Anthony Weiner “Republicans Campaigned Lying About Healthcare Reform & Lying About Medicare!

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Anthony Weiner “It IS The Proposal Of The Republican Party To Eliminate Medicare!”

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No spending cuts for the Pentagon?

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Cutting the Ties that Bind: Breaking the Chains that Prevent Post-SRS Growth

I was pretty clueless many years ago when I was facing the operation that would change not only my sex but my life forever.

I think  no matter how well prepared someone is for the impact SRS will have on their lives, few can really imagine what it will be like several years after all the healing is done.

For one thing I was in love with a guy named Jerry, we lived in Berkeley.  We considered ourselves outlaws because he was a deserter.  Neither of us counted on how much my being pre-op helped foster a co-dependent relationship or that getting SRS would result in my suddenly feeling freedom I had never known prior to surgery, or my wanting to try my wings.

I hadn’t recognized that I was so feminist because I liked the company of women much better than the company of men, or how that would lead to my coming out as a lesbian feminist.  One of the women at the Lesbian Tide asked me how come lesbian post-transsexuals are always “lesbian feminists” and not just lesbians or feminists.  I said, “I don’t know, I was feminist for years before I came out as lesbian.”

But there was one thing I knew before I had sex reassignment surgery, most transsexuals knew back then.  Surgery makes it real. We knew we were different from the queens even though many of us were friendly with certain queens aka transgender people.

We all saw some queen or other get right to the point of SRS and decide that surgery wasn’t for them.  Including people who had already been prepped for surgery saying no at the last possible moment.

Some lived as women for years and reverted to manhood in middle age when they were no longer young and pretty. Or when they realized there was more opportunity for fey gay men than for transgender women.

So we got our sex change operations and realized it often meant at least two surgeries or more with implants and facial feminization surgery but we eventually got through the process.

Maybe we hung out around the bars and old friends for a while.  But they weren’t excited about our getting straight jobs or going back to school.  They stayed in the same old spot, the bars, the corners, the stroll, doing the same drugs and looking more and more like a dead end.

We soon learned that in trans-bars the transgender folks aka queens would objectify us, place us on pedestals and tell us how they looked up to us and wanted to be like us.  All the while they would continue the same sorts of self destructive behavior that insured most would never leave the ghetto.

Now the myth is that the doctors told us we shouldn’t associate with other “trans-folks”, but that is one of those false myths.  Many of us have sisters and brothers who are life long friends.  The reality is that we told each other there was no future in hanging out in Trans-World.

Now there were always those who were so trapped in that world that they never left, but for many of us the sex change operation cut the ties that bound us to that world.

Things change when you are no longer transsexual.  While there might be some problems with fine points of legal aspects of marriage, even those are mostly when something is contested.

The connection fades as it should if you got sex reassignment surgery to be an ordinary woman or man.  It is only logical since the surgery makes you part of the world of non-transgender people and removes that which made you part of the transgender Community.

Post-transsexuals leaving the ghetto of the Transgender Borg Cult is about growth more than separatism, especially when that separatism implies some sort of snotty, “You think you are better than us”, dig aimed at forcing us to explain or apologize.

Supposedly at some mythic point in the past which I have never been able to locate but which was more likely found in the Tri-ESS/IFGE portion of “Transgender History” than the queen/transsexual portion I was part of, there was supposedly a “Transgender World of Peace and Harmony”.

I seriously doubt this utopia ever existed.

What has happened since the emergence of the Transgender Movement in the mid-1990s has been a concerted effort to erase not only the history of transsexual people but the very word transsexual, hence the refusal to use TS/TG or transgender and transsexual.  It is like the misogynistic presumption that “he” is the proper pronoun for usage as the generic pronoun when addressing mixed sex groups.

Post-Transsexual women and men dissenting from the  transgender Cult doctrine of “We are all Transgender and part of the Transgender Community” have been vilified ever since the creation of the “Transgender Community” in the 1990s.  Now some may argue  the Transgender community existed earlier, but one might well have missed it had one not subscribed to Transgender Tapestry.

I was part of the lesbian communities of both San Francisco and Los Angeles and I remember the fights within the Lesbian Communities.  I remember how AIDS devastated the Gay Male community.  I miss friends who died from AIDS but I don’t much remember there being any sort of Transgender Community that was part of that world, unless you count the few scattered rap groups.

It is truly amazing how well post-transsexual women got along with their lives in the days before we had the Transgender Cult to abuse us.

Why back then other than an occasional feces hurling by some right wing religious fanatic or one of the minority of lesbian and/or feminist anti transsexual bigots we were mostly treated pretty damn well.

I can’t imagine how we got along without having an entire community of self appointed transgender hurling verbal feces at us on a regular basis.

Gee I went into therapy because  physical and verbal abuse as a child left me damaged with a tendency to get into abusive relationships as an adult.  Along the way I learned some warning signs of abusive relationships. The relationship that post-transsexual women, and I guess post-transsexual men, have with the Transgender Cult  definitely falls in the category of verbally and emotionally abusive.

The transgender cult like any abuser has this great act of being the “Wronged One”.  They can’t help themselves, we post-transsexual folks are evil people who force them to abuse us.

I know describing the dynamics in these terms makes the Transgender Cult sound sick and ugly, after all no one, especially an abuser likes to be called on their abuse.

But it is more than the sort of abuse one finds in a one to one personal relationship, because the “Transgender Community” is like a cult where everyone has the same sort of group-think and even the exact same rhetoric. I can practically complete the posts of any transgender community member outraged about anything I have ever said about how transsexual and transgender are two different things.

  • The intro will include calling me: Elitist. Separatist. Essentialist. Or perhaps all three.
  • The verses will bring up Sylvia Rivera and Stonewall but nothing else that happened in that time frame.
  • I will be labeled a bigot and a transphobe.  If I’m lucky will include racist, ableist, and homophobe.
  • One verse will be about how I think I am better than other transgender people because I do not consider myself transgender.
  • Other verses will warn me about Janice Raymond and the religious fanatics.
  • Tell me how I have an inverted penis and ask what assigned female at birth people think of me.
  • There will be the chromosome chorus along with the uterus chorus and the ovaries chorus.
  • The coda will consist of telling me how they hope I am fired, beaten or murdered like so many other Transgender Women.

What I find so strange is how all the hateful abusive things people in the Transgender Cult say sounds exactly like the shit the “Radical Feminists” spew.  Sometime I find myself wondering if the “on-line Radical Feminists” are really members of the Transgender Cult or if the Transgender Cult consists of “Radical Feminists” fantasy role playing Transgender Cult members in the wonderful world of the Internet.

Abusive is as abusive does and nearly forty years ago I got a sex change operation to make sure I never had to live in the ghetto.  Not that I lived in one during transition.

And Yeah we were right about the surgery making it real and if that bothers you and you feel compelled to spew something hateful and abusive please try to come up with something new.

Repeating cult talking points only makes me think you are too stupid and uncreative to compose original hate mail.

In the mean time ask yourselves, “Why the fuck should post-transsexuals support a cult filled with abusive shits who are constantly dissing and abusing post-transsexual women?”

And yes we have pushed back and said some mean shit.  Abused women do that.  Get used to it… It’s our way of defending ourselves from abuse

Maybe the problem isn’t us.  Maybe the problem is you. Maybe we should just sign the final divorce papers.  On Facebook some sisters are already talking about defriending all the members and supporters of the Transgender Borg Cult.

As for me I have a bunch of other causes.  Perhaps I’ll make a donation to Sea Shepherd in your name.

Judge: Corporate Donations Ban Unconstitutional

From Common Dreams:

Citizens United applied only to corporate spending on campaigning by independent groups — not to direct contributions to the candidates themselves

Published on Friday, May 27, 2011 by the Associated Press

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A judge has ruled that the campaign-finance law banning corporations from making contributions to federal candidates is unconstitutional, citing the Supreme Court’s landmark Citizens United decision last year in his analysis.

In a ruling issued late Thursday, U.S. District Judge James Cacheris tossed out part of an indictment against two men accused of illegally reimbursing donors to Hillary Clinton’s Senate and presidential campaigns.

Cacheris says that under the Citizens United decision, corporations enjoy the same rights as individuals to contribute to campaigns.

The ruling from the federal judge in Virginia is the first of its kind. The Citizens United case had applied only to corporate spending on campaigning by independent groups, like ads run by third parties to favor one side, not to direct contributions to the candidates themselves.

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Friday Night Fun and Culture Bill Hicks Edition


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Mayor Bloomberg calls on New York State to legalize same-sex marriage

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Ayn Rand U? Rich Conservatives — Not Just the Kochs — Buying Up Professors and Influence on Campus

From Alternet:–_not_just_the_kochs_–_buying_up_professors_and_influence_on_campus/

Conservative activists have a good-cop, bad-cop approach to the university. In either case, the same right-wing foundations pay the bill.

By Daniel Denvir
May 24, 2011

These days, rich conservatives want a lot more than their names on university buildings in exchange for big donations. The Koch brothers recently endowed two economics professorships at Florida State University in exchange for a say over faculty hires. Banker John Allison, long-time head of BB&T, has donated to 60 universities in exchange for their agreeing to teach Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged–some agreements even include the outrageous stipulation that the professor teaching the course “have a positive interest in and be well versed in Objectivism.”

The economic crisis has opened American universities to ever more brazen–and at times decidedly strange–attacks on the hallowed principle of academic freedom. Conservative efforts to shape hearts and minds on campus, however, are far from new. Like anything in a capitalist society, academia is a place where people with money fight for power, and take their advantage where they can. Indeed, the effort to mold higher education–which the Right has long caricatured as a hotbed of revolutionary agitation–in the image of the establishment has been central to the rise of modern conservatism.

“Conservatives have been funding such efforts for a while, but usually fairly quietly and without the rough touch of the Koch brothers,” says David Farber, a professor of history at Temple University and author of The Rise and Fall of Modern American Conservatism.

Inside academia and out, the conservative movement has prioritized young people and intellectuals since the 1964 defeat of Barry Goldwater and the 1968 youth rebellion, endowing professorships alongside a plethora of on-message think tanks. (The arms manufacturer John Olin, 78, was particularly appalled by the 1969 occupation of the student union at his alma mater, Cornell, by armed black activists.)

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MN Welfare Rights Committee says, “Tax the rich or shut the government down!”

From Fight Back News:

Demands Governor Dayton veto Health and Human Services Bill

Analysis by Deb Konechne |
May 22, 2011

St Paul, MN – As the legislative session nears its final day, Republicans continue to push the state toward a government shutdown. For working and poor, disabled and elderly Minnesotans, a government shutdown would by far be a better outcome than the deadly cuts that Republicans are trying to force down our throats.

“The Republicans are acting like school yard bullies, threatening the people of Minnesota with their deadly cuts and refusing to make the rich pay even one dime!” stated Kim DeFranco of the Welfare Rights Committee.

The Richest in Minnesota Have Not Paid One Dime for the Past Decade of Budget Deficits

While working and poor people have paid for past budget deficits, the wealthiest in Minnesota have not paid even one dime. In fact they have gotten richer and richer at the expense of poor and working Minnesotans. Look at the facts: if the governor’s original proposal to raise taxes on 5% of the population with the most income results in over $3 billion, this signifies just how much the State of Minnesota has been losing in tax income, year after year after year because the rich have not paid enough and because of the massive tax breaks they have benefitted from. This is incredible. It also means that the richest have amassed billions of dollars in extra income year after year while the rest of the people in the state have been living in desperate times.

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Women Warn Budget Talks Should Not Be All Male

From Roll Call:

By Kate Ackley
Roll Call Staff
May 25, 2011, Midnight

As Congressional leaders and the administration debate the country’s fiscal future, a collection of women’s organizations on Tuesday requested that they infuse one missing ingredient into the high-level talks: estrogen.

Vice President Joseph Biden and administration officials met Tuesday to discuss the deficit with Members such as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.). Sens. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) and Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) and Reps. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) and Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) as well as Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Office of Management and Budget Director Jacob Lew and economic adviser Gene Sperling attended the talks as well.

“Women are not prominently there at the meeting,” Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, said during a conference call with reporters. “We are concerned that the disproportionate impact on women of the proposed budget cuts is not at the center of the analysis and must be at the center of the analysis.”

O’Neill’s group along with 14 others, including the Older Women’s Economic Security Task Force, the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the National Women’s Political Caucus, sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to put a woman at the table.

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God Fearing Christian Wisconsin man arrested for planning to shoot abortion providers ‘right in the head’

From Raw Story:

By David Edwards
Friday, May 27th, 2011

A Wisconsin man was arrested Wednesday after he told police that he had traveled to Madison to shoot an abortion provider “right in the head.”

Employees at a Motel 6 in Madison called police after Ralph Lang, 63, told them he had accidentally discharged a firearm in his room, according to a criminal complaint provided to The Wisconsin State Journal.

Lang told Madison Police Department Officer Angie Dyer that he had purchased the gun in 2009 to “lay out abortionists because they are killing babies.”

The criminal complaint (PDF) explains that he told the officer he intended to find the abortion doctor at the local Planned Parenthood clinic and “shoot him in the head.”

Asked if he intended to shoot only the doctor or the nurses too, he replied that he wished he “could line them up all in a row, get a machine gun, and mow them all down.”

Lang recalled that he was in Madison the prior week but did not murder anyone because he “was not 100% in sync with God.”

Officers found a map in the suspect’s room with dots in each state and the words “some abortion providers.” The phrase “Blessed Virgin Mary says Hell awaits any woman having an abortion” was also written on the map.

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