Changing Birth Certificates without requiring SRS can potentially end Marriage Rights for Heterosexual Post-SRS Women and Men in States that do not have Marriage Equality

I’ve grown extremely tired of the Transgender Borg Collective’s hegemony over post-transsexual women and men.

It has become clear that our role is to be exploited and to shut the fuck up when rights we won before the emergence of the social construct of transgender are sacrificed in the name of “community”.

I have become extremely irritated by the recent demand on the part of some trans-activists that Lesbian and Gay people abandon the fight for marriage equality and focus on the needs of late to the dinner table transgender community.

Every one should stop pursuing marriage equality, an issue the lesbian and gay communities have been working towards since before the mid-1990s emergence of the “Transgender Community” and focus on a “Trans-Inclusive” ENDA instead.

The Transgender Community has made the passage of an ENDA for gay and lesbian people far more difficult by their demanding that it cover such ill defined elements as “gender identity” and “gender presentation”.  As usual transsexuals are used as the poster images to pass this ill defined non-discrimination bill that will lump us in with the gender queer, bi-genders, transvestites and seriously crazy people that one sees at the support meetings.

This sort of bullshit uses us as hostages to a cause we may not support.

But back to marriage equality.  As an older lesbian in a long term relationship where age makes us both vulnerable to being fucked with by laws that do not recognize our marriage by commitment, marriage equality is my main cause.

I have just watched the debacle in Houston with the court deciding Nikki Araguz’s marriage was void.

It should be easy for me to shrug this one off as the expectation of heterosexual privilege on the part of Nikki, but I’m not transgender and I don’t have to use her to further the cause of marriage equality.

Instead she is the reason why I believe that post-transsexual women and men should be treated identically to all other members of the sex to which they have been reassigned.

We are having to fight battles we thought were won years ago, in part because the public and courts have been educated by the “Transgender Community” that we are all transgender which makes a post-SRS Transsexual man or woman the same as a weekend transvestite.

Now the push to change birth certificates without sex reassignment surgery will have the unintended consequence of resulting in the voiding of many more marriages in all states that do not have marriage equality.

But that really doesn’t matter because being part of the Transgender Borg Cult means never having to care about or be responsible for the damage the actions of transgender people cause to others.

Particularly when those others are post-transsexual women and men.

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