The Trouble Lurking Offshore for Jon (Ship our Jobs to China) Huntsman

Do we really need another Corporate Pig, as president, selling out the hard working American People by off-shoring our jobs thereby destroying the middle class and working class?

Haven’t we learned our lessons yet.

Government can represent the people of this nation or it can represent the rich pigs and the corporate interests.  It cannot represent both.

Time to get back to government by and for the people not for the corporations.

From Business Week:

The newly announced Republican candidate’s successful family company has created lots of jobs. Unfortunately for Huntsman, most of them are overseas

By John McCormick
June 23, 2011

Every Presidential candidate has political baggage. Much of Jon Huntsman’s is made in China. It’s not just the two years he spent as Barack Obama’s ambassador in Beijing, which some fellow Republicans are using to question whether he’s sufficiently conservative. As he launches his campaign, Huntsman will likely find himself having to answer a much tougher question from recession-weary voters: Why is the booming family business that made him rich creating thousands of jobs in Asia and the rest of the world instead of the U.S.?


Huntsman can make a convincing case that he knows something about putting people to work. One of the world’s largest chemical makers, the company he once helped run employs 12,000 people and had revenues of $9.25 billion in 2010.

That would be a killer applause line, except by the company’s own figures just 2,174 of those employees are in the U.S. The rest work around the world. The company declined to provide country-by-country details, though it did say that Huntsman Corp. has 1,151 workers in China.

“We now employ more people between China and India than we do in North America, which is really quite phenomenal when you consider that about 90 percent of our associates 10 years ago were in North America,” Chief Executive Officer Peter Huntsman, 48, a younger brother of the candidate, told an industry conference this month.

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