The Myth vs The Reality

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of pissing and moaning by Transgender Inc activists about how gender identity and gender expression weren’t included in Gay and Lesbian ENDAs that were passed years ago.

Kat rose made a snippy remark about 20 years.

Well twenty years ago Transgender was not a part of the Gay and Lesbian Community.

Twenty years ago we were already moving on to the marriage equality issue.

Further the Transgender Inc community isn’t part of the Gay and Lesbian Community now.  Transgender Inc is purely about self-interest and uses the Gay and Lesbian Communities.

I say that as a post-transsexual Lesbian, who has been part of the Lesbian Community for some 35 years.

Further a good deal of the difficulty in passing Transgender inclusive ENDAs has to do with the whole ideology of transgender and things like identity.  Look at the employer based accommodations which are based on transition and consistent appearances plus documentation. The problem might not be lack off gay and lesbian support.  The problem could be the “genderqueers’, weekend(episodic) transvestites and just plain “crazies”

Well good luck.

I’m a not part of the Transgender Borg collective.

Marriage equality is more important to me and to many other sisters and brothers who can’t or won’t exercise heterosexual privilege to gain same sex marriage rights that would be denied to other lesbian and gay people.  But marriage equality doesn’t just give lesbian and gay people the same rights as straight people.  It also means an end to marriage challenges for heterosexual post-SRS folks.

Remember the right wing may call it gay marriage but it is marriage equality.

And along with a lot of other issues that affect older people, like protecting Social Security and Medicare it is higher on my priority list than most “Transgender Issues”.

Being Post-SRS and indeed Post-Transsexual means you are free to move on and have a life outside the ghetto and other issues besides the ones Transgender Activists decide are important.

BTW I was a left wing activist with numerous causes before I came out.  I had multiple causes while I was in transition.  After reaching the point of being post-transsexual I still have multiple causes.

Supporting transgender issues fall among those which are the most difficult as I have to deal with having my history/life erased and rewritten to serve the interests of the Transgender Borg Collective.  I was perfectly happy with the label transsexual to describe what I went through and “sex change” to describe the operation that made me female.

It may sound simplistic but it worked for me.  Too much of the prioritizing identity over action and reality among those in the TG Borg Collective makes my head want to explode.  Too often I feel like I am listening to Virginia Prince.

So I celebrate the passage of marriage equality measures and become more alienated from the Transgender Borg Collective every time I hear activists pissing and moaning about how gay and lesbian people work for things that impact their lives instead of dropping every thing to work for the issues of Transgender Inc.

This is because I’ve never really seen Transgender Inc work for Gay and Lesbian specific issues.

And citing people like me or other post -transsexual lesbians doesn’t count.

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  1. Krystine Miller Says:

    I am really tired of the BS from the gay and lesbian community. If you are bisexual, you are looked down at. If you are transgendered you are looked down at. If the gay and lesbian community needs our help (grunt work), thern it is, “Just help us with this little thing, then we will help you.” However, after we help, they are like the neighbor who will not return your power tools.

    But, the real BS is when it comes from those in the trans-community. As I wrote for my blog yesterday, I am tired of individuals who want to put us because we do not have the end goal of becoming a woman, then hiding. I am really by those who beleive I and others who had to de-trantision (I am beginning to despise that word) or are sexually attacted to other gurls. Sorry to rant.

    • Suzan Says:

      I a post-transsexual lesbian with a bisexual history. When I was with a man I did not demand to be part of the lesbian community. Why would I? I had straight privilege at the time. After coming out as a feminist, I made a commitment to put women first in my life. This makes me lesbian as much as who I sleep with.

      BTW I don’t buy your snotty comment about “become a woman then hiding”. It is just so Borg…

      I had a sex change operation… a long time ago. I am post-transsexual… Not part of either Transgender Inc or The Transgender Borg Collective. I think for myself. I do not channel the TGBC litany.

  2. Krystine Miller Says:

    First off, I am sorry for the snotty remark. It was not directed at you, but those post-op women who lived off the support of the community for years, then walked away after the surgery. Those who are going through the surgery need to know was happens during the surgery and what to expect further down the road. Let me add that I have great respect for women like yourself who stay in the community to mentor and fight. I also have to apologize for the bad typing in my second paragraph. I get fired up and forget to edit. Bad Krystine.

    • Suzan Says:

      Walking away is what post-ops should do.

      I got a sex change operation to be an ordinary woman (with a very loose interpretation of ordinary) in my case a hippie left wing dyke. I have never been a part of “the community”.

      When we had the Transsexual Counseling Service/National transsexual Counseling Unit in the 1960s and 70s the whole idea was be a part of the transition community then leave the nest after you had SRS. It was like going to college. Mostly if you made life long friends it was with people who got their SRS the same period you did.

      Hanging around too long after was to get sucked down into the substance abuse and survival sex work of the strung out.

      I didn’t stay in the community. I drop in at times.

      If you regularly read my blog I write about and post a shit load of stuff that has nothing to do with trans-specific issues.

  3. Krystine Miller Says:

    Thanks for the comment. In some respect, I am still trying to cope with some ill feelings and some bitterness from trying to live full time from ’95 to ’05 in Wichita KS and back to living as a male now. I am working them through now that my mood is stable from a deep depression when I left Wichita. Still, I get upset when the GL community is treating us wrongly and especially when members of the trans-community try to put their sisters in a box. I am new to this blogging thing and may step in it from time tom time.

    • Suzan Says:

      It is not the task of the GL community to take care of transgender people. It isn’t even the job of post-transsexual women and men.

      Build and sustain the institutions you need and let go for new people to take over when it is time to move on.

      In the 1990s I tried to get transgender folks to participate in the Pride Day Parade. There were a dozen of us who marched. always the same people no matter how many fliers I put out.

      There were more post-transsexual women at Dyke March than there were transgender people willing to march for transgender rights.

      But y’all expect the Gay and Lesbian Community do dance to your tune when it comes to political priorities. Problem is marriage equality is very important to some of us.

  4. tinagrrl Says:

    I very vividly remember a pre-op who was on one of the old trans lists back when I was still pre-op and newly post-op.

    She was having tough times, and constantly accused post-ops of “abandoning the community”. I suspect she was afraid she would never get the cash to have her SRS.

    After about three years, she managed to get the cash, schedule her surgery, and move on with it.

    She came back, spoke of her SRS a bit, and said – again and again, “I will never abandon the community”. As the months passed, she posted less and less — then the day came.

    This “pillar of the community”, this “I will never leave” person said, (I paraphrase): “Due to changes in my life and my needs I will be leaving this (and every other) group since it no longer fits my life.”.

    It seems folks do not KNOW what they are going to do when certain goals are achieved, when it becomes time to move on with the lives they once dreamed of having.

    Suzy posted “Longing For Ordinary” recently. Many trans-folks, Queens, etc., have those fantasys — “ordinary” (whatever that means). Heck, even Venus Xtravaganza spoke of a little house and a white picket fence in “Paris Is Burning”.

    Always remember, Judith Butler made fun of her in “Gender Trouble”. If nothing else that makes her an obscene classist academic — with no connection to the real lives of real people.

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