Word and Phrases That Make Me want To Scream

As a post-transsexual woman and feminist the language of the Transgender Borg Collective often makes me want to scream at them.

Count me out of the cult when you use words or phrases like:

  • T-Girl…  Number one if you are past a certain age and most TGBC members who use this one passed that point decades ago referring to yourself as a girl in the singular is at best infantilizing.  While collectively used in phrases such as “girl’s night out” or “getting together with the girls” such reference takes on a certain colloquial je ne sais quoi the construct of “T-girl”  sounds straight out of a bad Virginia Prince manual instructing one on the fine points of being a woman though male.
  • “GG” again this phrase is so totally transvestite speak that I don’t know where to begin in my criticism of it. “Genuine Girl”??? WTF were you born?  did you sleep through the entire 1960s and 70s?  Or were you trapped in “Pink Essence of Pink, Pink Transfantasia”?  “Genetic Girl”???   WBT is short for “Woman Born Transsexual” Tina and I were very specific in our constructing of the phrase to suggest that transsexual is something one is born. That would suggest a genetic role.  But more accurate the annoying part is the second “G”.  “Girl”?  How freaking stone age is that one?  Do these people have even one ounce of feminist consciousness?How about something like:  Assigned Female At Birth.  Oh I know that connects femaleness to sex and not to the Pink essence of  transgender gender essentialism.
  • I’ve become extremely tired of “cis-sexual” or “cis-gender”.  Why are we supposed to use some sort of newspeak when non-transsexual or non-transgender works perfectly fine?
I could go on and probably will but this is enough for now.
I left the ghetto years ago and out in the real world beyond the gates of Pink, Pink Transfantasia ordinary men and women including lesbian, gay and post-transsexual folks do not use this sort of transspeak.

6 Responses to “Word and Phrases That Make Me want To Scream”

  1. quenyar Says:

    I’m sorry, but if anyone said GG to me, I’d only think of Leslie Caron… (as in GiGi).
    And I’ve always thought cis- anything was too pejorative. Most people go through life with unexamined sexual orientations and gender identities. This is not a fault or a failing, it just is the way most people happen.

    • Suzan Says:

      The weird thing about “Gender World” is the obsessiveness with gender and identity. I think more about sexism than gender. I changed the sex I had been initially assigned I don’t really think about gender or adherence to gender roles as making me a woman. Nor do I think doing tasks that are labeled as masculine such as mowing the lawn and putting together Ikea bookcases and the like particularly make me masculine.

      So much obsessing on things I tend to take for granted.

  2. Angela Says:

    I always thought a GG was a horse, the phrase reminds me of smelly pubs in middle England in the 1970’s.

  3. Andrea B. Says:

    I really don’t understand people regarding the term classic transsexual.

    It was a term used by shrinks to wind up there patients, until about ten years ago.

    I do not understand people who cling to terms that were used by psychiatrists to press there buttons and wind the patients up.

    25 years ago I was told I was a classic transsexual by a psychiatrist. I felt vindicated. A couple of weeks later I met two local TS people and I raised it in the conversation. They both had the same thing told to them by the same psychiatrist. One of them 20 years earlier than me. Then I realised the shrink had made an ass of me within five minutes of first meeting me, right to my face, while smiling at me.

    It is part of the shrink armoury to try to get transsexual people to think of themselves as better than other TS people so as to get them to fight with each other. Judging by the comments on all the forums, that works perfectly. So many transsexual people fall for games played by psychiatrists and never figure out they have been had. The psychaitrists must be rolling around the floor laughing when they read the various forum comments.

    The present transgender terminology is a psychiatrists dream. I have spoken to newbies going through the system in the last few years about there psychiatrist appointments and it is clear that the shrinks are having a field day playing patients of each other, as they always did.

    Also a little side note. In the PvS case in the European Court of Justice in Europe, transsexual was defined as someone intending to, undergoing or who has underwent sex reasignment surgery.

    Gender surgery was not mentioned once.

    Gender is in the head and sex is between the legs. It is sex that is surgery is performed on.

    To perform surgery on gender a surgeon would have to perform some very intricate brain surgery. I sincerly hope that transgender people are not queuing up for intensive neurosurgery.

    Anyone using transgender as a term for transsexual, really needs to attend an adult education course and learn the proper use of the English language, as in Cambridge standard not Webster gibberish.

    I can understand someone making that mistake if they are not a native english speaker, but there is no excuse for a native english speaker to use the term transgender for a transsexual person. It really does show there lack of education and also the lack of education of those who do not notice that.

  4. Angela Says:

    Gender is such an issue these days, but mostly I thinkfor people who are not transgender or transexual or trans anything. This is not because I think we are immune to gender necessarily, but just because there are a lot more non-trans people than trans ones. The number of women who struggle to redefine their roles and undestand themselves through gender I guess relates to many problems such as anorexia, “borderline personality” issues, depression and self esteem and so on. And I think the same goes for men.

    Perhaps gender is more of an issue of social and sexual organisation that has impacts on individual people of all backgrounds and causes the problems of trying to fit our individual fleshy selves into these social and psychological networks.

    Maybe when it becomes a medical issue with a physical solution for some of us is when it becomes transexual. This is not exactly new, only to western society which likes to think of itself as best. As for classic transexual, I’ve only ever been called that once and that was by another trans woman a while ago. No psychiatrist has ever said it to me. The nearest I ever came to a diagnosis of anything was the very short second opinion letter I had. It just said ‘transexual’ followed by a few lines about my depression, and that was it. I never even had a diagnosis of gender dysphoria as far as I am aware, perhaps because I am not so bothered about gender although I do think it’s an interesting concept to think about I’d rather not get too hung up about it. This is a statement which I think a lot of people would find very difficult to understand though.

    Maybe one of the reasons that treatment for transexuality and transexuality itself are so contentious for so many people is that it falls firmly between the mind body split that is so fundamental to western thought. This also makes the treatment both unusual and countercultural. I’d suggest that transgender is similar but more towards the mind side of the divide and so less confusing culturally.

    I also think that this situation gives us as transexual people some pause for thought. We are not unique in our situation, there are others who are physically different in undefinable ways and who also draw moral approbation. I mean people like schizophrenics, people with learning difficulties and so on, but then saying things like that is a very unpopular position in the trans community, because of course we’re not like those people are we?

  5. Miz Know-It-All Says:

    Silly as it seems, rather much like one complaining about their new pony cause it’s short and it s**ts… this language does serve a purpose…I mean what man in his right mind really wants to be a woman? Dress up is one thing but to actually BE a woman? Perish the thought! Better we keep things all genderized so there is no real threat to our precious Male Priviledge

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