Donald Trump Was a Horrific Spoiled Schoolyard Bully

From Politicus USA:

By Scott Rose
April 29, 2011

After I reported on the ex-Trump employee Julian Long’s account of extensive on-the-job harassment suffered under the extraordinarily abusive Donald Trump, the editor-in-chief of one of the world’s premiere yachting magazines read my article and said “I saw an extreme example of this in person at one of our events.  He wasn’t even trying to be discreet.  This is likely just the tip of the iceberg.”

What are the origins of Donald Trump’s sociopathic behavior?  Cursory internet research reveals that Trump as an early teen had “troubles” at the private Kew Forest School in Queens, New York.  Trump publicity materials would have you believe the young Donald got switched to the New York Military Academy merely because his parents wanted to give good direction to his “energy and assertiveness.”

Yet the truth apparently is that young Donald Trump was a bullying menace.  The attitude and behavior that feed his adult bullying and harassment of employees and others were already visible when Trump was 13.

Trump does not want the public to know the specifics of his bullying at the Kew Forest School.  One can imagine that school officials would fear retaliation from him, were they ever to put a reporter in contact with people who witnessed Trump’s despicable behavior when he was there.  After all, when the New York Times’s Gail Collins published things about Trump that Trump did not want published, he sent her the newspaper with her picture and wrote “The Face of a Dog!“on it.  I e-mailed Trump’s longtime secretary and PR contact Rhona Graff-Riccio, telling her I was on deadline for this article and wanted to know specifics of how Donald Trump as a Kew Forest School student had given the school community such nightmares.  It would be interesting to know, additionally, whether Trump feels any remorse over what he inflicted on his victims.  Graff did not give me the courtesy of a reply.

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Maybe Bad-comb-over Donald the  Douche Nozzle should be required to turn over both his tax statements and school record before we let him run for anything.

3 Responses to “Donald Trump Was a Horrific Spoiled Schoolyard Bully”

  1. Katie, transgrrrrlll somewhere in Europe Says:

    Donald Trump is truly a repulsive individual – and something of a transphobic bigot, too. Did you know that the world-fame Miss Universe contest that he owns blatantly prohibits transwomen from applying as contestants? Such a ban is also in violation of many States’ and country’s equality anti-discrimination legislation. How on earth does he get away with this? Perhaps, it’s because of the fact that he is so rich and powerful that he doesn’t have to abide by the same laws that the rest of us do. Katie xxx

    • Suzan Says:

      It probably also bars women with brains and feminists too. You know I think beauty contests are misogynistic, stupid and oppressive. They all should have ended in 1968 when the the Feminists disrupted the Miss America Pageant.

      Trump is a repulsive racist scam artist and I don’t give a rat’s ass about beauty pageants.

  2. Katie, transgrrrrlll somewhere in Europe Says:

    “They all should have ended in 1968 when the the Feminists disrupted the Miss America Pageant.”

    Wish they’d come back and throw Donald Trump in the trash can, too:)

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