Detective: Man dressed as woman went into pool locker room

Both the Transgender Borg Cult and the Transgender Inc activists say this sort of thing never happens.

Yet there are men in prison for raping women or murdering women who demand treatment as transsexual or transgender people.

I’ve been called names for saying that actual transgender or pre-op transsexual people should have greater protections regarding public accommodations than the transvestites and the rest of the numerous identities that have.  Perhaps the letter from the doctor and court ordered change of name.

Also it might be a good idea to keep registered sex offenders even if they claim to be transgender out of the women’s room.

From Milwaukee KATU:

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

MILWAUKIE, Ore. – A registered sex offender dressed up like a woman, went into a women’s locker room at a pool and talked with several children before being chased down by a good Samaritan, according to a Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Friday around 3 p.m. 39-year-old Thomas Lee Benson put on a bra, lipstick and eyeliner and walked into the North Clackamas Aquatic Park in Milwaukie, Detective Jim Strovink said.

Strovink said Benson wandered around the center talking with children, went in the women’s locker room and took a dip in the hot tub.

The pool was full of children at the time, including many on a summer field trip with the group Self Enhancement, Inc.

26-year-old Tayo Cotton and other adults were supervising kids on the field trip when he noticed Benson walk into the locker room. He said Benson was wearing a bikini at that point. He next saw Benson leave the men’s locker room dressed in men’s clothes.

“It looked just like a man wearing a bikini bottom and he had a white t-shirt on with a bikini top, you could see the bikini top,” Cotton said.

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  1. quenyar Says:

    I hate “journalism” like this. It gives me more questions than answers.What kind of a sex offender was this person? What exactly did he do? He “spoke to children” and went in and out of the women’s locker room repeatedly, at least that is what we’re told, third hand. Then he went into the men’s locker room and changed into male clothing. Then he left and was followed half a mile and assaulted and then arrested. Maybe this guy is a bad perp and deserved everything he got and more, but you can’t tell what the hell actually happened from this story. What does the guy say about himself? Does he have a different story? Does everyone unanimously believe this version or are there dissenting viewpoints? Supposition and third hand hearsay do not convey the facts, ma;am.

  2. Marlene Says:

    Suzan — The traditional letter from a psych won’t always work, either, my dear… the incident at a Denver, Colorado Red Lion Inn some years ago is proof of that.

    A trans support group booked a meeting room, and received “permission” from the manager to use the nearby toilet because it was away from the main entrance.

    On the day of the meeting, the sisters were using the “approved” facility, and soon, two security agents were seen flanking the entrance. Once the sisters left, they were escorted to the manager’s office, where a Denver police officer promptly issued the usual bullshit citations of disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, etc. It seems an alleged “hysterical woman” ran to the manager’s office screaming about “men in the ladies’ room”.

    The kicker here, Suzan was that a number of those cited DID have those psych letters, which did no good in keeping them from having to go to court. To this date, I’ve yet to learn what happened to the sisters’ citations.

    So AFAIC, letters and asking for “permission” to use the ladies facilities is bullshit.

    As to the above incident, Suzan those you dismiss as the Borg and Transgender, Inc. state that a *transgender* woman has never done anything like this, and incidences like the above are *rare*. We had this crap thrown in our face last year during the ordinance battle here in Bowling Green. The man’s a perv, and will receive his day in court. Had *I* been there, I would’ve confronted him, because pervs like him give off a clear vibe. He’s not trans.

    • Suzan Says:

      What then determines someone is trans if all it takes to be trans is claiming to identify as trans?

  3. Andrea B. Says:

    Talk about coincidence.

    This morning I was on a women only beach, with my friends three daughters, whom I am helping to learn to swim, while there mother is recovering. She is laid up with a broken leg from a skate boarding accident. Yes thats right, a 44 year old skate boarding with 16 year olds and showing them a thing or two and colliding with a novice skate boarder. My friend and her husband are my concert buddies, for rock/metal concerts. Good friends. My friends know I would go down fighting if someone atacked there children.

    Most of the women on that beach go naked. I try to avoid it, as when I go there I am the only one without stretch marks from birthing. I always prefer mixed sex enviroments for some reason. I have never been one for all one sex enviroments. Just not my thing. Don’t know why, just not me. To each there own.

    Anyway, a guy came onto the beach. Turned out he was a Swedish-Italian.

    He made a bee line for my friends youngest daughter (14 years old), so I got up and got in his face. Yes I punched him and kneed him when he tried to push me out of the way. I was raised in Belfast so am pretty formidable. No way was I letting that guy near a 14 year old. He was about 30 and very clearly fucked up as well as possibly on something. Two women sitting about 50 meters away got up and ran over. Another women ran out of the enclosure to the take away place and brought two men, an Albanian and an Iranian in to help. I know both of those guys as they serve real falafel, not the crap you get in the shops and they serve real meat in there food. I also teach there oldest daughters 3D animation. As they were coming in, the pervert hit one of the other women and then two women jumped on him and then the Albanian and Iranian guys dragged him out in a very politically incorrect manner, to put it mildly. He fought the two of them all the way, about 30 meters, which resulted in a little gentle chastisement. They had no problem handling him as the Iranian guy was well trained in old traditional Persian marshall arts and the Albanian guy is ex-Kosovo police. They got in a fight with the guys several friends outside the facility, so the guy got away as they were holding him for the police. The Albanian and Iranian guys are really good people and I know there families. They are really nice people.

    The guy in question was wearing make up. He had on eyeliner, lipstick, foundation and drag queen extension eyelashes.

    One of the women who came over to help is a lesbian and recognised me from a few years ago, from when I tackled her about her transphobia regarding myself in a resturant. She pointed out the guy was a pervert to an USA women who said he a transgender that he was not, that he was a man and nothing else. Turned out, one of the other women who stood up was TS as well. The lesbian woman mended her bridges with me today. We are having coffee mid week in the bar I usually goto, in which I am the youngest and most politically correct person.

    I spoke to the Albanian guy afterwards. He very clearly knew the difference between transsexual and transvestite, as did the Iranian guy. They both considered that guy a demented transvestite pervert who would be put down in there respective countries. They see transsexual people as women post surgery.

    Both made a point of stating they do not recognise transgender in there respective cultures when talking to the lesbian woman, which was very illuminating to her. The way it was said, made several of us take note. It was very clear and concise.

    As usual I will be down with those families in the week and get well fed. Seriously they are making me put on the kilos hard and fast:) I love them to bits:)

    Then two of my friends were wondering why I did not want to go back to the beach later in the evening.

    As I have said before, the whole TG thing is a crock of shit that is fucking us over. I am a woman not a half man, half woman like they want to be. If they want to be attention seekers, let them as long as it is fuck all to do with us.

  4. factchecker Says:

    What you did could have been wrong or right if you men as perverts and said “no way I am not letting a man who is transgender sit comfortably just because I think that he will do something, on the other hand cat calling (not sure what bee is) and pretending to be transgender for fun or malice is different. The iranian and albanian guys are a bit wrong to view transgenders as post surgery since not everybody goes through it including but not limited to funding, although lifestyle for folks who are transgender but do not pretend to switch on and off are different. I am surprised that person was unarmed, since transgenders face harassment I would expect them to be armed, just to let you know if you initiate the attack you hate crimes could land you in jail in certain countries although in this case it does not appear to be so, just don’t confuse perception .

  5. factchecker Says:

    Which country was this, italy I know they have women-only beaches for muslums, kind of hypocritical for nudity though.

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