8-Year Old Dismembered Boy’s Murder Blamed On Gay Marriage By NOM Rabbi

You mean this was caused by marriage equality and not by the 1960s and hippies? Or feminism?

All religious fanatics are morons.

From The New Civil Rights Movement: http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/8-year-old-dismembered-boys-murder-blamed-on-gay-marriage-by-nom-rabbi/marriage/2011/07/20/24010

by David Badash
July 20, 2011

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, associated with the National Organization For Marriage (NOM), just blamed last week’s horrific murder of an 8 year-​old New York City boy on gay marriage and what he sees as the complacency of the Jewish Orthodox community in Brooklyn, the boy’s home.

Jeremy Hooper of Good As You uncovered this video and provides this transcription.

Why was this [death of Kletzky] allowed to happen? Let’s think about it. If we go back to the cause, the effect was he was the victim, but the cause was a Jew [Yiddish] that the evil will come to destroy you within your midst. If it would have been a Gentile, people would be able to say, ‘oh this is from the secular society.’ But this is not from the secular society. This is, for too long we have been turning our cheek, we have been turning away and ignoring the agenda of the [Yiddish] — first they wanted rights, then they wanted adoption, they wanted special protections, and ultimately they wanted marriage — and we all know that we did precious little. If those three or four thousand people, at the direction of their leaders and their common sense, would have come out…against the marriage, against this final nail in the coffin of morality…maybe we wouldn’t have had to had this episode…replay itself.

“This came in the very aftermath of the marriage bill, my dear friends, and not doing anything.

“The problem with Anthony Weiner wasn’t that he inter-​married in the last few years — far worse than his inter-​marrying is the fact that he was pushing same-​gender marriage and all the shmutz.”

Hooper, (whom you should read daily,) one of the LGBT community’s best bloggers and advocates, adds this:

Continue reading at:  http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/8-year-old-dismembered-boys-murder-blamed-on-gay-marriage-by-nom-rabbi/marriage/2011/07/20/24010

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Marcus “I’m Not Gay Even Though I am a Stereotype” Bachmann rumors Continue to Grow / Bachmann Clinic Gets Zapped by Barbarians Bearing Glitter

From The Daily Beast: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/07/16/marcus-bachmann-gay-how-rumors-could-affect-michele-bachmann-s-campaign.html

Bachmann Rumor Grows Louder

The chatter about Michele Bachmann’s husband’s sexuality is spreading. Michelle Cottle on how it could affect a candidate whose Christian beliefs are central to her campaign.

By Michelle Cottle
July 16, 2011

Hear that snickering? That’s the sound of the 2012 mudslinging starting in earnest.

Click here to find out more!

If you aren’t yet familiar with the growing whispers about Michele Bachmann’s campaign—the uncorroborated speculation that the candidate’s profoundly antigay hubby, Marcus, is a closeted gay man—you will be. The chatter has already made its way from the blogs and Twitter (Cher tweeted that Marcus has tripped her exquisitely tuned gaydar) to the alternative press to The Daily Show, where Jon Stewart and Jerry Seinfeld left each other in stitches this week taking shots at Marcus Bachmann’s effeminate manner and “center-square gay” voice. (Anyone out there old enough to remember Paul Lynde?) As Stewart joked, the guy is “an Izod shirt away from being the gay character on Modern Family.” Clips of the comedians’ faux “comedy repression” session promptly popped up on the websites of such stodgy outlets as The Washington Post and The Atlantic.

The wringing of hands about whether it’s fair for the respectable media to promote this sort of salacious chatter is as inevitable as the chatter itself. But this particular assault on Marcus is about more than critics lobbing generic bombs at a fiercely conservative presidential combatant. Michele Bachmann has long been one of the most aggressive anti-gay-marriage crusaders in politics, while Marcus runs a Christian-based therapy clinic accused of dabbling in “reparative therapy,” a controversial counseling technique premised on the notion that you can “pray away the gay.” (One clip making the rounds from an undercover video shows a potential clinic patient being assured that, among other things, God had made men’s eyes to appreciate the form of a woman.)

The Minnesota congresswoman has lamented that involvement in “the gay and lesbian lifestyle” is a life of “personal bondage, personal despair, and personal enslavement,” while her husband has charmingly likened bi-curious youth to “barbarians” who must be “educated” and “disciplined”—parenting advice that manages at once to sound both draconian and pervy.

Pat Robertson’s Regent University: Ex-Gays Can Act The Part, But Orientation Doesn’t Change

By Zack Ford
Jul 21, 2011

Revelations that Marcus Bachmann’s clinics administer ex-gay therapy have thrust the “controversial” treatment into the media spotlight. There is no controversy among scientists, however, who continue to agree that the therapy is not effective and should not be recommended because it can be harmful. A new study from a surprising source confirms this reality; researchers at Pat Robertson’s Regent University found that “ex-gays” in opposite-sex marriages continued to have a same-sex orientation.

The study (PDF) looked at “mixed-orientation” marriages in which at least one member of the couple is not heterosexual. One of the items on the questionnaire asked participants to rank themselves using the Kinsey Scale (a 1-7 continuum representing identities between exclusively heterosexual and exclusively homosexual) on four criteria: sexual behavior, attractions, emotional attachment, and sexual fantasy. This chart shows how participants identified before and after marriage on behavior and on the “expanded version” (the average of all four criteria):

Continue reading at:   http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2011/07/21/274994/pat-robertsons-regent-university-ex-gays-can-act-the-part-but-orientation-doesnt-change/

“Barbarians” Glitter-Bomb Bachmann Clinic

‘Anonymous’ defiant in the face of arrests

From Raw Story:  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/07/21/anonymous-defiant-in-the-face-of-arrests/

By Agence France-Presse
Thursday, July 21st, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO — Notorious hacker group Anonymous on posted a defiant message to police Thursday and boasted of plundering sensitive data from NATO computers.

“We are not scared anymore,” read an online message that purported to be a response by Anonymous and splinter group Lulz Security.

“Your threats to arrest us are meaningless to us as you cannot arrest an idea… there is nothing — absolutely nothing — you can possibly do to make us stop.”

As if to underscore the point, a message posted at a Twitter account by “AnonymousIRC” claimed to have looted about a gigabyte of NATO data that even the rebel hacker group deemed too sensitive to release.

“Yes, we haz (sic) more of your delicious data,” the Twitter post read. “You call it war; we laugh at your battleships.”

US authorities arrested 16 people for cyber crimes on Tuesday, including 14 over an online attack on the PayPal website claimed by Anonymous.

Continue reading at:  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/07/21/anonymous-defiant-in-the-face-of-arrests/

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Are Republicans Committing Treason?

From Alternet:  http://www.alternet.org/story/151711/are_republicans_committing_treason/

The Republican Party no longer has Americans’ best interests at heart, and we are suffering because of it.

By Cliff Schecter
July 20, 2011

Once upon a time, in a land that now seems to have been populated by tooth fairies and unicorns, there was a political party that had a set of core beliefs to which they actually adhered.

Among them was that actually balancing the budget, as opposed to just talking about it, was sacrosanct. Slow change, while necessary, had to be balanced against the traditions of the United States, ones that had mostly served us well over two centuries.

Foreign military adventures should be limited to our national security interests. And one of the single most important components of diplomacy was protecting the economic interests not only of an elite few, but of the great many Americans who toiled in our factories and fields.

This party was known as the Republican Party, and while one might have disagreed with them on their policy prescriptions to cure any particular US ill, one could at least see some logic in their beliefs and understand that they – with some obvious exceptions from time to time (ahem, Joseph McCarthy, ahem) – were doing what they thought was right for the United States of America.

Today, this once respectable organization has turned into nothing so much as a collective id the size of a David Vitter Pampers shopping spree. When facing changes to this nation that make them uncomfortable, they choose national hate. When facing ideological worship versus the greatness of the US, the former always wins the day. When facing a choice of what is good for the US or their personal bank accounts, they inevitably go with the latter.

Every. Single. Time.

In simple terms: We, the people of the United States, are the maid. The GOP is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Any questions?

Continue reading at:  http://www.alternet.org/story/151711/are_republicans_committing_treason/

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Thom Hartmann – Don’t cut money from real job creators – the workers

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History is Knocking: Join the October 2011 Coalition

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Congrats to the Gang of Six, the Powerful, the Wealthy, and Multinational Corporations

From Senator Sander’s Office: http://sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/news/?id=86968e00-

July 20, 2011

Sen. Bernie Sanders  on Wednesday congratulated Sens. Tom Coburn, Mike Crapo and Saxby Chambliss on their very significant victory in negotiating a deficit-reduction plan that achieves their long-term goal of dismantling every major social program relevant to working families. The so-called Gang of Six plan that the Republican senators negotiated calls for massive cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and virtually every program important to working families, the sick, the elderly, the children and the poor. “While I am sure that they did not get everything that they wanted, I think it’s fair to say they won about 80 percent to 90 percent of what they fought for,” Sanders said. “Despite President Obama’s campaign promise not to cut Social Security benefits, the Gang of Six plan, which he apparently embraced, calls for massive cuts in that vitally important program.”

Under the Social Security proposal, a new formula for calculating cost-of-living adjustments would cut a typical 75-year-old’s yearly benefits in 10 years by $560. The average 85-year-old would see a $1,000 a year cut in 20 years.  Furthermore, the proposal demands that Social Security be solvent for a 75-year period, which could include additional cuts. The proposal also cuts Medicare by $298 billion over 10 years and makes massive cuts to Medicaid.

While the spending cuts for programs that working people desperately depend upon are enforced by specific spending caps, there is no such enforcement or clarity regarding the $1.1 trillion to be raised in revenue over 10 years.

“What happens if that revenue target is not reached? There is no language that deals with that. Where does the revenue come from? That very important issue is kicked to the tax writing committees with no guarantee that hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenue will not come from the pockets of low- and moderate-income Americans,” Sanders said.  “While nobody knows for certain what provisions might be adopted, there is reason to expect that some of the areas that the House and Senate will be looking at include the home mortgage deduction for middle-class families, taxes on health care benefits, and increased taxes on retirement programs such as 401(k)s and IRAs. In other words, while there is a reasonable degree of specificity in terms of cuts there is only vagueness in terms of revenue.”

Sanders, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, has advocated an approach to deficit reduction that matches increased revenue with spending reductions. “At a time when the wealthiest people in this country are becoming wealthier and are paying the lowest effective tax rates in modern history, when corporations are making billions of dollars and making nothing in taxes at all, Sanders said at least half of a deficit reduction package should come from ending tax breaks and tax loopholes for the wealthy and large corporations.  With military spending having nearly tripled since 1997, we must take a hard look at cutting unnecessary and outdated military programs,” he said.

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Barack Obama is gutting the core principles of the Democratic party

From The Guardian UK:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2011/jul/21/barack-obama-social-security-cuts

The president’s attacks on America’s social safety net are destroying the soul of the Democratic party’s platform

guardian.co.uk, Thursday 21 July 2011

In 2005, American liberals achieved one of their most significant political victories of the last decade. It occurred with the resounding rejection of George W Bush’s campaign to privatise social security.

Bush’s scheme would have gutted the crux of that entitlement programme by converting it from what it has been since the 1940s – a universal guarantor of minimally decent living conditions for America’s elderly – into a Wall Street casino and bonanza.

Progressive activists and bloggers relentlessly attacked both the plan and underlying premises (the myth that social security faces a “crisis”), spawning nationwide opposition. Only a few months after he unveiled his scheme to great fanfare, Bush was forced to sheepishly withdraw it, a defeat he described as his biggest failure.

That victory established an important political fact. While there are very few unifying principles for the Democratic party, one (arguably the primary one) is a steadfast defence of basic entitlement programs for the poor and elderly – social security, Medicare and Medicaid – from the wealthy, corporatised factions that have long targeted them for cuts.

But in 2009, clear signs emerged that President Obama was eager to achieve what his right-predecessor could not: cut social security. Before he was even inaugurated, Obama echoed the right’s manipulative rhetorical tactic: that (along with Medicare) the programme was in crisis and producing “red ink as far as the eye can see.” President-elect Obama thus vowed that these crown jewels of his party since the New Deal would be, as Politico reported, a “central part” of his efforts to reduce the deficit.

Continue reading at:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2011/jul/21/barack-obama-social-security-cuts

From The Black Agenda Report: http://www.blackagendareport.com/content/impeachment-if-not-obama-who

Impeachment: If Not Obama, Who?

By Glen Ford
July 20, 2011

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

There was a time when much of the public clamored for justice to rain down on White House illegalities, through impeachment. But then came Barack Obama, who made George Bush’s crimes his own and “then proceeded to out-Bush Bush, especially when it came to wielding imperial power and doing away with what’s left of due process and the rule of law.”

Impeachment: If Not Obama, Who?

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

With Obama, we get a continuity of George Bush’s crimes, plus a whole host of new ones.”

One thing about of the Bush administration that makes me something very close to nostalgic, is the number of people who, back then, wanted to impeach the president. It was exhilarating to hear Americans full of righteous emotion, willing to use up their last Aladdin’s lamp wish for the pleasure and privilege of seeing George Bush indicted by the House and put on trial before the Senate. For the vast majority of Black folks, the impeachment of George Bush would have been the best thing that’s happened since 1965, a genuine “Free at Last” moment. Hell, nothing could beat that but the election of a Black President to succeed Bush…

Which is what happened, and that’s the problem. We did get a Black successor to George Bush – and what did the new guy do, but move most of Bush’s luggage right back into the White House. Barack Obama then proceeded to out-Bush Bush, especially when it came to wielding imperial power and doing away with what’s left of due process and the rule of law.

Bush attacked nations that hadn’t done anything to the United States, and was arrogant enough to strut around and brag about it. But Barack Obama does Bush one better: He gangs up with the old European colonial crowd to set loose the war dogs on poor Libya, which hadn’t said an angry word to the Americans in years, and then denied that all that bombing and rocketing constituted making war, at all. In fact, said Obama, as he reloaded his weapons, there were no “hostilities” between the U.S. and Libya, since no Americans were getting killed. So, now we have the Obama Doctrine: no dead Americans, no war.

Continue reading at:  http://www.blackagendareport.com/content/impeachment-if-not-obama-who

Obama to add 20,000 troops to US streets in the event of Civil unrest

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Senators Franken and Leahy Grill Hate Group “Focus on the Family’s” Tom Minnery

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GOP Candidate Cain Gets Away With Bigotry

From Truth Dig:  http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/gop_candidate_cain_gets_away_with_bigotry_20110718/

By Eugene Robinson
July 18, 2011

It is time to stop giving Herman Cain’s unapologetic bigotry a free pass. The man and his poison need to be seen clearly and taken seriously.

Imagine the reaction if a major-party presidential candidate—one who, like Cain, shows actual support in the polls—said he “wouldn’t be comfortable” appointing a Jew to a Cabinet position. Imagine the outrage if this same candidate loudly supported a community’s efforts to block Mormons from building a house of worship.

But Cain’s prejudice isn’t against Mormons or Jews, it’s against Muslims. Open religious prejudice is usually enough to disqualify a candidate for national office—but not, apparently, when the religion in question is Islam.

On Sunday, Cain took the position that any community in the nation has the right to prohibit Muslims from building a mosque. The sound you hear is the collective hum of the Founding Fathers whirring like turbines in their graves.

Freedom of religion is, of course, guaranteed by the Constitution. There’s no asterisk or footnote exempting Muslims from this protection. Cain says he knows this. Obviously, he doesn’t care.

Continue reading at:  http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/gop_candidate_cain_gets_away_with_bigotry_20110718/

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Nearly two dozen dead as heat wave moves east

From Yahoo News:  http://news.yahoo.com/prolonged-heat-wave-heads-east-blamed-22-deaths-173225653.html

By Karin Matz
July 20, 2011

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A heat wave baking the central and southern United States was blamed on Wednesday for at least 22 deaths this week as forecasters warned that the abnormally hot weather could last into August as it moves east.

The National Weather Service said 141 million people in more than two dozen states were under a heat advisory or warning because of the soaring temperatures, the most recent in a series of heat waves that have scorched the country’s midsection off and on since late May.

In Wichita, Kansas, where temperatures have reached 100 degrees or more on 24 days so far this year, forecasters warned that the mercury would hit at least 100 degrees each day through next Tuesday.

“It’s just draining, physically draining,” said Chris Vaccaro, a Weather Service spokesman.

AccuWeather.com predicted the effects of the current heat wave — in terms of stress on the power grid, damage to roads and bridges, and lost lives — could eclipse the effects of the deadly heat wave of the summer of 1995, which claimed hundreds of lives in Chicago alone.

Continue reading at:  http://news.yahoo.com/prolonged-heat-wave-heads-east-blamed-22-deaths-173225653.html

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Cenk Leaves MSNBC

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Budget talks target Social Security, Medicare

From Worker’s World:  http://www.workers.org/2011/us/budget_0728/

Wall Street, the rich get what they want

By Fred Goldstein

Published Jul 20, 2011 5:20 PM

Even the most rabid budget cutters on Wall Street are now pushing for an increase in the debt ceiling. The bankers and bosses were happy to see the Republican extreme right wing play chicken with default in order to get cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They have already gotten President Barack Obama to agree to put cutting Social Security and other entitlements on the bargaining table.

But as the Aug. 2 deadline for default comes closer, the bankers and financiers want the game of chicken to come to an end. They want the borrowing power of the capitalist government to be expanded beyond the $14.3 trillion it is now.

Why? Because, in the first place, the Treasury has to borrow $500 billion on Aug. 2 to refinance debts to bondholders. Two days later, $87 billion in Treasury bills have to be paid off. (Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, CNBC Squawk Box, July 18) That is the bread and butter of the billionaire Wall Street super loan sharks. They thrive and grow even richer from collecting interest on the government debt.

Default would threaten payments to the merchants of death in the military-industrial complex who get hundreds of billions of dollars to supply wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya, as well as the occupation in Iraq. They also equip reactionary regimes all over the world, from the death squad government in Colombia and the feudal monarchy in Saudi Arabia to the south Korean puppet government.

Second, a default would trigger payments by banks, insurance companies and behind-the-scenes financiers, who would be obligated to pay out huge sums because they insured the government bonds that would not be paid off. This could precipitate a major financial crisis. No one knows what would happen in the global financial markets.

Third, the bankers fear a social revolt of the population if millions of government checks for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, disability, unemployment insurance, food stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program and other programs don’t go out on time.

So they have sent messages to Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell and to Republican House Speaker John Boehner, as well as to President Obama and the Democratic Party leadership, to find a way out of the deadlock. McConnell has offered a complicated way out that would ultimately allow Obama to borrow $2.5 trillion more. McConnell is negotiating the terms with Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid.

What the outcome will be remains to be seen. But workers should remember the power exerted by Wall Street when right-wing Republicans voted against the $700 billion bank bailout in 2008. The legislators were forced to humiliate themselves and change their vote the next day. Wall Street usually gets its way.

Capitalism cannot rid itself of this crisis

Whatever happens in the struggle over the debt ceiling, however, nothing can erase the underlying fact that both the U.S. and Europe, the principal centers of world capitalism along with Japan, cannot rid themselves of growing and unsustainable debt. Unsustainable debt is the precursor to financial crisis, bankruptcy and default.

The debt-ceiling crisis and the European debt crisis grow out of the general crisis of world capitalism. European leaders will be meeting on July 21 to once again take up the Greek crisis. The European bankers forced the Greek government to pass austerity measures attacking the Greek working class by promising a bailout of $150 billion. Yet the bankers cannot agree on the bailout. They have been struggling with this problem since February of 2010.

They were supposed to meet about bailing out Greece. But now the economies of Spain and Italy are descending deeper into economic and financial crisis. Italy and Spain are the third- and fourth-largest economies in the euro zone. Together they represent 28 percent of the zone’s economy. Add in Portugal and Greece and one-third of the European economy is now in a state of financial crisis.

What does this show? During the financial and economic crisis of 2007 to 2009, the U.S. government, through its Treasury and Federal Reserve, plus the European banks handed over more than $14 trillion to the banks and corporations. That was before the Greek bailout and before Ben Bernanke, head of the U.S. Federal Reserve, bought $600 billion worth of Treasury bills to shore up the U.S. economy.

Still, the system cannot rid itself of crisis.

Overproduction and the debt

Underneath the debt crises is the crisis of capitalist overproduction. The capitalist governments are broke because their revenues have crashed during the crisis. And the crisis is caused by the fact that capitalist production has grown so much that it has far outstripped the ability of the masses of people to buy what is produced. So factories, malls, stores and offices are shut down. Workers are laid off or lose their jobs altogether. This capitalist “solution” only increases the crisis.

The capitalist governments have spent trillions of the people’s money to keep the capitalist class afloat. And the bosses have taken every nickel and dime from the government that they could lay their hands on. In addition they have slashed wages, speeded up the workers, put in new technology to eliminate jobs and outsourced the work to low-wage countries.

But the bosses have not created jobs with all the money they have gotten from the government. And they will not create jobs.

They have not invested to create jobs because they know that the workers are either just getting by or are flat broke and cannot buy the commodities that would be created by increased production. The capitalists are destroying their own market.

In fact, according to economics journalist David Leonhardt, the auto industry in the U.S. is on pace to sell 28 percent fewer cars than it did 10 years ago — when there was a recession. Furthermore, although the population has increased since then, sales of ovens and stoves are also declining and home sales have plunged to their lowest point since the crisis began. (New York Times, July 16)

Services, including restaurant meals, entertainment, education and even insurance have declined by 7 percent, more than double any previous decline. Retail sales are down. Bourgeois economists are lowering their projections for economic growth once again.

In all this the non-financial capitalists in the U.S. are sitting on $2 trillion in cash — a record amount. The top 1,000 non-financial companies in the world are sitting on $3.4 trillion.

What are they doing with this cash?

According to federal Flow of Funds reports, they are mostly using it to speculate in foreign currency. (Josh Dwyer, Common Dreams web site, July 18) Yet the bosses claim they need tax breaks to create jobs. The truth is that they will not create jobs. This is the profit system. Jobs will only be created by private enterprise if goods or services can be sold at a profit. Not only are the bosses not creating jobs, but they are stuffing their bank accounts.

Another use of their profits is to give themselves higher pay. In 2010 the S&P 500 company CEOs paid themselves an average of $11.4 million each — a 23 percent increase over the prior year. Meanwhile, workers’ wages are declining. Unemployment is rising. Hunger and homelessness are increasing.

The capitalist classes in Europe and the U.S. are all at an impasse. The system cannot move forward. The crisis of the capitalists becomes the crisis of the workers. It is our crisis because the bosses’ system no longer works. It is beginning to drag all of society backwards into an abyss.

They want the workers to pay their debts. If there is no default, it is our tax money that will be used to pay that $500 billion to the bondholders on Aug. 2 and that $87 billion on Aug. 4.

That is money that could and should be used to create a massive jobs program to put the millions of unemployed back to work.

Half a million government workers have been laid off in the last two years. And as government aid to the states dries up, more public workers will face layoffs or cutbacks or both. Extended unemployment insurance is scheduled to run out this year. More and more workers have hit their 99-week limit and have no further means of staying afloat.

In the face of all these working-class hardships, the White House, Congress and all the economic pundits are debating about how many trillions of dollars should be cut from social services and entitlements over the next decade — cuts that will only lead to less spending and fewer jobs.

But our class, the working class, should not be responsible for debts payable to millionaires and billionaires who benefit from government bailouts and live by profiting off the workers through capitalist exploitation. The money was borrowed in the first place to pay for their wars, for tax breaks for the oil companies and other corporate giants, and to pay interest to the bankers for previous loans.

The workers’ tax money was squandered on the rich instead of being used for socially useful needs like providing free quality health care and education for all, decent jobs with full retirement benefits, affordable housing, parks, playgrounds, libraries, community centers, clinics, etc.

The working class must separate itself from the ruling-class debate over how much to cut from our lives. We need to figure out how to stop this crisis from falling on our shoulders and how to put it back onto the capitalists, who caused it in the first place.

Articles copyright 1995-2011 Workers World. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium without royalty provided this notice is preserved.

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Panel Recommends Free Birth Control; Anti-Abortion Groups Flip Out

From Mother Jones:  http://motherjones.com/mojo/2011/07/free-birth-control-abortion-healthcare

By Kate Sheppard
Tue Jul. 19, 2011

The Institute of Medicine recommended on Tuesday that health care insurers cover the cost of birth control under the new federal health care law. This was just one of the findings on preventive health care services for women from the Institute, the branch of the National Academies of Science tasked with providing research and information on medical topics. But like pretty much everything dealing with women’s health these days, this has turned into a debate about abortion.

The Department of Health and Human Services will get to make the ultimate decicion about whether insurers will be required to provide birth control free of charge, but this is a good indication that it will. The new health care law requires insurers to cover preventative health care, and the administration directed the Institute to determine what that should include. This could be a big deal, as many women regularly shell out large amounts for birth control copayments. (I’ve personally paid up to $50 a month in the past, so I’m hardly an impartial party on this particular issue.) But just like the battles over Title X family planning funds in Congress this year, this recommendation has anti-abortion groups riled up. Specifically, they’re concerned that this could lead to Plan B, or the “morning after pill,” being covered by insurers.

I caught this segement on NPR this morning, before the new guidelines were announced, with Jeanne Monahan, director of the Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council:

The other problem, says Monahan, is abortion. Specifically, abortion opponents argue that some emergency contraceptives — so called morning-after pills — can cause very early abortions by preventing the implantation of fertilized eggs into a woman’s uterus.

Continue reading at:  http://motherjones.com/mojo/2011/07/free-birth-control-abortion-healthcare

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