Louisiana Lawmaker Proposes “the Country’s Most Extreme Anti-Abortion Measure”

From The National Women’s Law Center: http://www.nwlc.org/our-blog/louisiana-lawmaker-proposes-countrys-most-extreme-anti-abortion-measure

Posted by: Danielle Jackson, Online Outreach Assistant
April 29, 2011

There’s been a lot of news this week about various attacks on reproductive health and women who seek abortions at the state level, and we’ve got some news from Louisiana that is among the worst.

Louisiana Republican State Rep. John LaBruzzo – a man who calls himself “unapologetically pro-life” – recently introduced what is being called “the country’s most extreme anti-abortion measure”: a complete ban on all abortions in Louisiana with no exceptions for cases of rape or incest or when the life of the woman is threatened. He claims to be pro-life, but I guess women’s lives don’t count. It would charge all women who seek abortions as well as the doctors who provide them with “feticide,” which could lead to a 15-year maximum jail sentence with hard labor. LaBruzzo has since claimed that the feticide language in the current draft of the bill wasn’t mean to apply to the women who obtain abortions, just the doctors who provide them, and went on to elaborate further, saying:

“That will be amended out before it is heard in committee. That is a mis-draft; that is not acceptable to me. That would make it too difficult to pass, otherwise.”

Can I just note that it wasn’t a “mis-draft” for being a ridiculous and over-reaching provision on abortion services that would endanger women’s lives and health, but because it would make his bill too difficult to pass? You might wonder exactly how LaBruzzo expects this bill to pass – after all, even after he addresses the “mis-draft,” his bill would still call for jail time for doctors who provide a constitutionally protected medical service.

Continue reading at: http://www.nwlc.org/our-blog/louisiana-lawmaker-proposes-countrys-most-extreme-anti-abortion-measure

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