Until Death Us Do Part: Wedded to Wealth We Don’t Have

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by Donna Smith
Published on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 by CommonDreams.org

Perhaps it’s the media fever over the Royal wedding in Great Britain or perhaps it’s my own disgust about hearing that Exxon Mobil makes $100M a day in profits, but either way I am pretty certain many Americans would rather go to their deaths believing in fairy tales than fighting reality.

Most of us will never celebrate weddings like that of William and Kate and most of us will never make $1,000 a day in profits much less a million or 10 million or $100M. I think we all get that somehow – even if we watch and wonder and even sometimes plan how we would spend our millions.

But I also know a significant number of people who really believe they are somehow closer to having those millions and being among the ultra-wealthy. And many who believe and even convince themselves to identify with the ultra-rich actually live paycheck-to-paycheck or worse. It’s an interesting cultural phenomenon that is an extremely effective way for those who actually have the money and power to control those of us who do not. Sometimes the control is quite direct when owners and bosses hold power over our jobs, and other times the control is more subtle as corporations, advertisers and the news media create images and imaginings of what it means to be a success in America in 2011.

It is mind control and action control on steroids that makes millions and millions of Americans trust their lives to those who value them so little.

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4 Responses to “Until Death Us Do Part: Wedded to Wealth We Don’t Have”

  1. quenyar Says:

    Mark Twain called it “being drunk on the smell of somebody else’s cork.”

  2. Andrea B. Says:

    The part you are missing is this.

    It is only in the US that people think they will join the Uber rich.

    In Europe we figured out a long time ago we won’t.

    Those celebrating the wedding today, know they will not get rich and are celebrating it as an excuse to let there hair down, have a good time and enjoy themselves.

    In about half of Europe, everyone is of work today for what is essentially a piss up and party. Everyone in Europe is also of work on monday for mayday. Mayday is the workers day in Europe.

    In Europe it is basically a mid season break for all, regardless.

    In the US you are not of work. In the US it is the upper crust who are celebrating.

    In the US today, it is the exact opposite of the rest of the planet.

  3. tinagrrl Says:

    No, it’s not “the upper crust” that’s celebrating. — in fact, many of those who are “starstruck” by this claptrap are poor, or tied down to miserable jobs, husbands, kids, parents, etc.

    They see the fairytale like fantasy of A Royal Wedding.

    Meanwhile, only about 6% of the American people give a rats-ass about this “Royal” wedding. — oh yeah, I nearly forgot, the corporate owned media thought it a way to SELL crap, distract the people, and allow their partners, the corporate owned government, to operate without anyone having a clue.

    Right now, that same corporate owned government is attempting to dismantle just about the last vestiges of our social-safety-net. At the same time, a series of horrific storms (tornadoes) have killed over 300 people and destroyed cities, villages, etc. Most of this has happened in Republican strongholds — you know, those places where they exhort folks without boots to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Now, all those “rugged individuals” will have to go to the hated Federal Government for help — what better than a “Royal Wedding” to distract folks.

    “The upper crust” only gives a shit about themselves — or, if they know “the happy couple”, might show some interest.

  4. tinagrrl Says:

    “In the US today, it is the exact opposite of the rest of the planet.”

    Why, oh why, oh why are there so many “experts” about the USA who have never been here — and by their comments — show they know about as much about us as we do about them.

    Why does so much of this “commentary” seem to have that “traditional-anti-American” edge.

    It’s O.K. to dislike us.. It’s O.K. to hate us — but please don’t disguise that as “commentary”.

    By the way, all this “Royal Wedding” shit that’s been peddled seems to tie in to the “Princess-Bullshit” (trademark applied for) that is being sold (hard) to every young woman, every girl — in fact EVERY WOMAN. I think our Galtian-Corporate-Overlords want ALL WOMEN to be returned to our “proper place” — on our knees, on our backs, bent over the bed, in front of a stove, etc., etc., etc., while men, who have been totally emasculated by those same Galtian-Corporate-Overlords, can pretend to be “masters of the house” (if they still have one).

    If you noticed, there has been a spike of violence against women here in the “Good Old USA” — I wonder how much of that is due to frustration, to generalized anger, toward those same “Overlords”?

    P.S — “Galtian” refers to John Galt, the “hero” of one of Ayn Rands anti-human, anti-government, sociopathic, “novels”.

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