Recession makes educated women in rich countries postpone having babies

From The Guardian UK:

Fertility worldwide dropped but UK population rose by 470,000 in 2010 because, say experts, less educated had more children

, environment editor, Thursday 30 June 2011

Highly educated young women in many rich countries have delayed having children because of the global recession, and may on average wait for a further five-to-eight years if governments slash public spending, say leading demographers.

A study for the European Union by the Vienna Institute of Demography shows a steep decline in fertility rates in the US and Spain in 2009-10, and stagnation in Ireland and most European countries.

However the report coincides with UK government figures that show Britain’s population rose by 470,000 in 2010, the highest annual growth rate for nearly 50 years. It rose 0.8% on the previous year and stands at 62.2m – a rise caused by natural change rather than immigration for the third consecutive year, according to the Office for National Statistics.

“If this is the case, then Britain joins the very few countries who are increasing their fertility rate despite the recession,” said Tomáš Sobotka, one of the Austrian report’s authors. “It is possible this is because the educated women are choosing to delay having while the less educated are having more.”

According to the report: “Highly educated women react to employment uncertainty by adopting a ‘postponement strategy’, especially if they are childless. In contrast, less-educated women often maintain or increase their fertility under economic uncertainty.”

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One Response to “Recession makes educated women in rich countries postpone having babies”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    Stagnation in Ireland’s population.

    It is growing at a higher rate than the UK. Ireland has added 341,000 more people over five years, to the population giving the Republic of Ireland was 4,581,269 on the census day of 10 April. 363,500 of that number was births.

    The Irish census report has just been published. I would suggest reading that, before reading that nonsense from the Guardian who have clearly not checked any facts at all.
    Report downloadable at.

    Click to access censuspre2011.pdf

    Also the pregnancy rate in Ireland is through the roof at present amongst the unemployed. About half of the unemployed in Ireland have degrees in Ireland.

    Quite a few of the 100,000s of men have left Ireland to work abroad leaving there wives at home. They send back money every month as there fathers and grandfathers did from the 30’s to 80’s in Ireland. Looks like the banking boom was just an interuption in that part of Irish culture.

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