Sissy Boys and Crushed Spirits

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Peter Toscano
June 8, 2011

Last night Anderson Cooper 360 featured the story of Kirk Andrew Murphy, who as a young boy exhibited gender non-conforming behavior. Kirk did not act like the other boys, and after seeing a therapist on TV, his parents turned for help to  who they thought were experts. Seeking a cure they ended up subjecting their child to cruel and dangerous treatments at the hands of George Rekers and other anti-gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender practitioners.

Kaytee Murphy (Kirk’s mom) took Kirk to UCLA, where he was treated largely by George A. Rekers, a doctoral student at the time.

In Rekers’ study documenting his experimental therapy (PDF), he writes about a boy he calls “Kraig.” Another UCLA gender researcher confirmed that “Kraig” was a pseudonym for Kirk.

The study, later published in an academic journal, concludes that after therapy, “Kraig’s” feminine behavior was gone and he became “indistinguishable from any other boy.”

“Kraig, I think, certainly was Rekers’ poster boy for what Rekers was espousing for young children,” said Jim Burroway, a writer and researcher who has studied Rekers’ work.

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2 Responses to “Sissy Boys and Crushed Spirits”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    Rekkers is a self hating bigot of the Blanchard variety.

  2. Anna Says:

    The funding for this work was intended to be finding a cure for transsexuality, in childhood. The documents are explicit, and Rekers writings in his first decades were all about claimed that was what they did. Odd how that is being whitewashed out.

    But they thought feminine boys who played with dolls were pre-transsexual, and just advertised for, recruited, worked on, tortured, and reported upon them, misleadingly.

    Transsexual children are transsexual from the get go, and are unhappy in our bodies and how we are seen, not obsessed with dolls. But we have been terribly harmed by Reckers and his colleagues (notably Richard Green) reporting their results falsely. All their work should now be regarded as discredited.

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