” list before you get a new one.”

    I am all for common sense and for simplifying the U S Tax code but biology is, as is economics, a very complex subject. I’m not for a flat tax and when writing laws I think this statement from Lord Winston is an ominous caveat:

    “In the House of Lords 2nd sitting the eminent professor (and television celebrity) Lord Winston, stated that:

    The definition of sex is extremely complicated… Genetics is rapidly changing our understanding of where sex is determined. But to define it simply as genital, hormonal or, as the noble Lord, Lord Tebbit, seeks to do, as gonadal, is a travesty of what really happens… I urge the House to be very cautious about defining it in terms of chromosomal, genital or any other simple definition. It simply is not medically just, and I am sure that it would produce bad law. (Gender Recognition Bill, House of Lords Report Stage, Hansard 03-02-2004, cols.619-620)”

    Maggie Fox says:

    “7 Keep all discussions simple and understandable: use male and female, man and woman, boy and girl.”

    Fine for most cases but when writing laws, people should understand that laws involving sex reassignment are going to be very closely scrutinized.

    As I said, I’m all for common sense. I agree with this, “Remember though that the ultimate “passing” proof is nudity”. It means a lot in spaces where there is some degree of public nudity but this stuff, for some reassigned person, is all going to end up in court some day. What defines sex has been judged in the courts, quite often. It will come up again and again, more often. It won’t necessarily be some religious fanatic bringing the complaint. It probably won’t be person of transsexual history making the decisions, either. This is very complex stuff and it has to make sense. It has to be fair to others, too. There is an oversimplification presented here which has very nasty overtones.

  2. edith Says:

    ??? I don’t side with any kind of amorphous “them”. The gender thing. Gender is never going to = sex. It’s been tried before. The U K recognizes your gender identity disorder, not your sex, otherwise they would “rip up your old b c”. If they won’t, how can you believe “gender” is ever going to = “sex”. Let me state emphatically, I think people are, as you say all the time, assigned on the basis of genitals, not gonads, not chromosomes, etc. at birth. People will use every trick in the book to make a case that a vagina is nothing more than a “neo-surgihole” as the women at gendertrender refer to a neo vagina. The argument has to be a little more than “yes it is”, “no it isn’t” to be convincing other people who don’t go through hrt and SRS. You don’t think someone will come along and (forget about chromosomes) tell you gonads and gametes are what determine sex? If you haven’t noticed, it happens all the time. It isn’t always religious fanatics who make that claim. I know a used car salesperson when I hear one but I’m not an anti-intellectual, either.

  3. jennburleton Says:

    I just want to go on record, unequivocally, as being in complete and total opposition to the hate manifesto of the so-called “women born transsexual” crowd. Every group of humans has its fringe, isolationist, hate-mongering (usually self-loathing), short sighted, judgmental and just plain cruel AND unhinged elements. The RIGHT have the Tea Party and uncompromising evangelicals, the LEFT have the anarchists, PETA vigilantes, the “cultural/ethnic/racial pride” movements have their Black Nationalists and Aryan Pride, and the list goes on. Gender is complex… the primary struggle facing our culture, whether transgender, cisgender, transsexual, cissexual, asexual, pansexual, intergalactically sexual or whatever, is to overcome misogyny and equally, the oversimplification of gender and identity as an “either/or” proposition. This will get me in trouble, but I don’t care. If YOU are a “black or white” thinker, then you are both intellectually lazy and socially negligent. And simply because YOU may have chosen to either have something removed in order to better fit into your personal need to move from “column A” to “column B” doesn’t automatically make gender and identity, either personal or cultural, a simple equation. Grow up, stop hating and use that gray matter taking up skull space for something more than worrying about what’s in someone else’s pants, or which work THEY may use to describe themselves. You may call me an asshole for saying this, but I don’t have to own that characterization of me. Let the flaming begin…

    • Suzan Says:

      For the record Jenn Burleton is an active member of the Transgender Borg Cult and Transgender Inc. This is the sort of androcentric misogynistic abuse the TG MRAs regularly dish out.

      FYI I never joined the Transgender Borg Cult ergo I can not be a separatist. I might be a heretic for not embracing its oppressive colonization but, separatist implies I was part of it.

      Jenn you sound just like charlie Prince aka Arnold Lowman, aka Virginia Prince>

      Stop being an abusive misogynistic prick.

  4. edith Says:

    I stayed up late the other night as usual, reading. I read bits and pieces of the Myth of Gender on Google Books. I wonder how that relates to your title, Susan? I have Fausto Sterling’s other book. I refer to it all the time. A lot of her focus involves the “brain sex” theories. She focuses on LeVay’s theories and pretty much debunks them as typically sexist male thinking. Her notions are pretty complex, though. She seems to support notions of gender identity formation in the very early years of life which have to do with action, interaction, neurological development and brain plasticity. I wonder if you or Jen understand the implications?

    It seems after the advent of the internet, discussion of gender issues exploded. I haven’t seen any of the Star Trek movies but I found Donna Harraway’s Cyborg Manifesto on line last night. I’ll have to take a closer look. I’m happy I didn’t have an opportunity to go on line in the nineties or the very early aughts. Being a late comer has its advantages. I know how I feel and how I have always felt. It has nothing to do with being conditioned by discussions on the internet, crossdressing clubs or any of that. I’ve been isolated for a long time. I was never able to find freedom in a liberated environment like the Bay area of California, either.

    Oh, the third element here that has been rolling around in my mind, the, “which side are you on” element, good ol’ Pete Seeger. There’s that memorable story about how he pulled the plug on Bob Dylan at Newport in ’65. I found the stuff his half-brother Mike did far more real and down to earth, in a lot of ways, the stuff he did with “Uncle Johns Band” – the New Lost City Ramblers. I am fond of that line in UJB which goes “their walls are built with cannon balls, their motto is don’t tread on me”. Given the choice, however, in Harlan County, I’d be with the miners, most definitely. You really have to have a lot of respect for Pete even if he was a bit self righteous at times.

    But getting right down to the point of what has really been ailing me the past couple of days is Jenn’s remark which seems almost innocuous until one parses the sentences and analyses the meaning. I look at this remark:

    “And simply because YOU may have chosen to either have something removed”

    especially this part “removed”.

    It is such a commonly used tactic. It’s the neutering tactic. It creates an image of a sexless person. It is even worse than the gendertrender piece on Christy Lee Polis which at least acknowledges a vagina even if they neuter it to a “neo-surgihole” and then gender it male. The “removed” comment is particularly insulting because it creates the image of a sexless eunuch. That kind of thinking, which runs rampant among the transgender activists, is no less worse than that of a fundamentalist religious fanatic. It is infuriating to have one’s whole being dismissed that way and then be told we’re fighting for the same things, most definitely – infuriating.

    • Suzan Says:

      I find most of the theory stuff to be pure irrelevant wankery.

      I actually think it has more to do with the processing of hormones by the pituitary and hypothalamus than anything else.

      When people ask why I am a left wing anarchist, I say, “It’s all Pete Seeger’s fault.” But I could just as easily say Woody Guthrie.

      The explosion of “gender issues” due to the internet is in part, due to a whole lot of men out their leading fantasy role playing Transgender Warrior lives. All the while going to their nice male privileged jobs in their nice suits.

  5. edith Says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to misspell your name, Suzan.

  6. jennburleton Says:

    LOL… yeah, you nailed me. Okay, I’m going back to reality. Enjoy your journey through self-loathing.

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