The American People Are Angry

From Reader Supported News:

By Sen. Bernie Sanders, Reader Supported News
28 July 11

s House and Senate leaders fine-tuned rival deficit reduction plans on Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke on the Senate floor about the public’s strong belief that additional revenue from the wealthy should be part of any package to reduce red ink. He cited a new Washington Post poll that found 72 percent favor raising taxes on those who make more than $250,000 year. Despite those overwhelming numbers, he said, “We are marching down a path which will do exactly opposite of what the American people want.” He called Republican opposition to more revenue “fanatical.” He also faulted President Obama for a bargaining strategy that sugars down to this: “Retreat after retreat after retreat.” Of the competing House and Senate proposals Sanders bluntly concluded that one is bad and the other is much worse. He shared his assessment with radio host Ed Schultz.

The senator also summarized his analysis in this statement:

“The rich are getting richer, and their effective tax rate is the lowest in modern history. Many corporations are enjoying huge profits and, because of outrageous loopholes, pay nothing in taxes. Among many other absurdities, we lose about $100 billion every year from companies and individuals who stash their wealth in tax havens in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and other locations.

“And yet, the Republicans have been fanatically determined to protect the interests of billionaires and large multi-national corporations so that they do not contribute one penny toward deficit reduction. The Republicans want the entire burden of deficit reduction sacrifice to be placed on the elderly, the sick, children, and working families. That is morally wrong and, in terms of getting us out of this recession, bad economic policy.

“Sadly, the Democrats have yielded far, far too much. In December, with the Democrats controlling the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate they extended Bush’s tax breaks for the rich and lowered the tax rates on estates for the very rich. In April, they allowed tens of billions of dollars in cuts to vitally important programs for low- and moderate-income Americans.

“And now, we find ourselves debating two plans. The Reid plan, which calls for $2.2 trillion in cuts over a 10-year period, includes $900 billion in cuts (which will be determined later by committees) in education, health care, nutrition, affordable housing, child care and many other programs desperately needed by working families. Appropriately, it calls for meaningful cuts in military spending and ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Reid plan does not require the wealthiest people in this country and the largest corporations to pay one nickel in deficit reduction.

“The Reid plan is bad. The Boehner plan is much worse. It calls for large cuts in discretionary spending now and demands that this debt-ceiling discussion be revisited next year – which is totally absurd and which will likely keep the Congress paralyzed.

“Lastly, both plans call for a congressional committee to determine future efforts toward deficit reduction. Based on recent committees – Bowles-Simpson, the Gang of Six, etc. – I have little doubt that that new committee will call for major cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and will ask very little of the wealthy and multi-national corporations.

“Meanwhile, while all of this is occurring in Washington the American people have consistently stated, in poll after poll, that they want the wealthy and large corporations to pay their fair share of taxes and they want to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. For example, a recent Washington Post poll found that 72 percent of the American people believe that Americans earning over $250,000 a year should pay more in taxes.

“Given that reality, is there any reason to wonder why the American people are so angry and frustrated with what’s going on in Washington?”

7 Responses to “The American People Are Angry”

  1. JinianVictoria Stareye Says:

    I have a couple of questions at this point and 1 or 2 observations. Question 1 if the Democrats and the Republicans are both against deficits in the budget WHY DO WE HAVE A DEFICIT?. Question 2 If they did not create the deficit who did? Observation 1 there are 535 people who supposedly run this country (President, House and Senate and Supreme Court) we would not have this deficit unless some or all of these people colluded to run up the deficit. Observation 2 the American people do not set the budget nor does the President….they can offer suggestions or submit a budget. The budget is set by Congress (both houses) so if we have a deficit problem its because the Congress (both houses) wished it to be so. If they want to increase our taxes (the middle class and the poor) and not raise them for corporations or the wealthiest it is because they wish it so. Conclusion……VOTE ALL THE BUMS OUT in the general election!

    • Suzan Says:

      Except it isn’t everyone. A third of the congress and Senate is made up of Democrats who actually do fight for the interests of the poor and hard working people.

      But they also have to deal with a population that is both ignorant and propagandized by the right wing media.

  2. JinianVictoria Stareye Says:

    Be that as it may. The fact still remains that both parties ran up the debt (including those members you alluded to). Propagandized or not the American people do not set the budget nor does the President. The Congress( both houses does). The problem of how and why we have the deficit is both Houses of Congress have wished to and have granted that wish to run up the deficit under whatever cover they choose to trot out as self serving justification. Now they both equally deplore the fact we have a deficit while easily ignoring the fact they caused the deficit (not the people). Again Congress sets the budget and determines the cash flow or lack there of). Wether or not they actually do the work they were sent there to do is not the point. The point is they caused the deficit to exsist and increase not the people. Both parties are equally culpable for whatever reason(s). And I disregard the bureaucrats and lobbyists and others here as they are not factors here but merely peripheral players.

    • Suzan Says:

      Bull shit! We have had 30 years of totally fucked up Voodoo Economics starting with that moron and asshole Reagan.

      The Republi-Nazis have waged Class War on working people with their borrow and spend fiscal insanity. Bill Clinton wasn’t exactly a prize with his neo-lib economics but he left us with a surplus which Chimpy promptly gave to the rich.

      Deregulation and the Free Market Economics are an utter disaster spawned by the insanity of following the ideals of a hack writer, Ayn Rand, and the neo-Nazism of the John Birch Society.

      Obama is a coward but the blame for this mess is strictly Republi-Nazi.

  3. JinianVictoria Stareye Says:

    The Republicans could NOT have passed any of the bills without the Democrats signing off on them as well. Both parties are equally culpable as well as both Houses and the Presidents who signed off on the bills regardless of their party

    • Suzan Says:

      Typical Republi-Nazi bullshit when the saying no would have created the same Tea Bagger situation we have today.

      The rich benefited from these policies, make them pay and bring this nation back to being America again instead of the land of the plutocrats.

  4. JinianVictoria Stareye Says:

    I agree.

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