India’s ‘shocking’ child sex-change epidemic

This is some sick fucking shit.  Anything Money and others did with intersex kids sort of pales in comparison considering motivation and all.

This give a whole new layer of woman hating to the misogyny common in non-western cultures.

Serious Questions have been raised Regarding the Veracity of This Post.

It remains up because it has comments.

From The Week:

Parents in the world’s largest democracy are reportedly paying surgeons $3,200 to turn their young daughters into young sons. What’s behind this “social madness”?

posted on June 30, 2011, at 3:42 PM
Indian families typically prefer sons to daughters, partly because sons don’t require parents to cough up dowries of up to $100,000.

Best Opinion:  Babble, Intl. Business Times, Jezebel

India is known for preferring sons over daughters, most famously (and troublingly) through the demographics-distorting practice of gender-based selective abortion. Now, hundreds of daughters age 1 to 5 are reportedly being “converted” into boys through a sex-change procedure known as genitoplasty, which involves fashioning a penis out of female sex organs, then pumping the child full of male hormones. This “shocking, unprecedented trend, catering to the fetish for a son,” is drawing parents from all over the nation to the central Indian city of Indore, the Hindustan Times reports. Ranjana Kumari, a top campaigner against aborting girls, blames “social madness” and greed. “People don’t want to share their property or invest in girls’ education or pay dowries,” she says. “It’s the greedy middle classes running after money.” But there’s no excuse for forcing your child to have a sex change… right?

Right. This is beyond awful: India obviously takes its gender preference seriously: It has 7 million more boys than girls under age 6, says Meredith Carroll at Babble. But really, “it’s beyond reprehensible to subject babies to something this serious because of financial reasons or social status.” And whether a parent aborts the girl or turns her into a mental and physical wreck of a boy, it’s “beyond warped” that any willing parent wouldn’t just love their child, “whichever flavor comes their way.”
“Extreme gender preference: Indian baby girls…”

OK, but the money factor isn’t insignificant: As awful as these “corrupt doctors” are for re-gendering the girls, it’s arguably better than the “not uncommon” blight of female infanticide, says the International Business Times. And when you compare the $3,200 it costs to turn your daughter into a son (of sorts) to the dowries of up to $100,000 that parents have to cough up for their daughter’s wedding, “it is not surprising to see girls’ parents” opt for the sex-change.
“Indian daughters transform into sons to avoid dowry”

There must be a better explanation: The “claim that this is all the fault of the ‘greedy middle classes running after money’ sounds dubious,” says Margaret Hartmann at Jezebel. And there’s a grey area for intersex children born with male and female sex organs. But if this “shocking” report is true, and parents really are forcing healthy girls to become sterile boys, that’s “an extreme and very disturbing sign of what happens when women are undervalued.”
“In India, parents push surgical attempts to turn girls into boys”

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  1. Andrea B. Says:

    It is clear the journalist has never been to india and that the journalist has no comprehension of sex reasignment surgery on adults or children.

    This racist fabrication was also covered in Pink News.

    There is no way to get a fully functioning penis with the technology level at present. Most sex reasignment surgeries to male of an intersex child have failed miserably. Also the cross sex hormone treatment required to bring on a puberty would mean that the child would be under permanent medical control. In India the cost of that would be unaffordable for anyone but the top 1% of the society, who could just afford to ultrasound and abort anyway if they so wished.

    Also assuming the child was sucessfully sex reasigned, the child would be 100% sterile.

    I would not only question the accuracy of this report, but bluntly state it is completely and utterly fabricated.

    In India there is a very big problem with parents using ultrasound and sometimes genetic testing to determine if a child is a boy or girl and aborting the girls. An abortion is a lot cheaper, as in 2% to 10% of the cost, depending on clinic.

    This blatant misuse of a country which people in the West have little to no knowledge of, is racism in disguise. So many people have sexualised and fetishised there ideas of the Eastern and South Asian countries, they can not see the facts, lack of facts or complete and utter fabrications, at all.

    We have seen this before when LGBT activists claimed that Iran was forcing gay men to have sex changes when in fact the clincians were screening them out of the programs, at the first meeting. Iran has a lower rate of regretter after sex reasignment surgery amomngst TS people than Charing Cross in london.

    The constant use of LGBT by the LGBT organisations when campaigning against Iran has actually caused problems for transsexual people on the ground in Iran. LGBT groups know that full well. Transsexuals in Iran would be very easy to round up. I think everyone knows where that piece of political strategy could lead, which is most likely the aim, so that LGBT groups can complain even more.

    We people who have been through sex reasignment surgery process and have seen the results of campiagning against us by people like the religious right, Raymond Blanchard, J. Michael Bailey, Paul Mc Hugh, Kenneth Zucker, Anne Lawrence, Janice Raymond, etc, should know better than to fall for this completely fabricated nonsense designed to put people from India, into a bad light for what is clearly a political aim.

    How do I know these things. I have asked Iranian and Indian people for the actual facts, as I have asked Chinese, Japanese, Iraqi, Malaysian, Brazilian, Chilean and Thai people about there countries. I would suggest people start doing that. People may find that instead of getting answers from some idiot on the internet, that actually asking people in real life over a coffee gets a lot more accurate set of facts.

    I have suggested to both Iranian and India associations locally to report the groups responsible for racist fabrications, but unfortunately they just want a quiet life. I would suggest to anyone reading this to report these articles to any associations connnected with India so they can lodge racism complaints against the authors.

    Being part of a minority does not make attacking other completely innocent people acceptable for political gain.

    It is long overdue the blatant racism by LGBT groups against entire countries, cultures and geo-graphical areas was stopped.

  2. Anna Says:

    The original report makes totally clear that it is Intersex children being referred to, and not girl children at all. when one listens to the accompanying Podcast in which a Hindustan Times reporter interviews the local reporter, it then becomes clear that there is a preconceived belief that this is like the (totally outrageous, and illegal but widespread) selective abortion of female fetuses. It turns out she is very hazy on facts and hasn’t even checked if proper medical records (which should of course be confidential and not read by reporters) exist, and is really just seeking government intervention in any genital surgery. Writing a scare report without evidence to try to trigger that.

    The suggestion that male hormones are given to these infants to cause male behavior indicates she also simply has made things up.

    She asserts that there are no guidelines, but there are good international(joint US-European) guidelines which the Indian surgeons could be following, and quite likely are, given that Indian medicine, medical schools, journals, and societies are highly integrated with the rest of the world.

    Such government intervention could, of course, turn out to be highly damaging for transsexual (and Hijra/Kathoey) people there, in accessing surgery. A follow-up article makes clear that sex-change surgeries are being targeted.

    Whilst parents could be (very dangerously, and wrongly) going against doctor’s advice and having children assigned male when they should be assigned female, or left to decide for themselves a little later, she has, if you listen, no evidence whatsoever. The apparently high number could easily be assignments, in the appropriate direction, of the increased number of developmental problems triggered by the genetic out-fall from the very high number of marriages between first cousins in the sub-continent.

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