Is There a Reason Why I am supposed to Care About RuPaul’s “Drag Race”?

I get a bunch of different news feeds including several TS/TG oriented ones that I sometimes pull news items from.

I also read several dozen blogs and get leads from Facebook.  I listen to Derick  and Romaine on the satellite radio and so many folks seem to care about this show.

I don’t get it.  But then I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars or American Idol either, although I will fess up to watching Iron Chef America and some other reality shows.

I just don’t get it.

I guess it must be a gay guy sort of thing but I’d rather watch “This Old House”, Antiques Road Show, or the Pawn Shop show.

When people act like I should care I feel vaguely offended.  Not on some sort of moralistic basis or because I don’t like some really trashy and campy shit.  I mean I collect and read reprints of the lurid covered 1950s and 60s lesbian novels..

I think it is more like the process of a gay guy learning to be a drag performer is boring, whereas some of the performers are themselves quite terrific.

I  consider some of the performers real artists and their shows real art.

So maybe my problem with Drag Race is with how Apprentice or American Idol it comes off.  Maybe it is RuPaul?  Hasn’t his fifteen minutes of fame expired yet?

Perhaps part of the problem is the whole hoopla about transgender being the umbrella term that covers everyone from the heterosexual cross dresser to people who are many years post-SRS.

Maybe this stuff appeals to a whole other demographic in the so called community that is actually a bunch of separate communities.

Recently there were a bunch of headlines about “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” . I guess they made a Broadway musical out of it.  I saw the movie some 15 years ago.  It sucked big time as most fictional movies featuring drag queens, transsexuals and transgenders usually do.

The only way I would go see the play would be free tickets and a dollar a word for a 1500 word review.

Transsexuals have tried to separate from the craziness that the term transgender creates by including everyone under the sun.

This is part of the reason why.  I didn’t go through SRS, get disowned and become a feminist only to watch a bunch of female impersonators portray sexist stereotypes.

Tell the queens doing crap like “Drag queen Bingo Night” to give it a rest.

I don’t give a damn about “Top-Model” or “Top-Designer”.  I think fashion is stupid and boring even though I like clothes and certain clothing stores.  The stuff I buy doesn’t go out of fashin because LL Bean is what used to be called a classic.

I’d rather be given another pair of Birkenstocks than an 800.00 dollar pair of  Manolo Blahniks as long as I get to keep the change.  Otherwise I’d e-Bay those puppies.

Now there are actually sister who are artist that I like.  Writers like Jennifer Boylan, Jan Morris.  I like Namoli Brennet, in part because I’m a sucker for sensitive hippie folk music of the type she performs.

But I’m a woman and woman identified.  Everything in my life isn’t 24/7 wall to wall trans.  I don’t live in a trans-centric world.  Or even a lesbian-centric.  I’m too old for that one and have too many different interests for that.

And I’d rater watch Pawn Shop Stars or Diners, Dives and Drive-ins than a bunch of silly boring sexist douche nozzle drag queens.

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